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Skills You’ll Learn

Life system created with Notion

Let's learn and apply the life systems needed to live a life one by one!

Using the basic functions of Notion and the database

You can learn the functions of Notion naturally and easily by creating your own templates!

The secret know-how of workers

You can create a work system and flow and learn how to work more effectively

Various use cases using Notions

You'll get ideas by looking at examples of how they're already using Notion so well!

Hands-on weapons you can learn and use right away

Stop learning classes! Equipped with real-world weapons you can use right away!

systems of life,

Why is it needed?

Our energy is limited. But we want to do more.

Building on all the know-how you've learned while growing up is not as easy as you might think. If you hold it unorganized somewhere, it will all flow down like sand escaping between your fingers. I think I've worked so hard to do something, but when I look back, I feel like I haven't done anything.

though If you have your own system, you can give feedback on what you've learned through trial and error, reflect, and improve, and live a stronger life. Also, if you have a system, when you start something, you can do the job effectively with much less energy.

with Peter Kim,

Let's make tomorrow better than today.

I'm Peter, the manager who founded and runs a social gathering community that provides a variety of experiences for finding fun and meaning in life <Experience Collection Merchandise>. Since 2018, I have launched and managed more than 150 gathering products by myself. I was able to manage 150 on my own because I used Notion.

Notion's misunderstanding,

It's not just a pretty tool.

”<시작노트, <한 권으로 끝내는 노션> book cover “>

▶ ︎ <Beginning Note>, <Notion to end with one volume> book cover

Did you think of Notion as just a pretty tool? If so, let's learn about the outstanding features that only Notion has to offer in class.

I have created optimized systems based on the know-how I have gone through trial and error through various experiments. You should use this system (note template) to save your precious time and effort! As the author of <Notion Ends in One Volume >, I'm here to help!

To Notion making,

The sis of my lifeTEM

This class is not just about learning the features of Notion. This is a course where you learn how to create a system that organizes the way you work and live your life, and apply that way to yourself.

노션 템플릿 11종_ 커리큘럼

▶ ︎ 11 Notion Templates _ Curriculum

All of the courses I create together in the class, such as “Time management/to-do management,” “My own website,” and “Create a learning-execution routine system,” are sold for 4 to 100,000 won each on the platform I run, and these are courses that have been loved by many people. These 11 courses were put together in class 101 and completed.

Based on the principles I present and explain, you can follow them as they are at first, get used to them, and gradually create your own system with your own style. When creating a system like this, a template is created using the Notion function.

Notion makes it much easier and easier to manage this kind of work. If you create your own templates that you can use directly in practice and follow them, you will naturally master Notion.

After taking the class,

5 changes in you

시간, 할 일 관리 시스템 만들기 / 배움, 실행 루틴 만들기 / 나만의 브랜드 홈페이지 만들기 특강

▶ ︎ Creating a time and to-do management system/ Learning, creating an execution routine/Special lecture on creating your own brand website

  1. You can master Notion, a hot service.
  2. You'll have your own time management/to-do management system.
  3. You can create learning-to-do routines.
  4. You can effectively manage your projects and portfolios by creating your own home.
  5. You can organize daily records and consumption/investment logs

As you take this class, you will have a system of your own that you can apply directly to your work and life one by one. How about creating your own system and living an effectively organized life in both work and life?

Only I can change my life,
No one can do it for me.

Only I can change my life,
No one can replace me.

[Examples of systems to be created together]

혼자서도 완벽한 업무 관리, 6가지 다양한 보기 형태를 사용해 내가 딱 원하는 상태로 업무를 관리하며 효율과 효과가 모두 Up! Up!

▶ ︎ Perfect work management on your own, using 6 different viewing forms to manage your work just the way you want, improving both efficiency and effectiveness! up!

 나와 내 브랜드를 알리는 홈페이지, 비싼 돈을 들이지 않고도 내가 원하는 상업 홈페이지를 만들 수 있습니다. 유지/관리도 노트 수정하듯이 간편하게 뚝딱!_1 나와 내 브랜드를 알리는 홈페이지, 비싼 돈을 들이지 않고도 내가 원하는 상업 홈페이지를 만들 수 있습니다. 유지/관리도 노트 수정하듯이 간편하게 뚝딱!_2

▶ ︎ You can create a website that promotes you and your brand, and a commercial website you want without spending a lot of money. Maintenance/maintenance is as easy as editing a notebook!

모든 돈을 관리하는 투자 노트, 기록하지 않으면 발전이 없죠. 투자 노트에 투자 현황을 기록하며 한 눈에 내 자산을 효과적으로 관리할 수 있습니._1모든 돈을 관리하는 투자 노트, 기록하지 않으면 발전이 없죠. 투자 노트에 투자 현황을 기록하며 한 눈에 내 자산을 효과적으로 관리할 수 있습니다_2

▶ ︎ Investment notes that manage all the money, if you don't record them, there's no development. You can effectively manage your assets at a glance by recording your investment status in an investment notebook.



Peter Kim

Peter Kim

  • Current CEO of Experience Collection General Store
  • Current Notion Specialist Lecturer
  • Former IT company engineer and marketer
  • My books include <Beginning Notes>, <Notion>, which ends in one volume.

I always think about how to live. So I'm going back to basics today. What are the basics of our lives? I 'Doing what you know”I think so. The movie Matrix also says, “There is a clear difference between knowing a path and walking that path.” I live my life hoping not only to know, but to be able to walk that path.

I worked as an engineer for 8 years, and worked as a marketer for 2 years while I was out looking for fun. Currently, I run an “experience collection general store” where people discover the fun and meaning of life in search of another kind of fun, and they also give many lectures along with Notion.

There's a site that tests my strengths, and they say one of my strengths is “connectivity.” Connectivity is the belief that “everything is connected.” At the end of the day, I think we're all connected even though we can't see it. Therefore, I hope that all of you will find a job you like and live happily. Because that energy will also deliver bright waves to me.

Peter Kim

Peter Kim



Peter Kim

Peter Kim



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