As a drama I wrote

Excite the first row of Gutnook

Everyone, have you ever imagined this? Imagine a drama I wrote making viewers cry, laugh, and thrill in the first row of Gutnook! Imagine being a writer who wrote a screenplay that the world is passionate about! How's it going? Aren't your hands struggling just because you want to use something?

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  • I don't know the screenwriter's “poet,” but I want to be a writer.
  • I want to complete a good work and try it out for a contest.
  • Practice rather than theory! Whatever it is, I'll try to bump into it as I write it.

Hello, I'm Naeun, a third-year drama writer

I'm at Doremi Entertainment, which produced dramas such as <Private Life>, <My Superman Family>, and <I Can Hear Your Voice> Debuted in 2018 as a web drama <Coffee of the Day>I did it.

In the same year Enrolled as a scholarship student in the Film and Screenplay Professional (Graduate) Program at Korea National University of ArtsI did, and the following year 16-part mini-series writing contractI signed up with.

Currently studying for my master's degree, I'm writing works in various fields such as web dramas, mini-series, and feature commercial films.

The secret to debuting as a drama writer at age 26

I was 2 years ago Debuted as a drama writer after signing a writing contract with a production company at age 26I did it.

A production company that noticed my scenario proposed a meeting in a contest that I was unfortunately disappointed with. They gave me a chance to write a 10-minute script for a web drama, and I took the synopsis within a week. I signed the deal that same day!

The story I heard at that time “I stood out among the works because my own DNA was clearly incorporated into the script.”That was it. I had no major related to writing, and I never learned drama writing or attended a writer's school It was just a written result.

How to write a scenario that I found myself after trial and error

Web drama From contracts to mini-series contracts to feature film contracts One after another, they signed screenwriting contracts, Beating the contentious incumbents Han Yejong passed the Film and Screenplay Professional Course as a scholarship studentIt contains all the know-how in one place.

Just take it out and eat it, scenario rules for beginners

In my class, I'll learn the basic rules of scenarios and analyze devices that add immersion to the story. Anyone can complete it if they follow along Learn the structure of a scenario and practice it!

The basic laws of scenarios: Fingerprint description, time, place movement, the law of attractive dialogue

Scenario conditions: Genre, writing style, protagonist, expansion of the world, events, three points

The secret of scenario development: The rules of development and secrets of the introduction, middle, and end

Spice up the story: Add persons/incidents/fingerprints/lines

All you have to do is just listen to my class and leave out the parts you need.

POINT 1. Learn from current scripts by current artists

When I was an aspiring student, I spent a long time studying drama scripts. The first script I read was the script for MBC's Best Theater short film show. I thought that was the only way to write a script. But now it's 2020. The fact that I have to write a script in a completely different way I realized it.

POINT 2. There is a separate scenario that the judges like

Obtained through a contract with a drama production company and admission to Han Yejong as a specialist My biggest benefit was getting to know the 'judges. 'It's. I had long face-to-face meetings with them every week to learn about the scenarios they wanted.

It's simple. “A scenario that sticks to the basics but has a plus alpha.” I'll show you all the know-how to write scenarios with that “basic” and “plus alpha.”

[Class goal]

  • We aim to complete a 70-minute short film drama (around 35 pages of A4), which is the standard entry standard for broadcaster drama contests.
  • If you properly understand the content of the class and apply the principles, it is quite possible to complete a 120-minute commercial film scenario!

POINT3. From how to survive in the wild as a writer

I'm a third-year rookie artist who has just set foot in the industry. It's a very small career compared to other artists. Outside of that, veteran writers with decades of experience are already giving lectures everywhere.

However, most of you who are thinking about taking my class are probably aspiring writers aiming to win a contest.

People who have recently experienced similar problems, and people who can convey trial and error and big and small enlightenment more vividly than anyone else. Wouldn't that be me standing half a step ahead of all of you?

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I'm a drama writer who builds a world beyond what is invisible to the eye.

The world we want to create is nothing more than typography that still exists only on notebooks. However, one day it will surely become a world that comes alive right before our eyes.

I would like to join all of you who dream of becoming an artist in Class 101. I want to have a moment of joy together.


  • Master's Program in Film and Dramatic Film Scenario, Korea National University of Arts Film Academy
  • 2018. Debut in the web drama Coffee of the Day
  • Currently working on a 16-part miniseries and commercial film from 2019


SupportOffice hours: M-F 10:00-16:00 (KST)
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