14 chapters · 18 hours 26 minutes
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With iPad and Pro Create
7 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Bling Bling Eyes (Front/Half Side)

  • Natural nose (front/half side)

  • Soft lips with a three-dimensional effect (front/half side)

  • A half-sided figure of a woman who draws attention

  • Popping pastel female frontal figure

  • Figures with a dreamy atmosphere

  • A character who is more than a cat with a chic atmosphere

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw a pictorial and atmospheric character

Let's learn how to draw characters that are painterly and atmospheric rather than sentimental.

A basic manual with only the essentials

Let's understand the structure of the eyes, nose, and mouth by looking at the “key points”.

Complete brush conquest

Let's take a look at the brushes that vary according to your painting preferences, and which brush you should use.

A look at the core features of ProCreate

Let's take a look at the core features of Procreate that you shouldn't know.

How to improve shape quickly

Learn about various sketching techniques and ways to improve form power.

Delicate and eye-catching ways to portray

Let's take a look at effective ways to portray things that will keep your eyes on you.

Eye-catching portraits,

I'll be your guide to drawing easily.

Hallo I'm an illustrator currently drawing atmospheric portraits using digital drawing (iPad) Jam Jam It's called. I've been drawing without knowing anything, and there are so many trial and errorwith stressingThere were, and several Concerns and various attemptsI've been working while doing. What I've learned while drawing until now knowhowwith Drawing a picture that looks like it is I prepared a class that included my own method.

Atmospheric portraits

I don't just draw people, I'm just that person 'mood'I have been drawing it with a capture of. If you want to capture the mood of a specific person, only that person Matching color, mood composition, brush feel It is necessary to create a beautiful atmosphere if various elements such as blend in harmoniously. In this class, I'm going to share all of my own methods:)

Put your brush worries aside for a moment.

I'll share with you the “most optimized” brush for drawing people.

The feel of the painting varies greatly depending on the brush. There are so many built-in brushes that come with it, so it might be fun to look at them one by one, but it can be really hard to decide which brush is best for drawing people.

I hope you put these brush concerns down for a moment. As I've used and researched a lot of brushes so far Share my own custom brushesI'll do it for you. Also, I'll show you everything from how to customize brushes to paid brushes that I highly recommend.

Paper texture & “a difference” brought about by the atmosphere of the paper texture

Paper texture and paper texture The sensibility of manual workThey also bring you, Maximize the mood of the picture They can also do it for you. However, in order to blend naturally with the picture, there are various things An important taskI have to go through. I'll share the texture of the paper I use and share all of my own tips!

Atmospheric paintings that make your eyes stay

As you paint, you'll want to find your own style. For those people, we have prepared 4 finished works, each with a different atmosphere. Find your own style by drawing four different portraits: rough, crayfish, watercolor, and brush touch!

It's OK even if it's your first time painting:)

Looking back at myself lost when I first started painting

I've prepared a class.

Like everyone else, there was a time when I didn't know anything, and I had to wander through a maze of paths to overcome them. Reminiscent of those days, I prepared this class with a lot of thought and care about how to explain how to explain how to easily understand and follow those who are new to drawing and those who are new to the iPad:)

What I've obtained so far knowhowTo be able to easily follow A to ZI'll let you know step by step until. The curriculum was rich, from drawing the elements of the face individually to drawing along the portraits of the four people.

Let's draw more comfortably using the best features of the iPad.

iPad work is different from manual work Edit to infinityI can do it Colordegrees Change freelyI mean, this is possible. Therefore, you can draw more comfortably and easily regardless of the limits of shape or color:) These functions 300% I'll show you everything from one to ten so you can use it.

How I was able to quickly improve my drawing skills

I don't think there's actually a perfect answer to how to improve a picture quickly:)

However, I think there is definitely a right way and a way to improve this faster than before. I'll also take the time to tell you how to quickly improve my painting skills!

All you have to do is follow me step by step:)

If you are a person who has continued to draw “Am I doing well..?” , 'Something's strange, but I don't know where it is... ' You might feel like that. If you follow this class step by step, all of those problems will be solved.





When I draw, or when I first start, I know the overwhelming feeling of where and how to start. As a non-major who didn't even know the person in painting, I really sympathized with how to improve my painting skills, and to be able to draw while enjoying painting. In order to share the “trial and error and various know-how” I have experienced, I have prepared a class with ambition, especially to help you draw while “healing” rather than stress.



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