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Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Photoshop and Clip Studio

I'll show you the basic usage and tools of Photoshop and Clip Studio.

Exploring drawing to get to know painting

I'll start with the easy ones, step by step, and teach you all the way to full-scale drawing.

Light and shadow that create a picture

An important build-up process from flat to three-dimensional! Let's explore light and shadow.

The four ways of perspective? What's the most important thing?

I'm going to talk about various perspectives and focus on two theories.

How to create a mood using correction methods

I'll talk about color and tell you about the need for correction and mood creation.

Human body flower, hand and foot drawing

I'll study and explore hands and feet that will make the human body more beautiful.

Release face-drawing tips

A big release of character face design tips that reflect 100% of my tastes!

Hello! I'm a painting chief. ☺️

Hello, Chief illustrator who majored in Western paintingIt's. In addition to hand drawing, I work on a variety of illustrations using digital drawing. I am so excited and happy to be able to meet all of you at such a great opportunity. Thank you very much!

If you've never been to an art school, you've come to the right place.

Did you learn art? If so, that's even better.

This class can be taken by anyone who wants to learn art properly, who is currently studying hard, or is in a professional course attending an art university. I'm going to show you a more professional and enjoyable way to draw. From the human body I learned while majoring in Western painting and design to how to incorporate it into character illustrations I'm going to learn.

Loving and cherishing my paintings

There are so many elements needed when drawing character illustrations. Character conception, design, drawing, style, etc. But I An attitude of trying various things while loving one's own paintingsI think is the most important thing. The painstaking process makes the picture shine.

I am with you Drawing methods and coloring methods based on traditional methods dealt with in Western paintingI'll let you know. At the same time, I'll share all the different styles and methods of expression that match the characteristics of digital drawing. I hope that through this class, I can learn how to study on my own and incorporate them into various drawing methods to design highly complete characters.

I enjoy researching my style

It's also important to follow trends and promote my illustrations, but I think the process of studying one's own style is just as important. Also, be sure to enjoy the process. Otherwise, I might fall into a slump, and it's hard and painful to look at my paintings. I'm sure you've had the pleasure of drawing something with a pencil. I'll show you how to regain that passion and develop further.

Character illustrations incorporating traditional paintings

In drawing, there are many ways to build the human body's own proficiency. Among them, Croquis is one that is commonly known. I'll tell you all about Croquis properly. What is croquis like and why should they be done. Aren't you already excited to see what your drawn croquis will look like after stubbornness?

I'm going to explain the color in which painting melts with painting using art painting as an example. You will look for traces of various studies that can be felt as various forms of art developed by East, West, and country by country. Among them, let's take a look at the well-known Impressionism and Classicism paintings and talk about them together. Seems difficult? Don't worry I am I'll tell you in detail how to make use of features and how to use colors.

Light that magically creates paintings

빛의 표현 채색법 예시

▶ ︎ Examples of how to express and color light

What I think The biggest advantage of digital drawing is that it is easy and fun to express lightThis is it. First, I'll teach you the basic principles of light, and I'll show you how to create various light expressions through layer effects. At the same time, we'll also learn about color modes such as RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and Bitmap.

Let's talk about how to handle color with RGB, which is the three primary colors of light, and CMY+K, which is the three primary colors of color. and Even glazing coloring methods for a three-dimensional effect that does not collapse We'll deal with it together. While learning about the properties of color, I'll show you how to correct the color of a picture and create an atmosphere. Don't forget it. I'll show you a fun way to study!

Even perspective, which is essential for my paintings

원근법 수업 예시

▶ ︎ Examples of perspective lessons

As you practice drawing and coloring, you'll naturally learn about perspective. If you've already studied perspective, this is probably the hardest part. But it's also a necessary theory. In particular, it is a must-have part to capture the space well. A necessary perspective. Learn together in this class. I'll go through them one by one and show you the perspective in an easy and fun way.

Authentic character design of my character through human body drawing

Using the basic skills I learned earlier, I'm going to design a character that reflects 100% of my own taste in earnest. You'll enjoy drawing even more in the process of conceived characters, dressing them up, and infusing them with pictorial expression.

It can be boring and uninteresting to think of simply learning and studying. But imagine creating a character and breathing life into that character. I think it's a course for living and breathing illustrations, and I'm on a fun journey with me. I will always be cheering on all the passionate people behind the scenes, so I hope you get everything I know!





Hello, I'm Chief Illustrator!

This course covers how to complete illustrations based on traditional drawing and basic art theory that I learned while majoring in Western painting.

The curriculum is designed to help everyone from beginners who are interested in painting to American college students.

Also, I'll show you how to use Clip Studio and Photoshop using a laptop and Fantablet when drawing. Especially if you are currently studying painting, you might enjoy taking this course.

Thank you very much!

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