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Skills You’ll Learn

Attractive face and detail components

I will draw an attractive figure that not only has a face but also adds detailed elements.

Completed coloring and color in line with deformism

We will show you dense coloring and color correction that enhances the degree of perfection.

How to create a composition according to the flow of eyes

Here are tips and principles of composition and directing that will make you see at a glance.

Trendy concepts and target audiences

Learn how to target and conceptualize your paintings to appeal to the public.

Draw objects and human bodies with observation and expressiveness

It improves observation ability, and can be expressed as a picture as it is based on data.

Tips for using Clip Studio

Starting with the basic interface of Clip Studio, we'll cover practical functions and correction methods.

What is the most important thing when drawing?

In recent years, there are many different illustrations that try to express what each person likes. When I first drew Even drawing the same character is much more attractive, and the desire to draw nicelyThere was one. As a result, I naturally began researching trends, and until now I have been drawing illustrations that are loved by many people. This class A class where you can draw illustrations that more people like and seeIt's going to be!

I'll share all the know-how I've found to mix the tastes of the public with my own personality, and draw more sophisticated illustrations that attract people's attention. Do you think your characters and fan art don't get noticed? I'll show you the difference. Find answers.

So what is individuality? How do you express attractiveness?

Paintings that contain my personality and attractive paintings can catch the public's attention. Based on the methods I've researched, I'll learn how to incorporate individuality into characters and how to look attractive. I'll show you the easy way. Among various genres Let's gather the things that influence you and find your tastes? It can catch the attention of many people too!

I will try to accurately identify the elements that make my character look more attractive, and learn how to add various points other than faces, and how mood works in illustrations that contain taste.

Let's get rid of the hard work of studying the human body!

Many people think anatomy is difficult. Of course, I also experienced a lot of trouble. though The knowledge required to actually draw a character's human body is determined. I will reveal a method for studying the human body by linking knowledge that I used to play with separately, such as anatomy, human body shaping, and proportions. Shorten your study time even more, Learn how to study to draw the desired human body efficiently. There's nothing to memorize. I'll make you understand.

OO is essential for images that attract attention.

The character illustrations that catch the public's attention have a clear concept that will elicit sympathy. However, a clear concept is useless if you can't catch the eye of the viewers of the work. The composition of the characters takes into account the human eye. Would you like to learn with me?

If you take away what you want to express, narrow it down to one thing, and dig sharply from the viewpoint of the person who sees the picture, your character will shine even more. The attractive directing and composition also look even better. The only thing I want to draw right now! I'll make it so I can't take my eyes off.

The details that complete the illustration!

It's hard to express the details of a character's face and composition. You can add lots of points even if you draw a single face, including hair, hands and feet, ears, and small objects. From sketching to coloring the elements needed for detail. I'll help you easily apply the materials and knowledge you've studied in practice.

I will compare and analyze the photos, add live-action details, and explain the formed structure. If you add all of these parts and make use of the deformist point, a character illustration full of sincerity will be created, right? Let's draw an attractive character illustration that will make everyone fall in love with it.

Gray skin is fine too. You can change it.

I was the worst at expressing colors and contrasts. I didn't like it either. So when I was obsessed with color, I found out something. “Coloring is something I can change.” Don't be afraid if you've given up on coloring because you're hesitant to add color and shadows. Try painting any color first. While applying another color to the wrong color and trying to correct it Expressing how many colorsI'll show you for yourself if it can be done. You'll also feel the pleasure of trying to express it in a different way from your favorite colors.

Density and correction methods that decorate the end

How can I make a simple painting look like a single piece of work? The completeness of a work is mainly determined by coloring. There are cases where the picture looks like graffiti, but it looks complete, or the picture is of high quality but does not look complete. What I have Appropriate density and description for deformities. We'll also reveal all of our coloring know-how.

This class is for tablets I'm going to use Clip Studio. I'll show you all my own ways to use Clip Studio, including its simple interface, various tools, correction methods, and brushes. Correcting the finished picture more completely and completing the final correction is the flower of coloring.

Something that motivates you. This is my goal and that of this class.

I am I was very proud to draw my favorite character and finish the character with my own color. That's what motivates me to keep painting. However, it also became difficult if no one paid attention.

Should I draw pretty and good-looking according to people's tastes? Should I give up the pictures I want to draw? I thought a lot about it. Thanks to my many concerns, I learned how to play my own character while being loved by the public. I'm very happy to be able to show you how to unfold your character through this class:D

Let's communicate by incorporating my own tastes into the illustrations that I wanted to see together.





Hello, I'm Kuha, an illustrator.

I usually enjoy drawing illustrations while communicating with pictures on social media.

I have grown rapidly through illustrations that appeal to the faces of attractive characters that stand out, and I have experienced various outsourcing for several years now.

I'll show you the detailed tips and experiences you need for live illustrations, and help you create your own character even better. Thank you for this opportunity to communicate, and I will do my best to make this class a step forward in your development. :D







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