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Skills You’ll Learn

Beautiful girl character deform

Learn about the life-style and fancy style SD that is often used when drawing beautiful girls.

Design your own character

Learn about character design, color schemes, and sheet making.

Coloring with half-rimless frames

Find the brush that's right for you and learn about semi-rimless coloring.

Correcting an illustration according to the mood

Learn how to make corrections using gradient maps and layer effects.

Enhancing the completeness of an illustration

Check the areas you need to pay attention to and improve the overall completeness of the illustration.

Hello, I'm Mitti, an illustrator.

I usually draw cute bishoujo illustrations. I've loved pretty and cute things since I was a kid, and naturally I started drawing a lot of girl characters.

It's still not enough, but I'd like to share my concerns and know-how as much as possible!

Semi-rimless coloring with a squishy, warm feel

I usually draw illustrations with soft and warm images. In order to make the most of that feeling, I'm working with no frame, and I'm doing different productions from time to time depending on the mood of the picture and the character's feeling.

I've gone through quite a few different coloring methods, but I settled on Banmu because of the soft feel and ease of correction. It's easy to think of Banmutera as a midpoint between rimless and cell-style coloring. I work first by coloring the bottom of the line drawing, and I also put the color on top of the line to make the drawing smoother.

Through this class, I'll teach you how to do effective semi-rimless coloring.

The ratio of characters suited to their own deforms

My class consists mainly of bishoujo characters. In line with the theme of the class, I will focus on deformes and basic life-size, which are usually used when drawing beautiful girls. Let's learn the right body to face ratio for cute characters.

The meticulous rough leads to the completion of the painting.

I tend to value rough. If you first create a guide to what kind of atmosphere the color rough will create, it will be easier to complete the picture. Correction is also often done at the color rough stage, so I'll tell you how to make a color rough.

Correction, a skill that creates perfection!

Illustration retouching is also a skill! Using the Clip Studio function, I will improve the completeness of the illustration by adjusting it to match the mood and feel of the illustration. I do a large correction frame first in the color rough phase, and then make one more correction when needed at the end. I'll even show you how to create an atmosphere with correction. Just like correcting a picture that wants to give a warm feeling or needs a warm atmosphere to make the warm colors stand out and look bright!

My character is made up of elements I like

Don't you get creative when you see cute and pretty characters? We can make characters like that too! I'll show you step by step what elements to add according to the character's settings, and what you need to create a character sheet.

Painting is fun and fun, but when there's a blockage, I get tired and want to give up. There were times when it was difficult for me to complete, so I would like to help you draw a complete illustration based on my experience. Let's make attractive illustrations with me!





Hello, I'm Mitti, an illustrator who draws pictures with a focus on beautiful girls. I would like to explain with my own know-how what you are curious about. Let's create an attractive illustration with me!

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