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About the class

๐Ÿ“ This course The process of getting started with the Notion Database and using it based on what you understandIt consists of The Notion database makes it easy to build and use a database with everyday data. Furthermore, it is software that makes it possible to build more diverse and specialized databases by establishing relationships between databases (Data Bases). You will learn these Notion databases in a systematic manner according to the introductory and intermediate levels.

โถ Beginners' edition

Understand database concepts, tables, rows, columns, shortcuts, pages, etc. Beginners who are new to databases can easily get started by exploring basic functions step by step.

โท Intermediate

Learn the concept of table column attributes and practice subattributes. You can build your own database using attributes such as tables, columns, attributes, and dates.

Course effect

  • Understand database concepts and concepts about terms such as tables, rows, and columns.
  • You can learn about the attributes of database table columns and how to use each attribute.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to make proper use of the Notion database
  • Those who are interested in building a database based on their daily data



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