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Take crochet one step further, level up to intermediate level!


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With fabric yarn and yarn
6 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • cloud tote bag

  • Block net bag

  • Shoulder bag

  • Smile cell phone cross

  • 3 types of flower tea coasters

  • Daisy matt

Skills You’ll Learn

I'm going to create a smile pattern using color schemes.

I'll give you various tips on how to make a secretly tricky color scheme.

Let's learn the structure of various types of bags.

Learn how to float from bottom to bottom, how to float separately, and combine them.

It contains all the different crochet techniques.

Learn various techniques such as collecting, popcorn making, hanging, and cross-knitting.

It's scary if the netbag is missing too.

Here are all the tips you need to make a netbag.

How to make a variety of knobs

Handle design is just as important as a bag. Let's learn and apply them in a variety of ways.

With eggplant knitting

Challenge yourself to create your own creations!

Hallo It's a branch knitting. Following the first class, I came to see you for the second class. In the first class, I slowly learned the basics of crochet, and tried making basic shapes such as squares and circles, and small items that were not difficult. If you got to know crochet through this course and learned how to look at basic symbolic patterns, in this class How can I learn more diverse works and knitting techniques, apply them to various structures, and create my own creationsI'm also planning to think about it together.

Among the many works accumulated over the years Carefully select as many and deep crochet techniques as possible I prepared for this class. It has been carefully designed to satisfy everyone, from those who are not completely familiar with the basics of crochet, to those who have fully learned the basics. Let's all have fun running stubbornly with me!

All of you crochet

I can advance to the intermediate level.

The goal of this class is to work with me to apply various knitting techniques to various structures Master the intermediate levelIt's about doing it. Even if I come across other knitted books or designs, I don't flinch and say, “I think I can open it too.” I'll help you do that. At the end of the lesson, I'll write knitting notes and give you tips for conceiving and creating your own work.

What kind of works will you try to create?

In this class A total of 6 worksWe're going to make it together. I'll give you a special eggplant knitting class at the end Don't miss out on the additional design.

  • The point is the monglemongle arch pattern cloud tote bag
  • You can touch a variety of patterns Block net bag
  • Let's make a three-dimensional structure Shoulder bag
  • Cute made with color matching Smile cell phone crossbody bag
  • Leftover threads are also generous flower tea coaster
  • You can learn several knitting techniques at once Daisy matt
  • Additional design : Simple card wallet, fabric yarn net bag

[cloud tote bag]

cloud tote bagThe amount of silver that needs to be floated is relatively small, and the pattern is simple. I'm going to relax my hands as I adapt to the fabric yarn. I'll also give you tips on how to make the pattern stand out and how to change the size. I'll help you change the number of noses and singular numbers in your own way without going according to the pattern. As this process builds up, it's easier to get to your own knitting.

[Block net bag]

In the block net bag, I divided the bag into three compartments and filled them with different patterns. It's simple but not boring, and although it's a net bag, it's not too loose, so it's comfortable to use. Try out your own net bag by filling in the patterns you've learned here.

[Shoulder bag]

When I make a bag, finishing everything from the bottom to the handle all at once is my favorite way of working. It's a way to finish neatly in the seat without breaking the thread in the middle. However, when designing, there will definitely be times when you want to make a bag that is a little more three-dimensional or shaped. Learn the process of making and connecting a three-dimensional bag through a shoulder bag. It can be a bit tricky, but once you learn it, you can easily apply it to various types of designs.

[Smile cell phone cross bag]

I will also make a smile bag that is pleasant just by looking at it. It's perfect for carrying just your phone when you're out and about. Let's master the tricky art of color matching in secret with this bag. I'll start by simply learning about the two colors, and I'll give you all the tips I know about color matching. Let's make the pattern a little cleaner and more vivid.

[Flower tea coaster]

The leftover threads will be collected and transformed into a pretty tea coaster. It's quick to make, and it's beautiful, so it's great to express your feelings as a casual gift.

[Daisy mat]

The highlight of this class! If you take intermediate classes offline with me, I definitely go through Daisy Matt. This mat will keep your space warm no matter where you put it in your home. Each pair was filled with a variety of crochet techniques. I've included all the basic knitting techniques, knitting, popcorn knitting, hanging knitting, and cross-knitting. You can also make a smaller size out of the leftover thread. No matter where you stop in the middle, it becomes a work of its own.

Increase the difficulty level of crochet

Have some real fun.

Obviously, it can be more difficult than an introductory class. You might solve something wrong in the middle, and you might experience twists and turns. But don't be afraid because I'll be with you throughout the process. As the difficulty level increases, the explanation will be easy to solve and let you know. After finishing all the works, I'll even learn the process of creating a new work. I'll show you how to finish everything from a graffiti-like note to a knitted note, but you too Start a great creation based on this classI hope you do it.

As pretty as this one

I also prepared a surprise design gift.

As an additional design you will receive at the end card walletet Net bagTry making more. Even without my help, I'll be able to complete the work with just a design.

(*As a service design, materials and class videos are not provided.)



Are you ready to dive a little deeper and wider into the crochet?


Cloud tote bag


Block net back


shoulder bag




Flower tea coaster


Daisy mat


Design your own artwork


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




Hello, this is a branch knitting dog. I'm doing classes while making various props with crochet. I named it eggplant knitting because it means making various “eggplant” and “knitting” works. I want to let more people know the appeal of hot dogs that fall in love with it the more you do it!


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