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Skills You’ll Learn

Proportion and structure of the human body

You will learn basic theories of the human body, such as the proportion of the human body, and the structure of the skeleton and muscles.

Create attractive characters

We'll share tips for easy costume design and color arrangement.

Contrast theory

I will move on to the basic theory of contrast required for coloring.

Delicately describe characters

While completing character illustrations, you will learn how to portray each part.

Depicting a background

Learn basic perspective and screen configuration.

Create an atmosphere

Let's make use of corrections and effects using the program function to make use of the atmosphere of the picture

Hello, I'm EB Ju, an illustrator.

Hallo My name is EB10 (V+), a freelance illustrator who mainly draws beautiful girls. I have continued to work not only on social media, but also on the game side. I came across a relationship with a car that I wanted to pass on my knowledge of illustrations, so I met you through Class 101 like this! I thought a lot about how I could pass on my know-how and knowledge to all of you, so you can look forward to it:)

How many people draw neatly from the beginning?

I mainly use Photoshop, and I use a semi-frameless style of work. My personality is far from delicate, so the sell-style style that I had to draw neatly from the beginning didn't suit me. Therefore, I have come to prefer the anti-frameless method, where I can immediately and intuitively understand the changes. People like me who are burdened with drawing perfectly, or who have trouble starting painting at first glance, will be able to draw a highly finished illustration by using the method I recommend.

Theory-based drawing

The basic skills part is always essential before getting to work in earnest. In painting, you'll learn how to draw based on simple theories such as human body proportions, skeleton, and graphing. In the detailed lessons of this class I'll tell you everything from the skeleton to the wrinkles on the clothes. I'm going to tell you a little more about what you're having trouble with. After the class is stubborn, try to complete a character!

The charming protagonist of the illustration

Are you having trouble bringing charm to your characters? The visuals are very important for the character who is the main character in the illustration. In this class, you'll also have time to design attractive and vibrant characters. From choosing a character theme full of tastes, to costume design tips and how to arrange colors. Also, I'll share all the ways to make attractive poses suitable for the characters.

Won't you be able to take your eyes off? Because the light will catch the eye.

When you look at an illustration, the most obvious thing you notice is the “atmosphere” of the picture, right? When I draw, I also have the mood reflected on the screen. In other words, I paint with the most attention to “light.” Starting with a simple theory of light, I'll show you how to create beautiful light colors and contrasts. The fact is that the character's color changes depending on the mood of the background! Let's even find out how to match the character's color with me.

I'll be with you as your character changes.

If the characters and background don't blend together, it doesn't feel complete. I am I'll show you how to portray characters and backgrounds in a delicate way. We will reveal everything from basic screen construction methods such as perspective, composition, and direction of the background that supports the character, to effects and various Photoshop features that can be used for more beautiful illustrations. Just follow along. Your delicate and beautiful character will be ready.

Do you enjoy painting? If not, enjoy it.

In this class, I'm going to learn the process I'm working on step by step, and I'm going to aim for you to complete an illustration yourself. A PSD file will also be provided so that you can learn over and over again.

I'll be there to help even those who have trouble completing it so that they can draw their own paintings! I want to show you the joy of creating based on this class.

Enjoy it. We will support your activities.





Hallo I'm an illustrator EB 10. I post creative bishoujo illustrations on Pixive, Twitter, etc., and I mainly work on outsourced games.

I've been fond of painting since I was a kid, but the reason I decided on a definite career path was when I came across digital art.

I wasn't a delicate person, and I was tired of easily completing paintings, but when I came across convenient digital art, I began to work, and I don't think I got into this kind of job because of the support that came along with it.

Recently, I feel that the outlook for the illustration industry is gradually getting brighter, and I want you to enter the world of illustration based on the fact that I love painting, just as I became an illustrator simply because I like painting.





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