Skills You’ll Learn

Character settings using trauma and work

Learn how to set up 10 characters, each with their own wounds, past, and job.

Capture the main story based on characters

Learn how to create a completely amazing story with the characters.

Use settings to create an episode

Learn how to build events with characters and seamlessly connect them to the ending.

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▶ ︎ A special gift from Stella, a magical character note that never becomes a “cavern” for 0 won


I'm Stella, the first lecturer in web design.

Hello everyone! This is Stella.

As a 7th year web novel editor from the top of the industry, he personally planned and launched the romance fantasy brand Itbook, and has since gone through many bestsellers. Since then, I've met a lot of people through web novel lectures!

Proven by more than 5,000 students

Stellar's worth!

수강생 후기

I've been compiling years of data about what kind of works are successful in the market, and at some point it was officially established within me.

It's been 3 years since I started teaching web novels with my data, and I've been with over 5,000 people.

An important fact I learned while teaching everything from basics to deepening and story creation of web novels!

After all, the core of the story is the characters,
personageThat it's holding it!

Discover the secrets of character design that you would never know if you didn't know it, in Class 101!

What determines the success or failure of a work

“Character” is the only key

Do you know the secret to the success of works such as Ojingo Games and Sui X Home, which have recently become very popular? The hurt of money and poverty, the trauma caused by bullying...

The answer lies in the “characters” that draw out the story. We all know that characters carry stories hard.

What is the power to attract readers,
More than the story itself
It's in the “character” that lives and breathes in it.

A character with a “story” succeeds

The sloppy and plain characters are also the biggest reason readers leave the work.

But it's really hard. How can we attract readers by making sure that the character's characteristics and story fit perfectly with each other without being held back?

The reader is the character of the work
The more you empathize with the “story,” the more immersive you become.

In short, an attractive character is a character with a “story,” or “trauma,” that elicits the reader's sympathy.

If you think about it, you'll know that many of the works we've seen begin with the main character's trauma—they are solved by overcoming the trauma.

I prepared it for people like this!

이런 분들을 위해 준비했어요

👉 Those who have tried the above problems at least once

👉 Those who are just getting started as story writers for web novels and webtoons

👉 Those who are worried about giving up because the road is blocked or a hyunta comes, etc.

For those of you who are worried about how to create and attract attractive characters from your work, Stella X Wilbook has landed in Class 101.🚀

Dreaming of being a storyteller

Everybody's Bible, <Trauma Dictionary >

This is the very book that became a bestseller due to word of mouth! I'm with Wilbook's <Trauma Dictionary>, which has already taken 11 copies since its publication in 2020.

✅ Easier if you already have one!

✅ Not difficult even if you don't have one!

I can hear them all:)

Understandable by 10 people

A to Z of character settings

That Stella's headquarters! Focusing on romance genres (modern romance, romance fantasy, BL), You will embark on a journey with a total of 10 characters with various traumas, jobs, personalities, and pasts.

How the characters move in the story

How their traumas and jobs are used to tell stories

I'll explain each one in detail and show it to you.

From MBTI to growth background to keywords.

Details are life!

In order to hold and shake the reader's heart, the character must feel like a living, breathing “real person.” How do you create a vivid 'character' that seems to exist somewhere?

The answer lies in the details!

캐릭터 설정

From keywords commonly used in web novels and webtoons to images and MBTI. Carefully set up characters that call for overimmersion!

There is no story without “trauma”!

Did you know that the character's unique “story,” or “trauma,” comes from the beginning and end of the story?

Most romance stories have dramatic endings by overcoming and resolving trauma, wounds, and the past. In other words, the character's “trauma” can be said to be an essential gateway to the end of the story.

However, creating this essential gateway, and continuing smoothly to this point, must have been more difficult than you might think.

Trauma settings tailored to the character and

From how trauma catches the beginning and end of a story!

 캐릭터 설정1

The characters and story


Characters can never move separately from the story. In the process of setting up the characters, the story comes together, and the characters grow and move together as the story progresses.

