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Discover your unique story

We discover articles that only 'I' can write and reinforce their strengths.

Know the elements of attractive writing

What kind of writing are we drawn to? Let's analyze the appeal of good writing

How to open a reader's heart

Learn how to open the reader's heart so that they don't dislike the speaker while reading the text

Expanding the horizons of writing

Learn how to extend the spotlight from yourself to others and society

Skills to increase persuasiveness

Learn various strategies to improve the persuasiveness and credibility of your writing

Taking my writing out of the world

Practice writing something that others can read instead of reading alone

Hello? Nice to meet you.

I'm Hamina, a writer.

I'm mainly nonfictionI write.

Since 2018 until now, I've been writing in the form of a regular column.

I started my first column in the <Inconvenient Preparations> section of SisaIN, and after working at Hankyore21, I wrote every other week at the Korea Times in a section called <Gender Salon>. <Gender Salon> The column has always been one of the most read articles in Korea Times. Currently, I'm preparing to gather these articles and put them together into a book.

(First article in Korea Times, “Why is Marie Curie the only female scientist who knows her name? '”

First book selected as the book of the year “Uncanny Smart”

The first book will finally be in September 2021 “Crazy, weird, arrogant, and smart women”(hereinafter referred to as Mikai Smart) has been published. It's a book about depression among young women. It's a book I've been preparing for a very long time. It's an essay, a report, and a research book. This is the first book I love so much.

books “Uncanny Smart”Silver

🧚 “Crazy, Weird, Arrogant, and Smart Women” was selected as the book and author of the year selected by the 2021 publisher conducted by Aladdin “Liberal arts book of the year'and “Books I would recommend to my colleagues” It was selected from two fields and won two awards.

🧚 “Mikae Smart” was selected for the 62nd Korea Publishing and Culture Award in the 10 categories in the liberal arts of writing.

“Crazy, Weird, Arrogant, and Smart Women,” a science and technology research book dealing with depression in women, was recommended because it has the meaning of improving the current situation where scientific standards are stuck only with men.

🎖 The Korea Publishing Culture Award, which was established in 1960 and boasts the highest tradition and authority in the Korean publishing industry, awards outstanding books in 5 categories, including writing (academic), writing (liberal arts), translation, editing, children and youth, among the books published in the year.

🧚 Based on the recommendation of artist Kim Dong-dong, who runs “Winter Bookstore”, it was selected as ShisaIN's 2021 book of the year.

I even planned my own book!

I came out of Hyunam Temple < We walk, until we want to stop>With a book called, A book I designed myselfThis is it. I also participated as a co-author. I was able to learn a lot more about writing by planning and publishing a book myself.


What I love as much as writing Teaching writingIt's. It's a great fit for me, and I want to do this job for the rest of my life. () Is there a job where you can observe a person's intimate story as close as a writing teacher? I'm a very lucky kid.

insofar Hundreds of studentsI've been teaching writing to Hamaglebang started as an online fair in 2019, and people from the 18th period have already visited it so far. Hamagulbang has become really popular, so now they are posting recruitment announcements All classes close in 30 minutesIt becomes. Most of those attending now are long-term students. :-)

As much as I write my own writing well Other people's writing slowIt's a great joy for me to watch. With more people through this online class A story about writingI want to share.

Course reviews of Hamagulbang

“This damn world knows that people must suffer to grow. People can grow while having fun. We need a place to share good words and grow together. Anyway, I hear a lot of bad words and harsh words from everyone, everywhere. Gubang was such a place.” - Kyadak

“The consensus in my imagination (I don't know for some reason) was that all the participants were burning cigarettes and pointing out all the problems with my writing, but it all broke my imagination. All of my comrades in Gubang shared their appreciation and regrets about my writing, and I was happy to know that my writing looked like this to others.” - Chandler

“Hamagulbang raised my head from looking only at words, sentences, and black letters, and made me look at the same scenery-like text, and the author standing behind it. This isn't the same thing as how to write a nice sentence, choose the right words for the situation, or get a structure without clutter. If a writer is called a writer, it shows the artist's attitude. It tells me how far there is no way to use scrupulousness instead of a shortcut to pretending to be a writer. “What should be written?” , “Out of the many 'I', which 'I' story would you write?” , “How can I write an article that extends to others, the world, and the universe instead of being a fun and satisfying selfish article on my own?” These are the questions that have gone back and forth endlessly in the Hamagulbang. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Hamagulbang for turning my head back, for making me reflect once again about writing as a living being in the world.” - White Bean Tofu

