11 chapters · 7 hours 49 minutes
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5 Class Projects

It takes about 1-2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Mini Basket

  • Leather Belt Bag With Pockets

  • Basket

  • Making Bags With Fur Cover

  • Making Cake Tray

Skills You’ll Learn

Weaving Rattan

Starting with simple techniques as to thin rattan core, we're going to explain how to use them and other tools.

Different Techniques for Different Baskets

You'll learn four different ways of weaving the bottom of circle basket, eight shape techniques and five different ways of weaving the edge.

Cutting Rattan Core Depending on the Size of Baskets

After finishing the class, you can enjoy making the artwork in different sizes and shpaes

Making Pretty Rattan Bags and Items That Are Good for Interior Items and in Your Daily Life


This is rattan craft class where you can learn how to make bags and baskets out of natural rattan. Beginners can learn various techniques, dyeing techniques and how to combine leather and fabric.


What You Can Achieve

・You'll learn to make the bottom of the round basket and the five types of baskets.

・You'll learn how to combine leather and fabric to make your own artwork.

・You can make rattan baskets and items in any size.


Recommended For

・For those who want to decocrate their home with rattan furniture

・For those who want to make practical artworks including basket or wicker tray

・For those who want to make hand-made craft out of natural rattan



3 Reasons to Take This Class

It Is Recommended for Beginners


You'll learn how to use natural rattan and other tools for beginners. You can make baskets in different shapes by using three types of rattan core (1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm).


You’ll Learn How to Weave Rattan as Well as Dressmaking Techniques

You'll learn how to weave rattan to make two rattan bags as fashion items. You'll learn how to make rattan bags, lucky bags, leather belt using rivet and fur cover for basket. You'll also learn dressingmaking techniques. After fininishing the class, you can make your own basket by combining fabric and leather to rattan.



You Can Make Baskets in Any Size After Finishing the Class

We're going to teach you how to weave the bottom, make the main body and border. You'll learn four different ways of weaving the bottom of circle basket, eight shape techniques and five different ways of weaving the edge. In the bonus chapter, you'll learn the tips on calculating how many rattans you will need depending on the size of the basket. Enjoy making your own art in any size after finishing the class!


About This Class

We're selling the Kit that are picked by the creator for the classmates. When you click 'Class Kit', you can cehck the deatils and the recommended materials and tools.

For those who have learned rattan craft, I would recommend "the second chapter: round basket, square basket and the interior items with natural materials"!


Q1. What's the difference between "the first chapter: mini basket, bags and items with natural material rattan" and "the second chapter: round basket, square basket and the interior items with natural materials"?

A. The first chapter is for the beginners, and the second one is for the intermediates. In the first chapter, you'll learn how to make the circle bottom. In the second chapter, you'll challenge yourself by learning how to weave rattan and make different shapes. Oval and square bottom is hard to make, but this will make bags and interior look much better.



Murayama Mika

Murayama Mika

Hi. I'm Murayama Mika from casca.

After having graduated from Musashino Art University, I joined SHIKI THEATRE company.

After leaving the job, I was in charge of making clothes and design for Doho, Johnny, AKB48 and NHK 'Together with Mom' as a freelancer.

I started the rattan craft when I was staying in Malaysia for five years for my husband's international assignment.

After coming back from Malaysia, I participated in the event, held WS, opened classes and others.

Interview With the Creator

Q. What’s Special About Rattan Craft?

A. With materials and tools, you can make rattan craft. You can use your own artwork as the everyday items.

Q. What Experience Do You Want Classmates to Have in This Class?

A. One of the good things about learning the basic is that you can make the artwork in any size or shape afterwards. Make your own artwork. You'll learn the rattan artcraft as well as how to make the art, combining fabric and leather. Enjoy the fun of combining different materials!

Q. What Do You Have to Say for Classmates?

A. Rattan art is believed to help you relax. In fact, there is a rattan theraphy overseas. I hope that all of you will enjoy making your own artwork.


Q. Are All the Tools Included?

A. Yes, they are all included. When it comes to the items that you can find at your place or the ones that can be replaced, I didn't put them in Kit. In the class, I'll provide you with tips on the must-have items or the place you can get the tools.

Q. I’m a Beginner. Is the Class Right for Me?

A. Yes. I'll explain how to use rattan and tell the good one.

I'll explain how to make rattan basket in detail in the class.

Q. Can I Sell My Artwork After Finishing the Class?

A. I want you to refrain yourself from selling the art using the techniques that you learned at the class. I just want you to learn your own art.



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