Skills You’ll Learn

Get to know my voice.

Learn about my voice, which is so awkward, and maximize the good points!

Can I improve my normal voice?

Yes! You can get much better through training. Anyone can do it!

Small recording room in my room, home recording.

Let's learn how to record a home that is easy for anyone to follow!

I want to make money with my voice!

Yes! From simple recordings to public debt voice actors! An incumbent voice actor will let you know.

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▶ Providing previous public debt test questions

Can I change my voice?

Yes! It may change.

To be precise, you can make it better with a good recipe (training) with the ingredients you have now. From the beginning, I didn't have the same voice as I do now. Sometimes, “You have a good voice.” It was enough to hear that. That was I'm here to help you utilize your unique, engaging voice with the methods and know-how I've been able to make a difference.

This class will be a secret guide to finding out the hidden strengths of your voice and making better use of them. It's packed with voice acting with my own know-how, home recordings, and even tips for preparing public debt!

Hello, I'm Yohan Park, a voice actor.

In 2014, he became a public debt voice actor through Daewon Broadcasting's 5th Voice Actor Bonds, and since he became a freelancer in 2016, he is currently working as a professional voice actor belonging to the Korea Voice Actor Association.

A lot of people say “coffee” when it comes to drinking. It all started when I played a lot of game characters related to coffee. From “Cookie Run: Kingdom” to espresso flavored cookies from “Library of Ruina”, and Joe from “I Love Coffee N”. It has a strong scent but is light, and it became a keyword in my voice.

More than the stimulating keyword of achieving sales More certain A more authentic voice utilization class where you learn from experienced, active expertsI can confidently say that it will be!

Let's listen to your voice first.

You prefer talking to meeting

I also changed my life with this one word. This is because I started this job with a rather light motivation, and now I want to do it even if I'm born again.

Have you ever listened to your own voice? There probably aren't many people like that. However, each of you has your own unique and charming voice. I'll tell you how to make better use of this voice.

My class is not only for people who want to become “voice actors”

This is a class that makes use of a better voice than it is now.

Let's learn about breathing, pronunciation, vocalization, and reading. We'll teach you where to breathe, how to pronounce without getting crushed, how to make better use of the sounds you have, and training methods that combine all of these. Of course, I also put together content for aspiring voice actors! Know-how to perform various voicesFrom What you need to know when preparing public bonds, analysis of historical issues, and reference materialsIt is also provided.

  • For those of you who are curious about my voice.
  • People who want to use their voice to create content or act.
  • Those who want to make their voice better.
  • Those who want to do basic training to become voice actors.

In fact, I'm proud that this is the most needed class right now for everyone who wants to make good use of my voice!

From studio setups to voice samples

You can even do it in your own room!

You know I'm serious about this field, right?

With just a few pieces of equipment, you can record and even create voice samples from within your room! This class is recommended not only to aspiring voice actors, but also to more people Low-cost version for setting up a small recording studioet Equipment recommendations and setting versions for those who want to record their own professionallyI will let you know all of them. Of course, I'll also show you the programs I've used, so you'll be able to follow them easily.

To help you make the best use of your portfolio, we'll share market research and broadcast platform types, so all you have to do is show off your voice!

A great voice that helps everywhere! I'm here to help.

Let's have a cup of coffee with me ☕

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Welcome Welcome to Cafe in Voice.


What kind of scent does my voice sound like?


Roasting my voice


Making a good voice with good beans


A small cafe in my room, not a recording studio


Shall we become a voice barista?


Art that transcends fragrance, what is a public debt voice actor?


Coffee has the most refreshing taste at the end!




A voice cafe with taste and style. Welcome to Caffeine Voice Would you like a cup of coffee? Hallo I'm Park Yohan, a voice actor. I'm sure many of you will remember him as a voice actor who specializes in coffee. Yep. That's right. I'm Park Yohan, the voice actor for Espresso Flavored Cookie, the number one person in Coffee Magic. I want to become a freelancer after a public debt for a broadcasting station and share my know-how through 4 years of school lectures and home recordings. Voice acting and voice acting that anyone can try without difficulty. You can do it too.

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