“Hamagulbang was a very good challenge. In the meantime, I felt that I was too afraid of showing my writing to someone, and I had an experience where my fear disappeared in a hamagle room. I also moved away from “I want to do so well.” I think this is because Hama, the writer, emphasized a lot that anyone can write and that everyone has their own special story. It was also an impressive experience to feel amazing closeness to my colleagues.” - Hawaii

“Very nice writing. It's really nice. I don't feel free to write, read, and think for 5 weeks, but I wonder if there is another stable space where I can read the articles of good people and talk about their writing comfortably.” - Seon Rang

“Gubang is Sanctuary” - Red Bean Ju

“So here, even when everyone is busy with their own lives, they are writing a lot, and in the meantime, someone is definitely different. Of course, when it comes to classes, they don't seem very serious, and they don't seem to be that serious, but that's the case. Uh, I mean, I'll see you in the next season exactly how good writing is. (?!)” - Kim Jeon-ni

There's a lot more than this, but so far...

신문 발췌

(If you search “hamina” on Google, you can find the articles I wrote!)

Even if you're not a writer,

Writing is needed anytime, anywhere.

Writing is everywhere in our lives. Whether it's when you upload something to social media, when you persuade your parents, when you write a hand letter when you leave the company, or when you catch a lover who broke up...

What I learned by doing various types of writing is that if you want to be good at writing Knows who the reader is and is strategicIt means that it should be written as.

Every moment you need it If your writing can move the other person's heart, Writing is going to be a huge weapon for all of you!

  • A story only I can tellWhat is it?
  • someone's Memorable writingCan I use it?
  • Articles that keep coming to mindCan I use it?
  • This person promptingsCan I do it?
  • What should I do I can write well Is there one?!

This course is designed for people who have the same concerns as above. I will generously share with you the concerns I have had so far.

For those who are afraid of writing

To convince others, first I convinced myselfYou have to be able to do it. People are really quick to notice, so if someone is hiding something in a post, they notice it right away. The best writing has been seen and heard countless times “Real” My Thoughts Amid Fake ThoughtsI think it starts by looking for.

We are all experts in our livesIt's. Everyone has a great sense of writing. I think anyone can write well. Everyone can write a good article. All you need is proper guidance and practice.

And then... Strategy is needed. You should write with the reader in mind! So the goals of our class are twofold.

  1. Discover your unique story
  2. Write strategically while thinking about expected readers

The lecture is conducted with this goal in mind. For all of you A total of 6 articles based on the topicI'm going to try it myself.

  • Write my annual report (I won't show it to anyone)
  • Choose one of the incidents I wrote in my annals and write it as if it were a scene from a movie
  • Writing “OO in the Corona Era” with a sense of writing
  • Introduce what you like and convince readers to like it together
  • Introduce what made me uncomfortable and write convincingly why it was uncomfortable

The topic of the article is subject to change as classes are held.

Better articles, let's think about it together.

Can my writing actually be read well?
I wonder if the content I'm trying to convey is well captured?

Rather than thinking about writing alone, you can grow ten steps more when you think about it together. This class takes full advantage of the advantages of online Comment on posts in a variety of waysIt will be operated so that you can send and receive!

STEP 1. Send and receive feedback on posts in class comments.

The article I completed while taking the class With everyone who participated in our class I'll share it. If you're afraid of getting in-person feedback offline, use the power of online Be brave. Read other people's posts and share your thoughts.

In the process of lightly exchanging feedback with each other, the completeness of the article will improve without even knowing it, and I will be able to understand the various perspectives of the article!

What is the best article for me?

Since I've been writing a variety of articles, I'm going to tell you a story about writing formats. I'll tell you how I've been writing according to a defined audience, and how to approach each post.

  • Student writing
  • Journalists' writing
  • Columnist writing
  • Writer's writing
  • Freelance Writing: Will Writing Be Money?

Once I know the characteristics of the article, I will be able to get a sense of what writing is right for me and how I should write.

Trust the story within you.

When writing becomes a part of life, every moment of everyday life becomes precious. If you think that anything can be written, it's easier to accept sad and bad things without fail.

Above all, I want to reduce the fear of writing and inspire people to believe in their own stories and have fun unfolding them.

I'll help you discover the real story within you.
Let's relax, put down the pressure, and have fun writing!

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  • Currently being serialized in Korea Times <Gender Salon>
  • Artists selected for the 2019 Hankyoreh 21 Repo Artist Support Contest
  • Many contributors including Hankyoreh 21, Current Affairs, and Mnesty
  • Lecturer on 'Creative Thinking and Expression' at Seoul National University Lifelong Education Center
  • Graduated from Seoul National University, Department of Philosophy and Global Environmental Sciences (Best Baccalaureate in Philosophy)/Graduated from Seoul National University Cooperative Program in History of Science and Philosophy of Science
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