Use Goodnote and Keynote on iPad
10 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • Create your own template - (Daily) work planner

  • Create your own forms - (monthly) work planner

  • Create meeting minutes and planning notes with basic notes

  • Write a monthly planner

  • Create a daily planner

  • Make a one-year plan with Mandalat

  • Protecting my money as it escapes from my household account book

  • Take care of your health with a diet planner

  • Keep a detailed record of your trips with a trip planner

  • Organize your feelings in a diary

Skills You’ll Learn

Create forms optimized for you

I will create a 'My own work note' form that is most optimized for me

How to write a digital planner

Let's write your own 6 forms created by <Nalna>!

How to make 100% use of Goodnote

From installing fonts to hyperlinks, 100% of the essential iPad apps, Goodnote!

Learn how to use keynotes

An essential app for writing prettier and more useful forms, how to use keynotes

Use your iPad smarter

Get everything you want to do

Hallo I'm Lizzy, a smart lifestyle creator. Make good use of iPad on YouTube for personal work, goal management, health management, hobby activities, etc. More effectively 'Me down' lifeI'm creating content that tells you how to buy!

The job of a “smart lifestyle creator” may seem unfamiliar to you, but there are various Smart devices Know-how you can make good use of 200% in real lifeI'm creating content that contains.

Do my job (my job) like me,
And in order to live tomorrow (tomorrow) like me
How can I make it a little smarter,
Can I do everything I want to do?!

A tool that can solve these problems iPadIt was. I started thinking about how to effectively use the iPad I have now, such as always carrying my iPad by my side, using 200% of my work, keeping a close record of myself, and checking my goals.

The iPad I'm holding in my hand right now,

If you only use Netflix when watching -

Actually, I didn't make good use of the iPad from the beginning either. If you use an iPad Nice appearance of working harder and doing hobbiesI imagined, but after watching it at some point, it eventually turned into a small television like Netflix. And I kept hearing a small voice in my head.

Did you buy an iPad to watch a movie?

Yes. The reason we originally bought an iPad is definitely, “To live a better life by making good use of the iPad” It was, but it's not as easy to use as I thought.

Therefore, I started sharing the forms I created and used for people who had the same experience as me, and I was able to teach nearly 30,000 people how to make good use of iPad via YouTube. And I'm going to do all of that with you now.

your iPad,

Why you should meet a digital planner

  • No need to carry around a heavy paper diary!
  • Everyone knows that writing by hand is something that remains memorable for a long time, right? It combines the advantages of handwriting with the advantages of digital, which can be searched and opened at any time.
  • Copy the forms you need anytime! Delete required forms at any time! There's no need to feel guilty for not being able to keep a diary every day!
  • You can create and use the forms you need anytime:) Only with iPad!
  • Unlimited stickers, emoticons, pens, and highlighters are basic, right? Now you don't have to spend money on stickers!

You can think of a digital planner as digitizing the paper diaries and documents you usually use. It looks more like your paper diary than I thought, and I also collected all the advantages!

At the beginning of the day, at meetings or meetings, when checking lifestyle (household accounts, diet), or when recording feelings, now just take out one iPad instead of multiple diaries! A record book just for you will be opened.

So that you don't miss anything,

A digital planner optimized for you

I can't use the memo app 100%, and scattered information

The information is arranged in a homemade form

We all do different things and have different tendencies. But the diaries are all similar. No matter what kind of diary you use, the columns are too small, there are parts you don't need, etc., and there are some inconveniences!

So through this class, we A form that is perfect for what you do and your own tendenciesI'm going to make and use it. Manage your time efficiently without missing anything with a planner optimized for you!

Anyone can follow along,

In the iPad usage class for professional workers!


Learn how to use all 5 types of forms and use 200% of iPad

팀원들과 직접 기획한 만년 다이어리 중 데일리 플래너

Daily planner in the 10,000 year diary planned by himself with team members

Let's try them together with 5 forms that I make myself and use well every day! These forms Planned with some intentionIt became! What should I do Best useI wonder if I can do it! While trying to write all the forms together How to make 200% use of iPadLet me introduce you to.

5 types of forms you'll use in class (+ I'll also show you how to use basic notes!)

  • [Nalna] 10,000 year planner
  • [Nalna] Household accounts
  • [Nalna] diet planner
  • [Nalna] trip planner
  • [Nalna] diary


Create your own template that looks the most like you, only with iPad!

The reason I started creating and writing forms on the iPad was because I needed a form containing “Nadaum.” There were too many parts of the forms on the market that I didn't need, or none of the parts I needed.

So just as I've created a template to make the most of it, I'll show you how to create your own forms too! A form that contains only the parts that are essential to meLet's complete it! Keynote, the default iPad appI'm planning to use, and I'll show you the basic usage of keynotes step by step:)

Rather than writing pretty

Keep a steady record of everything

This class is not a diary decorating class. When I was writing my diary, I didn't like the writing, so I rewrote it and rewrote it An experience I gave upThere must be all of these. What I think is most important is “keep recording everything” rather than “write beautifully.”

When I write down one character by one, my own style is captured in my diary, My all-in-one diaryYou will develop an attachment to! Let's work with me to fill in your own form from beginning to end!

There are many things I want to do
For me who has many things I want to achieve
iPad, use it to your heart's content!

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Start a smart iPad life with a digital planner!


Learn the basics of digital handwriting


Fill my daily life with the 10,000 year planner


Develop smart spending habits with a household account book


Develop a healthy lifestyle with a diet planner


Capture your entire trip with a trip planner


Today's time to organize your day, write a diary


Now let's make our own format?


Authentic! Create a form just for you


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




I'm Lizzy, a smart lifestyle creator.

After starting a startup without even graduating from university

When I lived with the mind that I had to do well somehow,

Being driven by greed and work, the existence of “I” faded away.

I always had to “work” from early morning until late at night

From thinking about what “I am,” I will live “tomorrow as me” as my motto

Use iPad to set goals, bucket lists, manage schedules, etc.

I am living a 'like me' life while balancing work and life.

As I shared what I felt on YouTube, many people sympathized with me

Now I'm greeting you in class 101 like this.

Click on the photo to visit Lizzy's YouTube channel!


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