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10 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • “Face” from different angles

  • “Face” from different angles

  • Different styles of “hair”

  • Different styles of “hair”

  • “Eyes” with various expressions

  • “Eyes” with various expressions

  • “Eyes” with various expressions

  • Accessory: hand holding a cigarette

  • Accessories: flowers

  • Atmospheric character illustrations

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic way to draw a face

You will learn how to take an Atari to draw a face, arrange parts, and draw.

How to draw parts such as eyes and hair

You will learn how to draw each part of the face, such as the “eyes” and hair, which are important.

How to draw small motifs such as hands and flowers

Learn how to draw small motifs to decorate character illustrations.

How to draw character illustrations

You will complete character illustrations while learning the basic concept of composition and the basics of color scheme and painting.

An online illustration course where you thoroughly learn how to draw “faces” and parts such as eyes, hair, hands, etc.Let's draw highly complete character illustrations

Neyのオンラインデジタルイラスト講座で描くキャラクターイラストHi, I'm Ney, an illustrator. Thank you for taking a look at my class from among the many classes.

This classComplete the work exactly as you thought “I want to draw an illustration like this” in the atmosphere you wantIn order to be able to do it,Master how to draw the “face” of the person that is the center of the illustration step by stepIt's a class I'm going to do

Neyのオンラインデジタルイラスト講座で描くキャラクターイラストThere are many parts that make up the character's face and impress the atmosphere, but in this class, we first balance the entire face, then intensively practice the “eyes,” “hair,” and “hands” to improve the degree of perfection of each part, and finally,Complete an attractive “face” so that you can be sucked inI aim for that.




Once you can draw the illustrations you want with lines, learn the tricks of color schemes and finish them with atmospheric illustrations.

I will give a thorough lecture on how to give facial expressions, color schemes, and how to express light and shadow, which I usually place importance on as points that make up an ennui atmosphere.

Neyのオンラインデジタルイラスト講座で描くキャラクターイラストAlso, in order to improve the degree of perfection of the illustration, there is a “difference between hands holding cigarettes, flowers, etc.”How to incorporate and draw small motifs” will also be learned.

Learn how to express your “face” and “atmosphere” the way you want in this digital illustration course, and enjoy illustrations

I like drawing flowers, animals, food, boys, and illustrations that capture a moment in life, and I create my illustrations while thinking that it would be nice if they conveyed serenity and serenity.

In this class, among themIntensive lessons on “human” facial expressions, faces, hair, hands and accessories, and color schemes and finishes, and acquire basic illustration techniques and expressionsI aim for that.

[Summary of techniques, skills, and know-how acquired in this online illustration course]

  • Techniques and know-how to draw “faces”: faces from various directions such as front, oblique, side, and back
  • Technique and know-how to draw “eyes”: Expression of eyes looking in various directions such as front, side, and bottom
  • Techniques and know-how for drawing “hair”: straightening, perming, etc.
  • Techniques and know-how to draw “hands”: Know the elements of hands and draw “expressive hands”
  • Technique and know-how to draw an illustration centered on the “face”: Draw an attractive face as if it were sucked in
  • Tips for color schemes that give an atmosphere
  • Expression of shadows and light
  • How to incorporate and draw small motifs
  • Finishing techniques

I hope that the production know-how you have acquired here will make your future illustration activities more enjoyable.





freelance illustrator

Nice to meet you, my name is Ney.I work as a freelance illustrator and draw book covers, music illustrations, etc.

I amI've loved drawing since I was young, and I aspired to be an illustrator when I was in elementary school. I started digital illustration in 2017. In this class, along with the basic way to write characters, I would like to be able to teach you what I think about when drawing illustrations so that I can express “I want to draw an illustration like this” that I imagined with my head as it is.

Q & A

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

A. Little by little, the number of happy words from the people who looked at the illustrations who wanted them to teach me how to draw was increasing, so I started the course thinking that what I had learned so far might be useful even a little.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. How to draw a boy's expression and color scheme is an important point that makes up the ennui atmosphere of an illustration. Recommended for those who want to draw illustrations with a calm atmosphere.

Q. What kind of experiences do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I would be happy if you could experience the fun of shaping what you imagine, the sense of accomplishment of creating something, and the feeling that makes you want to draw something you like, even a little bit.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Illustrations are best enjoyed, so let's relax our shoulders and work hard together at our own pace!





Ney Y

Ney Y

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