Cinema 4D 2023.1, Redshift 3.5.1
3 Class Projects

It takes about 7-8 hours to complete one class project.

  • Creating artwork motion using homages

  • Creating typographic motion graphics using various techniques

  • Interior lighting setup and rendering tips

Skills You’ll Learn

EASY! quickly! Artwork production!

Create the artwork and motion you want to express using defensive and quick options

Tone up with Redshift!

Use Redshift to create your own style with various shading and lighting

Redshift rendering and compositing

Complete your own look through rendering and compositing!

Motion graphics techniques using Pyro

Use Pyro to create and direct great simulation videos!

Using Thinking Particles

Create artwork and motion graphics using unique techniques using Thinking Particles

Redshift Morphing Motion

Create morphing motion graphics using Vertext Map and Redshift

Using Particle Dynamic

Use ThinkParticle+Dynamics to complete your own directing techniques

Use Mograph 100%

Create unique motion graphics techniques using MoGraph and fields

Creating an indoor interior environment

Use Redshift to create quick and easy interior lighting techniques

Who is new to Redshift rendering Redshift introductory courseAfter taking the first place

I hope you take this class.

About the class

Using Redshift 3.5.12 of 2023.1, the latest version of Cinema4D, we will be releasing a class where you can learn various motion graphics techniques!

I have 15 years of practical experience as a motion graphics director, and have taught various motion graphics techniques in online and offline lectures and YouTube for over 10 years. This class compactly captures the know-how of business motion graphics directors so that it can be useful to more people.

Cinema4D, the most advanced tool for motion graphics, and
Use Redshift, the fastest and most efficient renderer
You can learn various motion graphics techniques quickly and easily!

In order to create a sensuous image, style is important, but so is the technique (technique) of expressing it.

We have prepared carefully designed lectures to teach Cinema4D beginners such directing and techniques that are not difficult, so that they can easily and quickly create a variety of performances.

Course effect

  • You can learn and learn Pyro, the new feature in Cinema 4D 2023.1.
  • You can understand various Thinking Particles for sensuous production.
  • You can learn high-quality directing techniques using Mograph and Field.
  • You can learn everything from lighting setup to shading and texturing using Redshift.

Recommended target

  • Beginners who watch YouTube videos and don't know where to start and how to follow
  • A motion graphic designer who has many concerns about directing through techniques
  • Those who want to create sensuous 3D motion graphics using only Cinema 4D's built-in functions
  • Those who want to change positions in practice and increase their salary
  • Those who want to go beyond the limits of 2D motion graphics

Pre-course notes

Three reasons why this class is special

❶ While learning various modeling techniques

Focus on animations that can be expressed simply

In this class, you will focus on modeling for animation, modeling using dynamics, and animation that can be simply expressed.

We have collected and composed only effective content so that you can minimize keyframes, express animation using only basic techniques, and express design through your own interpretation. Only those who don't know what to make from scratch and who want to get started with Cinema4D in an easy, comfortable, and fun way should come.

❷ Sensual production and techniques,

A class that fosters the ability to express what one imagines as much as possible

You'll learn techniques using Pyro, which is a new feature of Cinema4D 2023.1, Thinking Particle that comes standard with Cinema4D, and Mograph's Fileld, where those who know know know and those who don't know don't know don't know. The newcomers explained in as much detail as possible the new features that were not easily understood.

I'll help you express what you imagine as much as possible so that you can complete a sensuous animation using only the functions within Cinema4D. If you can create dynamic and beautiful motion graphics through various techniques, you can grow into an irreplaceable motion graphic designer. I hope this class will be an opportunity for you to learn and learn more techniques!


Interior lighting process using Redshift

Lighting is the key to further highlighting interior elements and upgrading quality. Even if you set the lighting properly, you can create an interior with a variety of moods

I know that many motion graphic designers have difficulties when it comes to writing. So I'm setting up a bonus stage in this class to show you how to render great interior environments really easily and quickly. With this class alone, beginners can create high-quality interior lighting that is as good as a working motion graphic designer.

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Welcome to the Motion Technique


Artwork Creating Motion Graphics Abstract Motion Graphic


Typographic Creating motion graphics Title Sequence Motion Graphics


Interior Scene Lighting & Rendering Interior Scene Lighting & Rendering


Congratulations on your stubbornness!





I'm Mr. Prilly, the director of motion graphics.

Over ten years of working on various practices such as performance videos, filming, promotional videos, TVCM, viral, media art, AR, MR, XR, and 3D animation, I started teaching with someone by sharing and sharing what I learned, what I learned, and what I realized.

I've been teaching offline for 10 years, and I want to share it with more people A YouTube channel called Mr. PrillyBy creating it, I was able to work hard on my online activities by sharing my life, my efforts, and know-how until I became who I am now.

Meeting with Class 101It's exciting and heartwarming to be able to share simple knowledge I know with people who need it in another online space.

Because of me, so many people grow and dream, and even just imagining being able to go out on the field and develop their own senses makes my blood boil with passion.

I sincerely hope that the results of my efforts to be as passionate as possible will help you.

We will sincerely guide you to fulfill your wonderful dreams on the field!

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