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Skills You’ll Learn

Zero repetitive work setting through Notion

Records can be organized in place through notions optimized for classification.

Maximize the use of Notion by learning the 5 best blocks

To succeed, all you need to do is learn the 'essential things' and put them into practice. There aren't many things you really need. -Unusual rules of success- You can use Notion with just five blocks. Simple and easy to learn!

About the class

What is this Notion lecture The easiest Notion lesson in the worldIt is. I'll just tell you about five features.

This is a beginner's Notion course for those who have listened to Notion lectures but are unable to use them, and for those who are new to Notion. Notion is a tool where everything is possible. What a great tool! So that's a problem. It's increasingly complicated by the problem of knowing and applying all the features.

It takes too much time and energy to learn and master the tools themselves, moving away from the essence of creating systems that can be used by learning tools. If you listen to this course and learn only the 5 best blocks, you can start using Notion right away. Here's a quick example of Lina's use, which will be particularly helpful for single-person companies and online meeting leaders.

Course effect

  • Zero repetitive work setting through Notion
  • Maximize the use of Notion by learning the 5 best blocks
  • Create reading notes and thank-you notes using a database/table/gallery
  • Improve smart time management skills

Recommended target

  • Beginner users experiencing Notion for the first time
  • Beginners who have come across Notion lectures and books but still find it difficult
  • Those who have learned Notion but haven't been able to use it properly
  • People who want to use their time wishly, such as meeting leaders, one-person companies, and N-job-takers

Notes before taking the course

This class is a video recording of a one-day special lecture. Therefore, outside noise or student sounds are recorded together. Although it does not interfere with the content of the course, please be aware that it is different from a typical VOD environment, and if you feel uncomfortable, we recommend another course.

3 reasons why this class is special

Simple Notion Lecture created by the author of Minimalist Life

It covers only five important things! Let go of difficult challenges! We reject courses that need to be learned and used later. Lina's easiest special lecture on Notion in the world that can be applied directly while listening to the lecture!

❷ A special lecture containing only the essentials

Reject repetitive tasks. A special lecture by the CEO of an online education service who quit McDonald's Alba because he hated what he said the most in the world and aims for thorough systematization to the point of exhaustion!

❸ There is a lot of effort in organizing records

Just as things you don't use are garbage, records you can't find and use are also garbage. An organization master who feels that spending time looking for things is the most wasteful thing in the world. Records are like objects! There's nothing I haven't tried using recording tools to create records that can be quickly found and written when needed! Among them, I found the right tool. Excellent for sorting tasks <notion>





Hi, I'm Lina.

She is the representative of Wise Mom Life and the author of Wise Minimalist Life.

I'm so interested in time management that I started a minimalist life to manage time, and I manage my time by making my life simple and routine. As the only routine director in Korea, I direct the routines of many people and help them manage their time.

Time management is not a fight against time, it's a battle with action. Time management know-how comes from many directions, but I recommend using systems and tools! Good tools make time management easier:)

By using Notion, repetitive tasks can be reduced to zero, and time efficiency can be maximized. Let's learn the 5 best blocks with me and use Notion in a simple and easy way!

슬기로운 엄마생활 (슬엄생 리나)

슬기로운 엄마생활 (슬엄생 리나)

슬기로운 엄마생활 (슬엄생 리나)

슬기로운 엄마생활 (슬엄생 리나)

슬기로운 엄마생활 (슬엄생 리나)

슬기로운 엄마생활 (슬엄생 리나)

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