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Skills You’ll Learn

By comparing real estate in Korea and the US, you will discover differences and determine the direction of investment

Every country in the world has different real estate-related systems. We have prepared a solid curriculum so that you can immediately recognize and invest in the real estate market between Korea and the United States.

Preparation, purchase, holding, and sale for real estate investment in the U.S.!

This class provides detailed information on the entry process, ownership process, and sale process of US real estate investment.

We will introduce the secrets of the core real estate investment secrets of tens of billion conglomerates in the ABCD matrix

A Asset Value: Maximize the value of real estate assets
B Tax Benefit: How to Use the US Real Estate Tax System 200%
C Cash Flow: The Limitless Possibilities of U.S. Real Estate Investment
D debt (loan): Maximize the leverage effect

What are the trends in the US real estate market and where are the emerging investment destinations?

It is necessary to understand the flow of population through the cycle of the real estate market and the flow of money through the cycle of the financial market to be able to read trends steadily. We'll be pointing you to upcoming real estate investment destinations in the US, so stay tuned!

About the class

Every country in the world has different real estate-related systems. Just as Korean real estate requires studying processes and policies before investing, American real estate also requires understanding the relevant processes and policies to successfully invest. There are definitely similarities and differences in the Korean and US real estate markets. We have prepared a solid curriculum so that you can immediately recognize the difference and invest in it.

If you understand the basic theory and traditional core principles of American real estate, you can become a wealthy person like a multi-billion won American real estate conglomerate. I'll show you various ways to invest with a reliable investment eye without necessarily going to the US. By conveying the traditional core principles of wealthy people who have maintained and been attracted to their assets through real estate, they will be able to enjoy the same wealth benefits as local real estate rich people in the US. We hope you will experience the amazing and limitless possibilities of investing in real estate in the US.

The reason why US housing rents are rising by rocket

Course effect

  • The core investment principles of US real estate conglomerates
  • US Real Estate Investment Process A to Z (Acquire, Hold, Sell)
  • Real estate investment examples and trends in the US

Recommended target

  • Those who want to learn the A-Z process of investing in real estate in the United States
  • Those who are curious about how to invest in foreign real estate without going to the US
  • Those who want to receive monthly rent income with a dollar premium

US Real Estate Investment Strategy Based on Exchange Rate Fluctuations

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ An American real estate expert who brokered 1,300 homes for 20 years!

CEO Kim Hyo-ji shares the core investment principles of tens of billion real estate conglomerates

🚩 The ABCD matrix conveys the core principles of US real estate investment:)

  • A Asset Value: How to Maximize Real Estate Asset Value
  • B Tax Benefit: How to Use the US Real Estate Tax System 2000%
  • C Cash Flow: The Limitless Possibilities of U.S. Real Estate Investment
  • D Debt (Loans): Maximizing the Leverage Effect

❷ US real estate investment that smartly lowers taxes and increases returns

The real reason America's rich invest in real estate is that they can pursue economic freedom through passive income generation and unlimited cash flow, and use US tax incentives to legally reduce real income taxes to infinity. Wealth accumulated through this can also be legally inherited without inheritance tax. In particular, when the dollar exchange rate rises, the yield may also be higher. If you know the core principles of American real estate, which has different advantages from Korea, you will have a much more fun investment experience.

Single-family housing complex



HyoJi Kim

HyoJi Kim

The myth of selling 1,300 homes with 21 years of experience in real estate in the US!


- Current CEO of Turnkey Global Realty

- Currently running a YouTube channel for Kim Hyo-ji in the US

- Korea's first New Home Onsite Agent with many exclusive sales communities

- American Real Estate Association NAMAR Individual Category Top Producer Award 5 times

2016-present: CEO/Broker | Turnkey Global Realty

2012-2015: Associate Broker | Chapman Hall Realtors

2009-2011: Associate Broker | RE/MAX Center

2007/4-2008: Bowen Family Homes Agent | Bowen Family Realty

2003/11—2007/3: Eric Chafin Home Builders Agent | Chafin Realty

2001-2003: Century 21

Broadcast appearance

MBC Gangwon Yeongdong [HOWTO: If you invest a day in us]

- Things you must know if you're considering investing in real estate in the US

- How has the U.S. real estate market changed since COVID-19?

- Considering the tapering announcement and interest rate increases, what is the outlook for the US real estate market in the future?

[Money Class] cast link

- If you know this, Koreans can also invest in real estate in the US

- The coronavirus has completely changed trends in the US real estate market

- In the era of rising interest rates, where will US real estate go?

Kim Hyo-ji, CEO of Turnkey Global Realty, is an American real estate expert who has sold more than 1,300 private properties in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA for 21 years. At the annual Million Dollar Club Awards ceremony organized by the American Real Estate Association (NAMAR), they were selected as TOP Producer 5 times, including in 2021. She surpassed the limitations of being an Asian woman in the US, won the honor of receiving the highest award for many years, and established herself in mainstream society as an American real estate professional.

- 2021 individual sales of 53 billion ($40M)

- American Real Estate Association Certified Highest Award (NAMAR Individual Category Top Producer won a total of 5 times)

- Number of sales: 1,300 units or more based on individual sales during the career period

Currently, CEO Kim Hyo-ji is not only a Korean investor living in the US, but also invests in the US from Korea

Based on the trust of customers, we are growing the company as the chief executive of Turnkey Global Realty, an American real estate company.

It's been 21 years since I walked the path of a real estate professional in the US, and in the process, I invested directly in real estate in the US

For those of you who dream of the future by analyzing and sharing the successes and failures experienced while participating

I felt the need to know what the key to success is. Building wealth isn't just about investing money in the right place at the right time. It's about knowing the core principles of investing and understanding that determination and self-motivation are the true keys to success.

“Where are you now and where do you want to be in the future?”

I hope to learn with me <US real estate mattress>, which is the core principle of US real estate investment, and be a turning point in your life through its amazing limitless possibilities.

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