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Skills You’ll Learn

Exploring the path to becoming a 'real' writer

If you love all kinds of pictures, let's take a picture of your debut route and navigation to become a webtoon artist.

The shortest course from scene to completion

The important thing is completion! Strong together from the first stone to enter the path of a ready-made artist!

Everything about using tools used in practice

Learn how to make secret brushes, extract sketchups tailored to your line art, and even live 2D commercials.

Learn skills you can use right away

From creating your own title without outsourcing, I'll show you how to improve work speed by 300%.

Debut isn't over! The answers you were looking for

Let's learn how to create an outsourced social media portfolio, prevent burnout, and view contracts in a healthy way.

The path to becoming a 'real' writer is near.

Hello, I'm Haga, a webtoon writer and illustrator.

It's an era of online content all at once. The comic market gradually opted for mobile instead of big screens, weekly serials instead of month-long waits, and quick recognition and vivid color drawing instead of black and white with moderation and implication. As it evolved into a form where readers could consume lightly and comfortably anytime, anywhere, the burden on artists grew.

There are plenty of detailed writing books these days, such as how to draw a nice illustration and how to complete a single manuscript, etc., but A lecture on walking together on “The Path to Becoming an Artist”It's hard to find.

  • How to digest a feature-length series with a long breath
  • And yet, how to finish a one-episode color manuscript every week
  • A way to develop without losing myself while accepting feedback from readers, etc.

We all love comics, but no one is familiar with these things in the first place. This class Your own “serial muscle foundation” to create serialized manuscripts It aims to nurture.

For brilliant growth,

A solid curriculum with a total of 10 chapters

This class will be taught through a total of 10 chapters.

  • gradient mapGet help with coloring with! Starting with an introductory course with small tips like,
  • The image reflected in the water, Match the pattern on the cloth to the flow of the cloth I want to improve the quality with my own hands like an expressive filtering method Intermediate level players.
  • too One-touch 6-tier color hair brush, sketchup self-pencil line extraction I need practical skills right away Even experts!

Communicate essential knowledge no matter what stage you are atIn order to do so, I prepared as many lectures as possible.

How to search and select contests to post Start with Mental management during the seriesI will also cover the details about in detail.

1) “I know how to draw pictures, but I'm not sure about manga.”

Each manga platform requires a different resolution of the work required, and a different form.

So what are the conditions under which we work Is this the most efficient methodCheck about, Pilseung brush manufacturer for Clip Studio and Photoshop, Technology to batch separate characters from speech bubbles for overseas serials From the back to the sound effect processing application method I'll let you know.

Also, for associate experts who already handle various tools, Sketchup remodeling, live 2D imagesof I'll show you how to use high density.

2) “Why does my work keep getting fewer views after episode 1?”

작품명, 주제, 소재 등을 기획하는 '작품 기획서' 예시

▶ ︎ An example of a “work planning book” that plans the title, theme, and material of the work

Chunri Road is just one step away! Let's learn about genres of language and grammar that have been accumulated over many years. How can I avoid obvious developments and keep wanting to scroll to the next A schematic of an exciting storyCan I set it up?

Through distribution materials so that you can follow the needs and usage of a text-based summary synopsis step by step A sample of Haga's debut exhibition work planning book and, Comes with a scenario guideI'll do it for you.

3) “I want to create characters that are attractive enough to make people want to cosplay.”

캐릭터들의 메인 컬러를 확인할 수 있는 캐릭터 스탠딩

▶ ︎ Character standing where you can check the main colors of the characters

When serializing for a long time A character standing that helps the artist not get lost After all, it's essential.

The role of color palettes and How to find the right colors and arrange themFrom then on, to have a great sense of language and language Name the characterHow to do it, deliciously schematized Moe flower featuresWe will also learn how to arrange them without being burdensome.

4) “I'm not sure about the difference between scroll webtoons and page webtoons.”

스크롤 형식으로 쉽게 편집 가능한 다재다능 페이지 원고

▶ ︎ Versatile page manuscripts that can be easily edited in scroll format

A lecture on how to create a winning storyline to transfer text to a pictureFrom now on, we will learn how to arrange the Ki-seung-Jeon-gye-gye-gye-gye-gye-gye-gye-jeol to compose a story that makes readers want to wait for the next week each week.

Also, Even if you don't look for an outsource, everyone Create a title for your own workI also prepared a chance to try it out.

5) “I'm afraid of the public interest and standards that will pour out after my debut.”

Why do writers love Hangouts? What limitations will I run into if I continue my personal work, Let's take a look at how to break through that limit. We have prepared lectures where you can talk together in various ways about programs other than work that are good to know.

6) “I want to be loved by more readers. I also want to get more outsourcing!”

Understand the concept of 2D live for advertising production, how to use social media that you should keep in mind after your debut, how to promote yourself with an effective portfolio, and how to cultivate an eye for contracts. All the steps to being able to stand aloneWe will be with you.

Do what you love as your job.

Overflowing mass media, readers paying a fair price for content. It's a golden age for manga like never before.

Above all, for all those who still feel ashamed to be called a writer, or who think they are lacking and can't take the last step Don't be afraidI definitely want to deliver this message.

I am your Face makerI'll be there.





When you have sufficient drawing skills but are lost because you're not familiar with manga grammar, or when you've crossed the threshold of your debut, but it's kind of overwhelming, and it doesn't work out.

I didn't know how much further I should go, so when I sat down,

When my limitations seem to be visible and burdensome,

All you need to do is go one step further.

For those of you who have lost their way for a while, I will give you a compass and show you the way forward.



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