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Skills You’ll Learn

I organize my thoughts by writing a single line of memo.

I'll write down notes line by line about things I've only been thinking about in my head.

In the meantime, have you only been writing in the private room?

Now please proudly pull out my writing, which was hidden all by myself in the recess

A record of your precious daily life becomes an article.

The stories of my daily life that I have told will be reborn in your own writing.

I dream of being a Brunch (publication) writer.

Don't put off your dream as a brunch (publication) writer anymore and challenge yourself!


Active as a broadcaster and essay writer

I'm Lee Yoon-young, an artist.

방송작가에게 배우는 글쓰기

▶ Learn about writing from broadcasters

Don't write hard in the den anymore!!

A great writing class that makes it really easy to learn how to write from a single line of memo

What's different about 101 Writing Classes from Broadcasters?

  1. We'll show you how to write an empathetic post.

For over 20 years, I've been writing to communicate with the public and creating content that resonates with them. Writing has many benefits, such as healing, self-satisfaction, and organizing thoughts, but above all, when you share it with many people, its strength becomes stronger and stronger. Don't write alone in an alley anymore, how to do it properly

I'll show you how to write an article that empathizes and communicates with others.

Through writing coaching by professional writers, you will be able to properly grasp the direction of your writing.

2. 'I will save “My Writings I Thought Were Dead.”

My nickname is “CPR who saves dead writing (?)” is.

The program taught in class 1010 is based on memo programs that have been done for many years at schools, centers, institutions, and companies all over the country, and is a curriculum that has been developing over a long period of time how to turn a line of memo into an article and create it back into a book or content.

In the meantime, I was able to properly look into the problem where my writing was a problem and why it wasn't sympathized with by many people, and included only clear tips and realistic advice on how to write better in the future.

* Heartfelt reviews from students

3. Very, very easy to get started.

This course includes everything from writing a one-line memo to creating content (book or social media content). No matter what you write in an alley, there's no point anymore.

The final purpose of our writing is to share my writing with many people, and to write and create content and articles that help and comfort each other through it.

Don't write like a diary with only thoughts or thoughtful words on a daily basis.

I easily organized my thoughts from memos, and captured the methods step by step about how to develop them into writing. It's easy to start with a one-line memo a day.

4. It makes me love my everyday life.

When I write content, I naturally fall in love with my daily life. It's an extra phenomenon of course that comes from rewriting this every day while carefully taking notes on what I've done and thought.. Being a publishing writer and content creator is important, but maybe this is the most important thing.

5. You'll discover your strengths.

As I reflect on my daily life and write my thoughts every day, I feel that I am a very nice person and a wonderful person. Also, as the habit of recording and taking notes naturally develops, I learn about my own strengths that I had never known before.

I recorded the story of my daily life

A one-line memo makes for such great content (book or social media content).

'The Age of Manin Writers“It's called, right?

One day, when a friend who accidentally writes a book in his name comes up with a book in his name, he outwardly congratulates him, but I also want to write like a friend,

Someday I want to publish a book with my nameThoughts strike me because they can't touch my mind.

Everyone as much as you want writersIt can be. particularly brunchWhy don't you make the artist's dream come true, which you always thought was a dream, through a platform called?

You can also become a best-selling author through brunch.

크리에이터 저서_ 글쓰기가 만만해지는 하루 10분 메모 글쓰기

▶ Creator's book_ 10 minutes a day memo writing that makes writing full

A platform called Brunch is a place where all the people who write and write in Korea gather. Unlike traditional blogs, it's a platform based on InDesign So that my writing and my story can be read better It's been created.

Is that why? There are so many people who have become writers through the Brunch platform.

<How to deal with a rude person with a smile>, <90 years old is coming> bestsellersThere is also a book that has become.

I also officially published on the occasion of my regular writing and posting on a platform called Brunch. Writer who published 2 books in 1 yearIt became.

By the way, this No one can write at brunch. You can enter Brunch through the difficult process of applying as a writer, and even if you do, it depends on how you serialize your writing and story.

In this class, we will study the characteristics of the Brunch platform and learn specifically how to post your own story here. The path to becoming a real writerI would like to inform you.

In addition, many creators are always worried about”The feeling of writing within me that becomes content“I would like to think about it together and let you know what it is.

Let's create my own content, written by my own hands.

This class is a program that has already been conducted with many people in companies, schools, and centers, etc., and there are also people who have actually become writers through this class, and many people have received love calls from publishers.

Furthermore, this program is not just a consistent writing class with “write every day” and “write steadily,” but a course that teaches you what kind of content you have within yourself and how to become a writer through it.

Take your story out with your own hands, and feel proud as you do the entire process of planning, designing, and writing it yourself.

I've been creating pop culture for a long time, and I'll share all of my know-how as a writer on my own through writing, reading, and platform writing.

Books by Lee Yoon-young

<Writing notes for 10 minutes a day when writing becomes full, Ghana Publishing Company>

<Maybe you'll write it well, it's great if you read Winners Book>.

If any content does not involve writing
It is difficult to transform into various forms (video, text, photo, etc.).

But if you can write your own content
Anything more than that becomes possible.

So For content creators
Writing is a must
This is one of the requirements.

About artist Lee Yoon-young (Han Liang, writer)

20th year broadcaster, content director

  • tvN <Kulkadang - Writing Edition> Appeared
  • Brunch Sunday magazine's leading writer and professional brunch writing coach
  • Brunch cumulative views: 1.3 million views
  • Lectures on writing and content are being held at major universities and companies across the country



Writer Hanryang

Writer Hanryang

A writing lover and devotee who really found me through writing, a broadcaster in the 20th year, an essay writer, and content director, also known as “Hundred Juniors of the Writing Coaching World,” where “dead writing” transforms into writing with empathy and communication through her hands, and a “10 minute memo a day to write” secret that allows people who haven't written in their whole lives to write right away He is also a writer specialized in writing who conducts clear and meaningful writing classes every day at universities, companies, and centers. My books include [Maybe I'll be able to write well. Winners Book. 2019] [10 minutes of memo writing a day when writing becomes full. Gana Publishing House. 2020]. I try to teach many writers from all over the country how to enjoy writing every day today, and to show them a way to communicate and empathize with many people through my writing and to show them a way to live as a writer for a lifetime.





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