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2 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Portrait of a woman

  • Portrait with background

Skills You’ll Learn

Systematic coloring

I'll set up the coloring system. This is the method used in actual oil painting work.

Sketches determine the quality of the work

I'll show you how to get help with sketching and even coloring work.

Create an oil painting feel with digital work

You'll learn how to digitally create the brush touch of oil paints.

Color palette with colors from famous paintings

Let's create colors mixed with pigments from famous paintings and take them as a color palette.

Eye-catching and attractive description

I'm going to capture the charm of the eye-catching feature and portray it realistically.

Backgrounds and garments

Let's add completeness to the work with an atmospheric background and proven clothing.

Hello! I'm Harry, the illustrator.

I am an oil painter, especially A work that digitally embodies the rich atmosphere of famous paintingsI'm doing it. Many people love my style, which is like a masterpiece, so I have set up a class to pass on my know-how.

The most frequently asked question from people around me was how to incorporate the feeling of a real masterpiece into my work. Over 10 years of digital work, I have gone through a lot of trial and error to sharpen my style of painting.

It required a higher level of effort than simply using a commercially available oil brush. I went through the work process one by one by one by looking at hundreds of works, researching the use of pigments, and directly copying the works of real masters in oil paintings. As a result, I was able to have my current know-how. I wanted to teach you the techniques one by one so that you can implement them a little easier.

Masterpieces on canvas completed overnight

One of the biggest hurdles in oil painting was the time it took to work. I spent days and days hanging, waiting for the paint to dry, and taking care of the canvases and paintings was difficult. So I thought about implementing oil painting digitally. It can overcome the heaviness of physical properties, and work time can be shortened even more. I can draw beautiful enough works without having to worry about complicated techniques such as complicated coloring processes and brush control.

A beautiful oil painting drawn with a digital brush

In this class, I'm going to use a mix of materials I paid for and free materials from Clip Studio. [There are materials that can replace paid brushes, so purchasing is not required.]

I'm going to share the brush types I've selected by comparing and collecting them one by one, such as sketching brushes, priming brushes, strong pigment brushes, blending brushes, and painting brushes. For a more realistic implementation, I would also like to share the cracked material on my homemade oil paint.

Systematic work process

As you know, in oil painting, a painting system is an important way of working. My work order uses the method of painting with actual oil painting. If you follow me Not only does it embody the richness of actual oil painting, but it also brings excellent technology throughout the workIt's going to be.

Compositions and materials from fascinating masterpieces

A good composition has a profound effect on the completeness of the entire work. Because of the difference in composition, the painting draws attention and makes the viewer insane. In this class I'll learn how to find the best composition in my work. There are materials that usually appear in famous paintings. Let's work together on materials that are so attractive that painters have worked on from generation to generation, such as Venus and Cupid, and various myths and folklore.

A sketch that determines the quality of a picture

I saw a lot of students hurriedly passing the sketching stage and trying to improve their work in the coloring and drawing stages. However, there is a saying that pictures don't get better at the sketch stage. At the most flexible stage of painting, I will develop an eye for conceiving and implementing works perfectly. Furthermore, I'll also show you how to make sketches to help with the coloring process. It's a really easy step to overlook, but it saves you a lot of trouble later.

Painting techniques of famous painters

Probably the part I wanted to learn the most was my coloring method. I also spent the most painstaking research on digitally creating oil paintings at this stage. It's important to follow the steps of coloring with oil painting and extract out the tones that the paint creates. In this chapter Overall, I'll show you how to treat digital painting tools like oil painting properties. Additionally, I'll share my own color palette and guide you on how to create your own color palette, starting with the color you want.

Capture the pinnacle of your work with attractive clothing and backgrounds!

I feel that interest in clothing is growing due to the fashion of the times these days. For me studying clothing, this is great news. In this class, we will not only learn about the painting style of famous paintings from the past, but we will also teach you how to draw the clothes that people of that era wore and stood in front of the canvas to match the old style.

If you look at the way painters worked in the past, there were many ways to work on a great canvas (background) and draw people on it. We'll also learn how to smoothly create a background that makes a character stand out.

It may seem too difficult and grandiose if you hear that you are going to embody a masterpiece right away. Nevertheless If you stack them up one stroke at a time, you'll be able to draw a work that is likely to be exhibited at the British Museum. If you stick to this class, you'll be able to learn how to finish a work perfectly from the beginning to the end.





Hello, I'm Harry, a digital drawing artist who embodies masterpieces. I was one of the art students who admired the beauty of paintings for a long time. However, it wasn't easy in terms of time and health to paint a single work with an oil painting. From then on, I began to focus on digitally creating the style of famous paintings. Overcoming the physical properties of materials and studying numerous painting styles was not an easy path. It took years of trial and error before I decided on the current style. As a result of endless research, I can now be proud that I am doing the work I want. Other creators always want the path to the work they want to be a little easier. That's why I created this class. Let's improve together and don't lose our inspiration until the end.





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