Therefore, decide what part of the story you want to use the settings for display. The more intense the events you have to show, the deeper they are related to the character's personality and past.

You have to grasp these parts so that the characters and story don't play separately!

I'll show you how to use character settings to capture important events and story pulse together.

 캐릭터 설정 2

Another key to the story,

A character's “job”

The character's “trauma” is important, but the fact is that “job” can also be an important key to the story!

10 people We'll show you how to use the various occupations of the characters in the story and turn them into events.

The 'job' source can be intertwined with trauma and eventualized, and it can also be eventualized as a separate storyline. The fact is that it is up to the artist to set how closely they will intertwine!

커리큘럼 3

Because I don't know what I'm going to like_

20 people's _romance_ready.jpg

Everything I've said so far, I'll show you how to grasp and proceed from the character's design stage. That too is the story of ten couples!

Using the detailed romance of a total of twenty people as examples, you can enjoy studying in a fun and fun way.

If you just enjoy listening to a drama and follow along, I'll point you out in the middle.

It's about why this source was used here, and how to do it if you want to apply it differently.

(※However, it may not be a good fit for those who want to use a masculine genre!

If you want to write fantasy martial arts, etc., I recommend a lecture by artist Jin Mun.)

After stubbornness,

What you'll get!

After stubbornness, many sauces and ways to use them will spring up in you.

❓ What if you want to make Namju like this?

❗ I need to set up Yeoju like this!

❓ How do you tell a story about this past?

❗I think I can make it like this!

❓ The story and characters seem to collide?

❗I think it was because of this part!

+ What to do

✅ Don't you hear the sound of a cavern

✅ You'll see if you can make the story and characters move as one body!

✅ In the middle, you can also check the character's lines and actions with the actual text!

커리큘럼 4

커리큘럼 5

Just in case Aren't you bored?

수강률 2위 달성

▶ ︎ Achieved 2nd place in attendance rate in less than 2 weeks after opening!

If it's fun, it's over? 🙅‍♀️

Stella proves it with results!

수강생 후기

▶ ︎ Student reviews

(It's no secret that there are so many reviews like this... ☆)

Until you arrive at your destination

Join Stella!

스텔라 커뮤니티

Listening to a lecture is exciting, and I feel like I'm learning something. I want to try it soon, right?

We've created a community so that you can really use what you've learned, and that you can actually publish your work.

Develop your writing skills with the ongoing <Web Novel PT Challenge> in the community 💪

I've written through the challenge, and some of them have already signed up!

챌린지를 통해 쌓은 글로, 계약

Let's join us before it's too late, we!

A lot of comrades are joining us for a long time.
Would you like to go with me? :)

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Welcome to the “Three-dimensional Character Creation” course.

Lesson 1

Trauma as a storytelling tool

Lesson 2

Jobs and MBTI to help you understand characters

Lesson 3

Learning along a character's journey, <romance fantasy>

Lesson 4

Learning along the character's journey, <Modern Romance>

Lesson 5

Learning along a character's journey, <BL>




Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hi, I'm Stella. I'm greeted at class 101 for the first time:) I'm both excited and nervous.

I met more than 5,000 students on web novel lectures on other platforms, and I came this far with many debut reviews and thank-you greetings as a driving force. The question I was constantly hearing was about the characters. So! I collaborated with Wilbook to showcase in-depth character making using trauma+ occupations.:)

The key is 1. The key to a good story is an attractive person—because at the end of the day, the characters lead the story. 2. What kind of sources and how can we use them to create such characters? It's called -.

We will show you how to melt various characters into the story according to the three genres of romance fantasy, modern romance, and BL. If you follow along, you will naturally learn how to create characters in depth and use them in stories:)

That's not the end; what many writers and aspiring students need most is a whip for their work! It's a management director. That management director, I'll do it for you! where?

At Stella's “Bright Writers Club”!

Listening to the lecture won't be the ending, and there will be strong comrades who will write and create stories together in the future. Many people are already enjoying their activities and making achievements.

Would you like to join us in making your own charming Namju & Yeoju?


SupportOffice hours: M-F 10:00-16:00 (KST)
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