9 chapters · 2 hours 28 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

Drawing Storyboard

Learn how to write a plot and draw a storyboard

Positioning Panels

Learn how to create and divide frames by understanding the page layout

Inking Technique

Learn how to use G-pen and Fill in with Ink

Using 3D Materials

Learn how to use 3D materials efficiently for backgrounds and objects

Adding Screentones

Learn how to use different types of screentones

Adding Speech Balloons and Effects

Learn how to draw/edit Onomatopoeia and add speech balloons

Class Summary

Each lesson provides a broad range of information on the technical part of manga making, including plot and script writing, storyboard sketching, framing and adding speech balloons, Inking, adding screentones and finalizing the manga work.

This Class Is For

  • A beginner level course for students who are interested in making a manga.
  • A casual class covering the broad range of general techniques and tips that students need for making a manga.
  • Requires a basic understanding in digital art in general.
  • This course is not for students who are interested in learning digital drawing in general.
  • This course is for students who are interested in learning the techniques on how to draw and make a manga.)

Class Takeaways

After taking the class, students will be able to complete a short manga. Each lesson covers the step by step manga making tutorial and students will be prepared to make and publish their short manga after completing the missions of the lesson.



Maru B

Maru B

Hello. This is Maru!

There’s nothing really special about me. I’ve been getting some requests for manga tutorials on my Instagram and TikTok for a while, so I thought working with CLASS101 is a great opportunity to share my techniques on manga making with you guys! I hope you guys enjoy my videos.







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