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Skills You’ll Learn

Clip Studio settings

Here's a guide on how to use Clip Studio, frequently used tools, and settings.

From basic drawing skills to character creation

We'll teach you how to make attractive characters in an easy-to-understand manner, starting with drawing a human body.

Coloring methods often used in webtoons

Learn simple contrast methods, selling, glazing, and coloring methods necessary for webtoons.

Create skills essential for action

From skill creation to implementation, let's deal with the effects and elements required for it.

Expansion of space and time through composition and light

Let's learn how to add a touch of direction with elements other than drawing.

Create a creature

Let's create realistic fantasy creatures by adding anatomy to imagination.

The story of someone who has experienced becoming bone and fat

Let's share with aspiring students what I've learned from my long life as an artist.

A journey for those of you who love fantasy

Hello! <Lesa>, < If A.I. Rules the World>, <Honjip>, <Mr.Mo>, <Jang San-beom> He has serialized, etc., and is working as a storyteller and painter at Naver POGOIt's.

I definitely wanted to give it to all of you based on 10 years of artist activities Advice and drawing tipsI gathered and prepared a class.

This class is a drawing lesson for drawing.

Starting with basic drawing to develop basic skills
Until the completion of an action cut.

For 10 years, I worked as a webtoon artist while working as a writer and painter. Currently, I am preparing my next work as a complete painter, and during the preparation process In-depth research on paintingis in progress.

I want to share with you what I learned while doing serials and research This course has been opened. I'll do the research, so all you have to do is follow along!

Please note that there are no lectures on manners

I'll be your guide based on my practical experience.

Seeing is believing! Let's not leave places unknown where we couldn't go.

This course is difficult for beginners, but it also contains plenty of practical content. We'll guide you a little more easily to the goals you'll reach, and make them less accessible!

Sometimes, there are moments when I'm confused about what I'm learning painting for and what I'm learning is used for. In that case, you need a map (map). I'll be your guide. Don't be afraid to be told to do it! We have prepared a fun curriculum tailored to the beginner's eye level.

Shading from a drawing of the human body, which will be the basis

The more you know about the human body, the more difficult it is. There are so many things to worry about, such as bones, muscles, and proportions. I don't think it's possible to draw every moment and every picture exactly in line with theory. We are now Let's leave out complicated theories and get to the heart of drawing more easily. I'll help you draw intuitively by learning how to draw effectively from drawing to shading.

Sells, glazing, and coloring techniques used in webtoons

Since the deadline was in a hurry, I often asked anyone to pick it up and ask for coloring. Looking back on the experience of giving attribute lectures to them, I am confident that you can do it too.

To be used in webtoons Hands-on coloring Mainly, Easy and fast coloring methodand I'll give you tips. To my own picture Suitable and matching colorsWe'll help you find it.

Let's create our own characters together.

In a way, character creation is the starting point for all worldviews and storiesIt's like a transient. You'll feel your worldview expand every time you add a new character to an existing story. Create your own world based on the following content!

✔️Create the overall framework required to create a character

✔️personality, narrative, ability, Detailed settings

✔️How to create a look that fits the setting

✔️How to give each character their own personality so they can be distinguished

Very fun drawing of action flowers, skills, and effects

Skills and effects are the flower of action. Let's explore various ways to freely create your own skills and implement them on the canvas. It's going to be a really fun course.

✔️Learn how to create by considering the attributes and style of technology.

✔️We'll help you implement the right effects on the canvas.

✔️Let's learn not only about attack effects, but also about hit effects.

✔️Let's take a look at trends and structure trends by technology.

Space expansion through composition and light

Does the work feel flat? Use the light! Learn how to expand space-time and improve overall completeness through light, composition, and additional effects.

✔️Setting the right composition for the scene

✔️The direction and effect of light according to the time of day and situation

✔️Overall finish correction

If you have learned the above for sure, all of you Enrich the things you want to express I'll make it for you.

Do you like monsters? I... I like it...

In fantasy, imaginary monsters, Creature (creature)It's also a must!

If you know any creature that seems to have a random appearance, it all contains a narrative. This creature will enrich the worldview of your paintings even more. I'm going to start with free creativity and try an anatomical approach to creating creatures.

I recommend it to people like this

✔️ I've seen a lot of things all over the place, so the theory is quick, but I'm not really good at drawing pictures.

Just like you can imagine a palace without knowing how to build it Sometimes knowing a theory isn't important.

I'll put aside difficult theories and teach them like a baby talks.

✔️I'm still wondering whether to be a writer or not.

There are probably many people who are worried about the fact that the webtoon market is saturated, and I think there are many people who are unable to take on the challenge at first glance due to various realities.

everyone! I like the word “dipping.” Improper failure is not a cornerstone. It's a great step to give yourself a chance.

Please remember that the reason I started taking steps is the same as above!

✔️I'm good at it, but my hands are slow.

Are you a perfectionist? There are many causes of slow hands. You can't finish your work. I'll help you put an end to the work.

✔️I'm more than an intermediate level, but I'm curious about how POGO works.

I applaud everyone who is always willing to learn. I'll share 10 years of know-how with you. Let's study together!

Feel free to take on the challenge!

Sometimes we look for a reason for what we do. Actually, I don't think there's a need for a big reason.

It all starts with a little bit of interest and sparks. Let's go on an adventure and I'll be your healer ^-'





Hallo This is the author's POGO for Naver Webtoons [LESA] [If AI Dominates the World] [Style On] [Mr. Mo] [Honjip] [Jang San-Bum]. Ten years have passed since I made my debut at a young age and ran frantically. Nevertheless, when I looked back, I had a lot of enlightenment, and I felt that I had grown. Now I would like to share this learning with all of you and study together. We hope this opportunity will help you take a step forward.



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