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Skills You’ll Learn

A to Z of broadcast design!

Learn firsthand about channel design and program package design that was only seen on TV

Channel branding and network design

We will inform you in detail from planning to production of channel branding and network design

3D logo title production using C4D

I will explain C4D, which was only difficult, in an easy way, focusing on the core functions of practice

Know-how to create award design packages

We will show you the know-how to create a sensuous award design with a sense of scale

Hallo I'm DK, a video & motion graphic designer!

크리에이터 경력

▶ Creator career

Image source: CJ ENM

Hello! I'm DK, a 13th year motion graphic designer. Nice to meet you!

I've been on Mnet for about 9 years SHOW ME THE MONEY, Wanna One artist logo and teaser, MAMA Awards, Mnet channel brand design rattan From advertising, new media, broadcast motion graphics, artist branding, and virtual production Various tasks were carried out.

In particular, many people were interested in the works produced by Mnet, and they were curious about the production process! Through this class, I would like to share the motion graphics that you have been most curious about and my core production know-how.

🔥 Big release of the practical workflow of a designer from Mnet 🔥

Flowers in motion graphics! Broadcast design

Image source: CJ ENM

In broadcast motion graphics More than 3D tool skill techniques Here's the most important thing.

It's concept planning and expression!

Planning a visual concept for content and effectively expressing it within a given timeThis is the most important core of broadcast motion graphics.

⭐️ In this class, we will capture the content Visual planningFrom Main artwork design, and artwork design How to use it effectivelyI'll cover it in detail until.

Using After Effects and C4D

Motion Graphics Packages!

This class is big Channel branding and network design, and 3D logo titleAs the main Two design packagesI've configured it!

Package 1.

Channel Branding & Network Design

Package 2.

Music Awards & 3D logo titles

Let's find out together what kind of content it will cover?

☝🏻 Package 1.

Channel Branding & Network Design

: Create your own creative channel

Image source: CJ ENM

In the first package Channel branding and network designI'll try to make it. Channel concept planning as well as network designCalling it Broadcast channel ID and next, Age notice etc. Through examples I'm going to design it.

What is network design?

Image source: CJ ENM

Have you ever seen a video like this between a program and an advertisement on TV?

Network design is a tool that seamlessly connects broadcasts, programs, and advertisements. Through videos, graphics, and text messages The channel's brand identityrepresents.

network design,

Let's make it together?

Here's an example of a network design!

In this class Plan a simple channel concept through a network design package, 3 typical examples of network designLet's make it.

1 ️ Introduce the next program 'next'

2 ️ Tell me the age to watch the broadcast 'Age Notice'

3 ️ Expressing the logo and identity of the broadcast channel 'Channel ID'

Network design is a great case for building basic broadcast design skills.

Build a good concept early onDo that, and that concept Keep it upWhile doing it Configure channel packagesI'm going to do it. Through this process Branding experienceIt can also be stacked naturally!

Optical illusion with C4D?!

Easy to understand anamorphic techniques

In the first package Cinema 4D (C4D) I use tools a lot. Using 3D tools doesn't necessarily mean you can only create a realistic or weighty feeling. Let me tell you that C4D can be used effectively even with a clean graphic design concept!

⭐️ In particular, I used it when creating an Mnet network design 'Anamorphic Techniques' We'll also be sharing our know-how in class, so stay tuned!

* Anamorphic technique: A technique using optical illusions that look different depending on the angle at which you look at an object

✌🏻 Package 2.

3D logo title design

: Designing music. music awards

Second, Music award design packageLet's make it together. With the concept of a music award From 3D logo titles and artwork to title videos and nominee (award nominees) designs I'll let you all know!

What is a music award design Learn how to visualize the abstract concept of music and at the same time visually express the sense of scale unique to the awards ceremony That's a great example.

⭐️ Even if you don't necessarily use complicated design or modelingUse these shapes and lines to create a sensuous look while having a sense of spaceI'm going to try it!

After effects & Using C4D

3D logo title design A to Z

With the concept of an award A to Z of 3D logo titles and artwork using After Effects and C4DI would like to inform you.

💁🏻‍♀️ You'll learn these things!

1 ️ Award design concept planning

2 ️ Award logo title planning and design

3 ️ 3D logo artwork using C4D

4 ️ Logo title video

5 ️ Nomini design

The core function of Cinema 4D!

Using MoGraph

In particular, through the second example package, it is a powerful feature of C4D 'Mograph'I will tell you mainly about the core that is used a lot in practice.

So that even beginners can follow along It focuses on basic yet easy features as much as possibleSo even if you're new to MoGraph, you don't have to worry about it at all!


Highly recommended for those who want it!

⭐️ This class is for beginners in motion graphics.

It can be a bit difficult for complete beginners who have never dealt with graphic tools. though I will explain it as easily and in detail as possible so that anyone who has dealt with After Effects or Illustrator at least a little bit can follow alongNow that you've done it, you don't have to worry about the difficulty level!

particularly C4D teaches each basic function required for the example in detail, so I recommend it to those who want to learn 3D for motion graphics I'll give it to you!

too Not only did I include a lot of my own tips in the middle of the lecture, but I also included a lot of stories about broadcast motion in addition to tools. It will also be of great help to intermediate users!

Limitless possibilities. motion graphics

In today's era of overflowing content, the scope of use of video/motion graphics is getting wider and wider. It's a field with endless future value, from broadcasting to games, online platforms, and even the future metaverse. People are always looking for new things to see.

The video made by all of you
People's hearts
To be able to capture them in 10 seconds
I'll help you out!



Designer DK

Designer DK

Hallo This is DK.

Fifteen years have passed since I first encountered motion graphic design. I still can't forget the excitement of learning motion graphics for the first time. It's a difficult and difficult field, but it's just as fascinating!

In the meantime, I've been working on video design in a variety of fields, from advertising, new media, broadcast motion graphics, artist branding, and virtual production, but I feel that I still have a lot to learn. As such, the potential for future growth is also limitless.

I think the greatest appeal of motion graphics is to implicitly express a core concept in a short period of time, such as 10 or 20 seconds. I worked hard to prepare this class because I thought it would be a meaningful class for many people if I gave a course that covered everything from the planning process to graphic tools and production. I would like to create wonderful work with all of you!







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