Skills You’ll Learn

Draw Unique Characters by Referencing and Applying Photos

Learn tips on using photos to create portraits with various characteristics.

Character Face Composition and Proportions

Learn tips on facial compositions and proportions for ideal character drawing

Front, side, and 3/4 view drawing

You will also learn the basics of drawing faces from the front, side, and 3/4 view.

Lineless Coloring and Semi-lineless Coloring

You'll learn how to do lineless coloring and semi-lineless coloring.

Coloring Skills to Express Smooth Skin

Learn how to draw smooth skin with soft and bright skin tones.

Detailed Eyes

Let's take a step further to draw the eyes with even more details.

How to Color Different Hair Styles

Learn everything about various styles of hair drawing, from hairlines to the texture of hair.

Adjust Light and Color Settings to Bring Characters to Life

Learn how to create more vibrant characters by expressing light and color.


I'm Illustrator Seal and I Enjoy Character Drawing:)

Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed drawing and sharing my own drawing tips with people. My love for drawing helped me improve my drawing skills even though I didn't major in it.

To this day, I still think every day about how I can make more attractive drawings and how I can more easily convey my own drawing know-hows. I hope this class will be an opportunity to share as many of the tips I've gotten until now.:)

By Bringing About Details,

Create an Aesthetic Portrait.

Portrait drawing is a very interesting and attractive drawing that creates the impression and characteristics of the character by adding a description, and brings out the beauty of the character with a delicate touch. The face itself does not occupy a large area of the figure as a whole, but the details that can be expressed in it are more limitless than any other part.

Bringing out the moisture around the eyes with the light shining through the eyes, expressing glossy lips as if they had been applied lip gloss, and detailing every eyelash and even the shape of pupils. The more detail you add, the more atmospheric the picture will be drawn in!

From the Basics of Drawing

to Soft Coloring Methods!

In this class, you can focus on drawing a person's face. It includes everything from basic drawing skills needed for sketching to tips on coloring smoothly.

I'll explain facial proportions in easily, and also cover faces seen in different angles. I definitely want to let you know that it's actually very easy to draw a profile which many people find difficult!

You'll learn how to color the skin semi-lineless and the hair lineless. We're going to finish drawing just by clearing the lines for the skin and just by using the brush for the hair. There is a big difference between coloring with lines and without lines in that you can freely express yourself without limitation.

It's very interesting to color this way in that it's easy to make corrections to the look and texture as you add colors. It gives you a lot of freedom until the end. You might find it easier to color this way than coloring after drawing lines!

Tips on Making Use of Photo References to Properly To

Show Proportions and Individuality of the Character

Drawing from reference means you can get help in regards to proportions and composition. Drawing from scratch, on the other hand, has the advantage of being able to develop your own drawing style and practice drawing unique characters. I'm going to gather the advantages of these two and give tips on how to create while referencing and using photos.

When I draw portraits, I focus on making use of the character's uniqueness, and bringing out chrams that are not present in a photo, since it's a drawing. If some characters have smooth and soft skin, other characters may have freckles on their faces. If some have a calm and quiet personality, others may have active and mischievous personality, right?

I want you to enjoy the fun of studying various characters and expressing their individuality through drawing by referencing photos.

Get to Know Drawing

with IPad

iPad is a really attractive drawing tool because it's easy to draw right away whenever I get inspired. The soft touch texture makes me feel like I draw on paper. On top of that, it's super easy to correct, which makes iPad an attractractive tool for digital drawing.

Even when I'm lying down and resting, I always pull out my iPad from my bedside whenever something comes to mind. iPad allows me to enjoy drawing since I can draw anywhere. It really helped me love and enjoy drawing.

Enjoy the Fun of Drawing to the Fullest:)

A “hobby” is something I do to “enjoy” by spending my free time. However, have you ever been stressed out by drawing, a hobby? There may be various reasons, such as being overwhelmed because it's your first time, or because you feel like you're stuck.

I've also been there, so I want to give you as many drawing tips based on my experience as possible in the hope that it will be easier for you to overcome it. I don't want you to be stressed. You started drawing because it was fun!

I'll help you enjoy drawing itself. I hope this portrait drawing class will be an opportunity for people to love drawing even more:)

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Adjust Light and Color Settings to Bring Drawings to Life


Refer to Photos to Make Drawings that Shows Your Personality


Congratulations on completing the course!




Hello! This is Illustrator Seal.

Have you ever given up in the middle of drawing? You probably wouldn't have given up if you were able to draw easily as planned.

I'm going to share with you a lot of know-hows I've gained from drawing, including how to make smooth drawings without much effort. Knowing just a few skills, such as distinguishing between where lines need to be clarified and where they need to be softened, and knowing how to draw with a brush can improve your skills and make drawing easier.

I hope this class will be an opportunity for Classmates to develop a love for drawing through learning the efficient process of drawing characters. Starting from the basics, such as facial proportions and how to draw features, I will show you the steps of semi-lineless coloring and correction methods to create a smooth and soft drawing.

If you have wondered what to draw every time then end up drawing the same face, the same expression, and the same hair, the process of 'applying and copying' will help you think deeply about the characteristics of various figures as you draw. I want you to experience the joy of completing each artwork one by one:)






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