With iPad and Clip Studio
3 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete one class project.

  • Characters that capture the colors of taste

  • Warm-toned figures

  • Attractive features

Skills You’ll Learn

About the program

I'll learn about Clip Studio and Pro Create for classes.

How to draw a line

Let's learn how to draw transparent lines.

How to arrange colors harmoniously

Let's learn how to arrange colors harmoniously.

Stable face proportions

Let's learn about stable facial proportions that won't fail.

Rich skin texture expression

I'll learn how to express skin texture with rich colors.

Eye-Catching Features

Let's learn how to draw eye-catching features to make characters attractive.

Draw your own face

Let's draw your own face by customizing it to the desired ratio.

200+ reviews, 100% student satisfaction!

I'm Doha, the creator.

Hallo I'm “Doha,” who mainly draws portraits on iPad and works as an illustrator.

수강생 만족도 100%

▶ ︎ 100% student satisfaction

first class <Smooth, watery iPad drawing As I went through >, many students listened to my lectures and left satisfactory reviews, and I received a lot of positive feedback.

I am so honored to be in class 101 because of your love! I met you for the second iPad portrait class.

With a structured curriculum and easy explanations,

Let's understand the structure and draw characters.

As I met and communicated with the students in the first class, I learned what points students find difficult when learning about digital portraiture.

(1) Many people found it difficult to draw their own pictures because of the simplified explanation to teach them quickly and easily

(2) The fact that the facial structure is not fully understood, and the process of improving completeness (light, shadow, correction, and features) is difficult

I recommend this class to both those who are not familiar with painting because they can't handle painting properly, and those who want to draw pictures that they can understand more on their own, even if they know how to draw to some extent.

I'll explain it step by step so that it's easy for beginners to understand, but the content itself goes one step further than the first class and is detailed so that you can understand and draw everything from basic theory to facial structure and use of color.

I like both Clip Studio and Procreate.

This class will also be held on an iPad and 'Clip Studio'. If you usually use an iPad, you'll be more familiar with the program called “Procreate.” In fact, there were many people who took the first class as Pro Create. For these people, I'll also show you how Clip Studio's features are compatible with ProCreate's features. Let's draw together in a convenient program.

Feeling overwhelmed with excitement and confidence!

You may have looked at a blank canvas and felt overwhelmed and fearful of not knowing what or where to start drawing. This kind of overwhelming feeling and fear is like “What kind of picture will I draw today?” Excitement and confidenceI want to change it to.

From how to draw lines, which is the first step in transparent expression, to stable facial proportions, how to choose your own color, how to arrange colors harmoniously, and how to correct the final highlight of a painting! You'll learn the process of drawing a character's face in a systematic and easy-to-understand manner.

If you get to know them together, your fear will change to confidence that you can draw any character.

“That person” I want to “that color” that I remember

The topic of this class Let's express the picture you want in your own color! I can briefly summarize it with. When you say “the picture you want,” it may be an important person you usually wanted to draw, or it could be a person you imagined in your head, right?

If you are interested in painting, of course, at least once, draw a character that you like or is important to you You've probably thought, “I want to.”

I want you to quench these thirst through my classes. Instead of just drawing after an important person, I'll help you draw the picture you “want” in your head more actively.

Eyes like glass beads, transparent and harmonious colors

The part of my painting that most people like is the “eye.” I also get a lot of questions about eye expression. The feeling of the painting varies a lot depending on what part you want to emphasize when expressing a person, but I tend to spend the most time and affection when I paint my eyes.

It's a part I drew with love, so it's amazing, and thankfully, many people recognized it and liked it!

Now So that you can draw your own eyes like transparent glass beads I'm going to teach you how to draw eyes. I want all of you to feel the joy I felt while drawing with various colors on my eyes.

When I talk about my paintings “Transparency” and “color”You can't leave out about, right? A lot of people have also wondered how to draw and express people transparently. I used a lot of my favorite colors in my paintings, so I finished a picture with this kind of color.

Everyone has different tastes, so I'm sure everyone's favorite colors will be different. I'll also tell you how to organize my favorite colors and how to use those colors in my paintings to draw attractive pictures.

Get positive energy!

Before I took the class I usually wanted to take, I vaguely said, “How have I changed since I took this class? Can I make progress?'I used to think that. At the same time, I also had a fear of myself that I would be able to persevere without getting tired along the way.

But after I finished it, I felt The sense of accomplishment of “I did it”I can't forget.

There is a lot of sense of accomplishment, confidence, excitement, and satisfaction through my classes as much as I look forward to and trust those who are looking forward to my class and who have given great interest in the class at this moment We will be with you so that you can gain positive energy.

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Hands-on! from beginning to end


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Hello! I am so honored to greet you with the first class < smooth iPad drawing >, followed by the second class <portraits with calm colors, and the second iPad drawing in Doha >! This class will be offered so that even those who are not familiar with painting and those who are new to drawing can easily approach what they felt while communicating with many students during the first class, what they found difficult, and what they needed. If you're interested in painting, you've probably thought of “I want to capture with my own hands” a character that you like, or a character you have imagined in your head. This class will help you make those wishes come true on your own at home. Learn about the basic parts of the painting, combine colors full of taste, and finally finish it! I hope it will be a time to share the joy you can feel while painting.


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