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Skills You’ll Learn

How to make your own sentences

What is a good sentence? How to make your own sentences that you can write and good sentences

Write an essay with 5 words you like

I'm going to write a 500-character essay on the topic of 5 words I love

How to turn an essay into a “poem”

Learn how to turn my records and essays into poems

How to write an article for a 15th year fashion magazine editor

Learn how to write articles in the form of articles such as reviews and social issues

About the class

Writing is difficult for anyone. What topic should I write about? How should I write a good article? Will my writing be read by people? People often think a lot before they write. Writing an article that only I can write soon becomes differentiation and branding. Eventually, these articles will stand out and be read by people.

I will help you write your own article, not anyone else's. I think writing my own article means being read right away, and being read is inspiring someone. I will be able to understand and love myself more through this kind of writing.

Course effect

  • Learn practical ways to write good sentences and be able to correct the sentences you've written yourself
  • Instead of thinking like everyone else, you can think your own thoughts and express them in sentences and words
  • Learn how to compose words that can be read even when imagined alone
  • You can learn how to turn notes and essays into poems
  • You can learn how to write in the form of a magazine editor's review and interview

Recommended target

  • People who want to write but perceive the desire to write as a feeling of pressure due to the hopelessness of getting started
  • People who want to challenge themselves as artists
  • People who want to convert the same topic into various types of writing (ex. Essay -> poem)
  • People who want to build basic writing muscles to “be good” at writing various types of writing

What makes this class special

15th year fashion magazine editor, poet, and writer Lee Woo-sung

Building basic muscles to write well

As a magazine editor, I wrote articles through interviews, and wrote poetry while working as a poet. I think I've experienced both commercial writing and artistic writing.

I'd like to ask you a question here. Are the competencies we need different when we write an article, write an essay, and write a poem?

I'll compare it to exercise. There are many fields of exercise, but just as you can digest various sports genres if you are supported by motor skills and basic physical strength, the same goes for writing.

In order to digest many types of writing, you need strong basic writing muscles. This could be creating sentences that only you can write, or removing unnecessary words.

I'll tell you about the basics of writing that others haven't taught you, but are powerful weapons if you know them.

Not for abstract theories or manuals, but for writing Based on my experience and various perspectives, I have composed methods that you can implement right away.



Wooseong Lee

Wooseong Lee

A poet.

15th year fashion magazine editor

Wooseong Lee

Wooseong Lee

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