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About the class

Hello classmates! This is Zonkova. It came to After Effects in 2023 along with the new 'Track Mat' feature.

This class explains how to create a concept, sketch, and storyboard for a motion graphic video, and later you can create an example directly from the program.

A basic course on motion graphics for students who are new to After Effects, how to install software, how to operate basic operations, and functions frequently used in practice <You can do it too! A veteran practitioner tells you everything about motion graphic> This link You can check more details through.

Follow Zonkova's roadmap to learn the practical know-how of a motion graphic expert and experience the work of a video expert firsthand!

Eligible participants

  • Those who want to create new motion graphics using the new features of After Effects 2023
  • Those who are curious about the new Trackmat feature
  • Those who want to try After Effects Software'

<Check out Zonkova's “Motion Graphics” roadmap for the following course candidates! >

  • For those who want to learn the A to Z of motion graphics - we will help you get started in a systematic manner, from the basics of After Effects to the planning and production of motion graphics.
  • Those who know design but have no experience in video production - I will teach you how to calculate the design and planning as an actual video while completing a motion graphic on your own.
  • Those who want to get design tips used in practice - I will share practical tips from 10th year motiongraphers who collaborated with OCN, terrestrial broadcasters, and many other large game companies.

What makes this class special

2023 After Effects tutorial for using the new feature 'Track Mat'

In this class, we'll design a shape using the 2023 After Effects trackmat, a new feature. I will explain in detail so that both those who have used After Effects in the past and beginners who want to learn something new can easily follow along.

If you only use the features you've been using every time, you may not be able to improve your skills anymore. If you quickly learn new features that are updated every year, you too can grow rapidly. Zonkova will be here to help.





Hallo I'm Jonkova, a motion graphic designer in my 13th year and run a YouTube channel of 380,000 designs.

In this class, we'll learn about Trackmat, a new feature of After Effects in 2023. Let's learn new features and develop motion graphics skills together!

📃 History

  • Current: Freelance motion graphic designer
  • Current) Visiting Professor at Sejong Cyber University
  • Former) KBS 3D motion graphic designer
  • Former) SBS 3D motion graphic designer
  • Former) CJ ENM motion graphic designer
  • Former) MBC motion graphic designer

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