10 chapters · 6 hours 54 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Golf principles that will solve problems

If you understand the principles of golf, misshots will be corrected.

Find a swing pattern that suits you

We look for combinations that are feasible and will create a more comfortable swing pattern.

Correcting swing posture

Each person uses different forces and how to correct their posture according to their physical condition

This time it's a live swing

Your misshot, we'll fix it

It's not just a golf theory that's just words
A collection of golf answers that can be applied to practice

Why professionals often make mistakes and misshotsWe will conduct an in-depth analysis of. Your own How to analyze misshots and find the causeI would like to inform you. If I knew what the problem was How to practice correctionWe will let you know until You'll learn what real “golf training” is.

There are many people who work hard

But good people are different

Do you work hard to practice golf while starting to play golf all over the fortress? Practicing randomly isn't just work. We must train, not work. Only then will your skills improve.

What's wrong with me

I'll help you find the right answer

  • I can't find out what's wrong with me.
  • Even if I go to the field after familiarizing myself with the theory I saw on YouTube, I get a misshot

Just because there's no right answer to a swing, you shouldn't just swing casually. Your own combination based on individual flexibility, range of motion, and physical conditionYou need to find. There is definitely a combination that is comfortable and feasible for me. I'll show you how to find the right combination.

Verified in Season 1

Na Sang Hyun Pro's Golf Bible

클래스 평균 만족도 98%

▶ Class average satisfaction rate 98%

Season 1 class <I was generously loved by “Na Sang Hyun Pro” one-point lessons> for self-taught golfers who have stopped improving their skills. This time, we're releasing a more advanced golf bible. This time Watching Season 2 classes together is a great help in deepening understandingI'm proud that it will be.

Learn from the pros from the pros

The essence of golf

Did it work when you followed the many golf lesson videos, YouTube videos, and the methods of good players? There is a huge difference between what I can do and what I can do to help others. To Pro Na Sang-hyun, who taught hundreds of professionals Let's go and learn about the only “golf bible” in Korea?



Austin Na

Austin Na

I am currently teaching the largest number of tour professionals, elite junior players, lesson professionals, and tutors < Pro >. Thank you so much for your interest and support in the first class. This time More advanced golf level-up classeswas introduced.


Full member of the US PGA Class A Pro

SBS Golf Commentator KPGA (Korea Professional Golf Association)

Technical Education Committee, Director of TEAM NA Golf Academy

Asia's Top 100 Golf Course Selection Committee

Coaching experience with professional players on major tours around the world (PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Canadian Tour, Japan Tour, Australia Tour, South Africa Tour, Thailand Tour, China Tour, etc.)

(Former) Professor of Golf Management, Kyung Hee University

Appeared on numerous golf lesson broadcasts and serialized lessons in golf magazines


UCLA graduate in economics, master's degree in sports and leisure services management, UNLV Graduate School

Ph.D. Sports Industry Management, Korea Sports University Graduate School



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