K-pop lyricist tells the world of professional lyricists

Hello, I'm Danke, the lyricist team.

Since we formed the team in 2018

BTS, NCT127, Super M, Eyes One, Shiny, Super Junior, ITZY,


I have participated in albums by many K-pop artists.

Is your path as a lyricist overwhelming?

Among the many people who love pop culture and love music

“I want to be a lyricist too!” There are probably many people who thought that.

However, in order to become a lyricist, how do you specifically prepare

How do lyricists working in the actual field write lyrics

The reality is that it's very difficult to hear that vivid story.

So I've prepared this class for those who want to get into the world of lyricists.

Why an ordinary office worker was able to become a lyricist

❓ Weren't you originally prepared to become a lyricist?

🙅‍♀️ No!

We weren't from the creative arts department or practical music department, and we were just ordinary office workers.

What was the background that enabled us to continue working in the business?

❓ Brilliant talent? A gleaming sense of inspiration?

🙅‍♀️ Not all of them.

It's a flower-like love for K-pop,

And constant analysis was the driving force behind becoming a professional lyricist.

You too can be a lyricist who receives a copyright fee.

It doesn't matter if you're a non-major.

Age and schooling don't matter either.

If you only need pen and paper, limitless imagination, and tenacious endurance, you're all you need.

My story is born with music that empathizes with someone and comforts others

Wouldn't you like to have a great experience?

  • Those who want to take a line from an old diary out of the world
  • People who want to share their names alongside their favorite artists
  • Those who want to write a phrase that makes people excited or cry
  • Those who want to break away from a normal life and try a different life

Get into the world of lyricists through Dangke's lyricist class!

We'll share all the experience and know-how we've built up for you!

You'll learn something like this!

STEP 1. From an ordinary office worker to becoming a lyricist

Before we became lyricists, we were all office workers doing jobs that had nothing to do with pop music.

It was a time when becoming a lyricist was nothing more than a vague fantasy in my head.

Imagination is translated into concrete action,

It took a long time before they crossed the mountain of debut and established themselves in the industry.

There were times when I was struggling with realities I didn't know before entering the industry.

You don't need an accredited qualification to become a lyricist.

But you can't just start a long race with rosy dreams!

So in this class, in addition to how to write lyrics

We will tell you about realistic issues across the industry.

STEP 2. How to become an All Rounder

In order to survive as a professional lyricist, “prolific” is imperative above all else.

As the popularity cycle of popular songs gets shorter,

This is because it's already an old story to eat and live from generation to generation with only the copyright of a hit song.

To be prolific, you shouldn't be good at just one thing.

It has to be an All Rounder

Therefore, Danke's class is broken down by artist and genre

I'll show you how to write the perfect lyrics for each song, such as “custom suit.”

STEP 3. A to Z from configuration to exit

Just because you blindly put text on top of music doesn't mean it all becomes lyrics.

The stages of organization, such as deciding materials and organizing ideas, are also important

Above all, check the number of syllables, match each rhyme, trim it according to the beat, etc.

It is essential to “musicalize” an article.

Considering the mood of the song and the artist who will sing the song

It is also necessary to determine the 'Tone & Manner' of the lyrics.

In this class, we will learn how to write lyrics for these popular songs together,

We will share more practical and practical content together.

On TV, on the street, at karaoke, and at the venue

Everyone who dreams of a heart-rending experience where the lyrics I wrote resonate,

We're here to help you take a step towards fulfilling your lyricist's dream.

(※ This course teaches you the basics and tips of lyricist writing.

Even if you take this class, you will not be given the opportunity to actually work in Xian.)

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Hello! This is Danke, the lyricist team.

Danke is a 4th year lyricist team that has been collaborating since 2018, each working as a lyricist.

Our team About 100 songs, including “Filter” by BTS, “Into the I-LAND” by IU, “Hero” by NCT127, “Criminal” by Taemin, “SURF” by ITZY, and “DAYDREAM” by IZUONEI wrote the lyrics.

-Participating song list-

BTS 'Filter'

NCT127 'Hero', 'Highway To Heaven'

IU 'Into tne I-LAND'

Taemin 'Criminal'


SuperM '2 Fast', 'Dangerous Woman', 'Step Up'

Tomorrowby Together '0x1=LoveSong (I know I love you) ', 'No Rules', 'Anti-Romantic,' 'Balance Game', 'Bad Deal', 'Dear Sputnik', 'New rules', '20cm', 'Eternally', 'Ghosting', 'Wishlist', 'Hadong-gil'

Super Junior 'The Crown'

Dio 'I'm Gonna Love You'

EXO Kai 'Confession'

Shiny 'Kiss Kiss'

ITZY 'Ma P in the Morning', 'SURF'


Lovelyz “We Loved in Those Days,” “Flower Shop,” “Lucid Dream,”

Kim Su-chan 'Hips'

ENHYPEN 'Fever', 'Not For Sale', 20 Cube (Let Me In) ', '10 Months'

MONSTA X 'Guess Who', 'Thriller'

Weki Meki 'Dazzle Dazzle'

and many others




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