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3 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 5 hours (The works posted on this page are current images. (The works drawn in class are subject to change) hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Bust Up Character Picture (Simple)

  • bust up one piece picture

  • thumbnails

Skills You’ll Learn

How to think about eye-catching color schemes and compositions

In order to draw a picture that is unique to you, you will learn the basic concepts of color schemes and composition.

How to draw character illustrations

While experiencing the process of finishing an illustration, you will learn how to set characters, how to draw rough, and how to undercoat and thick paint.

How to draw a YOUTUBE thumbnail

Draw YOUTUBE thumbnails while utilizing the way of composition and color.

An online illustration course where you can draw digital illustrations that are fascinating with color. Acquire eye-catching color schemes and painting techniques


“I want to be able to draw eye-catching illustrations”

“I want to draw stylish character illustrations”

“I want to find my own color and color scheme and draw a picture with a worldview”

This class responds to such thoughts,[Find your “color”, acquire coloring/painting techniques, and draw the world the way you want] Online digital illustration courseThat's it.

The creators in charge of the class! You will learn how to draw a picture of ON, proceed with the flow of “composition decision → color decision → paint → thick paint” together with the creator, and learn it while stepping up.

Also through classes,Find your own color and color scheme and complete your own color paletteI also aim for that.

Why don't you find your own color in this class (online course) and be able to freely express your world through illustrations?

[This online digital illustration course is suitable for people like this]

  • Those who like painting
  • Those who want to talk about their own aesthetics with pictures
  • Those who want to win people's hearts with color
  • Beginner-to-intermediate digital illustration who wants to use colors, colors, and color schemes as weapons
  • Those who are worried about the loss of quality when applying color even though line drawings are fine
  • Those who are worried that their paintings don't have enough impact
  • Those who want to find their own “color” and draw characters that make the most of their own personality

The illustration course starts with practicing color and painting. Find your favorite color and color scheme


In this online illustration course, we will focus on “color” and “painting” in particular among the ways to draw digital illustrations,[Classmates (participants) discover their favorite colors and color schemes, and draw a unique one-piece picture based on their own color palette]I aim for that.

First of all in the lesson, the creator S! who is in charge of this illustration course From on, I will give a lecture on the flow of drawing a picture and the “way of thinking” part. Next, we will deepen our understanding of the main theme of this class, “color, color scheme, painting.”

In addition to learning the painting workflow, the curriculum is designed so that you can experience the “fun of painting” more than anything else.


Also, in order to create character illustrations that you will challenge in the second half of the class, you will find “your favorite color/color scheme” here.

The class also examines the main colors and sub-colors that creators usually do during illustration production,Classmates discover their own favorite color combinations and complete their own color palettesI aim for that.

Learn how to draw colorful character illustrations with several compositions


This online illustration course is followed by a character illustration drawing lesson.

First, I draw a character illustration with a simple composition where colors come directly into play. You will learn a series of flows from character settings to rough, undercoat, thick paint, and write and adjust.

Next, I will finish a one-piece picture with a composition and situation as an applied edition. We aim to deepen understanding and techniques of color and painting, such as how to draw color rough and how to express colors by layering colors.

Let's acquire color and painting know-how while reliving the illustration production flow actually carried out by the creators.

Learn how to draw eye-catching illustrations through YouTube thumbnail making, which is increasing demand



At the end of the curriculum, I draw character illustrations by making full use of the colors and color schemes I have learned so far, and the way of thinking about compositions and situations, as a conclusion to this class.

creator s! Through lessons to create “YOUTUBE thumbnails,” which are actually often inquired about by ON, you will learn how to work out ideas and how to draw illustrations that catch the eye and leave an impression on.

After all, I really want as many people as possible to see the illustrations I've drawn.

“Painting” greatly changes the quality of the illustration and the impression and impact it gives to the viewer.

Let's learn how to draw illustrations that win people's hearts in this online illustration course!

[Summary: What you can learn in this illustration course]

  • Decide on the composition
  • How to make rough and color rough
  • How to draw undercoat and thick coat
  • Attractive color decisions
  • Attention to detail
  • About finishing and processing
  • About sensory thoughts that are not something you can learn in books

[Message] Creator s! of this class From ON to everyone

Pictures are wonderful things that can move people's hearts. Anyone with paper and pen can express their own aesthetics.

I aim for a class where I can pass on my understanding and skills of painting and use it as food for everyone to grow in the future, even a little bit.

I will work hard together too.

I would like to be able to improve each other about painting while chewing with everyone on my own thoughts, what I have learned, and my interpretation of color while worrying about it.

We look forward to seeing you in class.






An illustrator who has many fans, mainly in their 10s and 20s (80,000 on Twitter/30,000 on YouTube*as of February 2022), and mainly draws pop and stylish illustrations using pink and light blue. It features deep pictures drawn by layering many colors, and has worked on YouTube thumbnails of various creators.

[Career etc.]

  • Project Sekai “Singing Flowers” illustration
  • Ruriri “Zero Distance Love” MV Illustration
  • Yuyuta “Hey how are you feeling right now?” thumbnails
  • Eve's new album “Kaito Tribute” illustration
  • Weekly Shonen Jump Start Dash Manga Award semi-finalist, etc.


Creator Interviews

Q.What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly.

A.I work in double work with working people and painters. I draw pictures in pursuit of colors that can only be expressed because they are pictures that are not found in the real world.

Q. Please tell us about your experience and achievements so far.

A.We are working on Youtube thumbnails for various creators. A typical example is Project Sekai “Sing Flowers.” I also draw comics, and I was selected as a runner-up for the Jump Start Dash Manga Award. I haven't participated in many exhibitions, but I'm considering attending this year as well.

Q. How did you start creating illustrations?

A.I continued to draw pictures because I was happy that the nursery school teacher I attended when I was a child praised me for the pictures I drew.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

A.This is because I wanted to grow with people who had the same problems as me (not being able to decide on colors, not being able to draw good pictures, etc.), and I was told about the opening of the course from CLASS101. I'm looking forward to being able to interact with my classmates through comments etc. I would be happy if my technology would be useful to everyone.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class?Who would you recommend this class to?

A.After all, I want to create a course focusing on color determination. Recommended for those who want to get even a little better at drawing.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A.s! I want you to learn how to draw on pictures and feel that your skills are improving little by little.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A.Let's do our best to paint together ~ 💐✨🦄







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