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Skills You’ll Learn

Preparing carefully for starting a shopping mall

Learn more about everything from required documents to proper seed money

Managing a shopping mall site

Managing hosting sites simply and effectively

Photoshop that even beginners can do

Mass release of tips and photo retouching tips that you can do without even knowing anything about Photoshop

Selling products in earnest

Try uploading products and check the points to keep in mind about e-commerce!

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Hello, I'm Melia Bean, who runs a clothing shopping mall for women in their teens and twenties:)

I've been running a women's clothing shopping mall for teenagers and twenties for about 8 years and have generated sales of about 1 billion a year.

Recently, I have been teaching the details of how to start a shopping mall as an offline course, and as a great opportunity, I was able to hold an online class in Class 101.

Start a shopping mall business, start with me

You've opened up shopping malls one after another, but you're not sure where to start?

Also, those who want to start a shopping mall but don't even know how to start are welcome!

If you're starting a shopping mall for the first time, there are documents and tasks you need to prepare before starting a business. I'll explain that part in detail step by step so that even those who are new to starting a business can take on the challenge without difficulty.

Let's start a clothing shopping mall that we've always thought about and put off!

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to start a side business by starting a shopping mall
  • People who are interested in starting a women's clothing shopping mall
  • Those who need further development in running shopping malls
  • Those who have started a shopping mall but are unsure how to grow
  • Those who are curious about tips from the CEO of a shopping mall with annual sales of 1 billion in the 10th year

Course effect

  • To start a shopping mall, you can carefully prepare for starting a business, from the required documents to the appropriate level of seed money.
  • You can manage your shopping mall site simply and effectively.
  • With Photoshop tips, you'll be able to retouch photos and create your own brand icons.
  • Try uploading products yourself and familiarize yourself with the points to keep in mind when trading electronically.

Class Curriculum

1. Learn essential information about starting a business

Learn slowly from the beginning of a clothing shopping mall. We'll tell you everything from what documents you need to have, how long it's a good time to start with field seed money, and the secrets of targeting according to the age group and style of shopping malls.

2. Get started in earnest

Where do you get your clothes from? Where and how was the shooting done?

Find out what equipment and supplies are needed for full-scale shopping mall operation.

3. Managing a shopping mall

I'm going to introduce the hosting company I use and have time to find out how to use it together. Also, let's set up where and how the site design can be done.

4. Retouching photos

I'll show you a simple way to retouch photos using Photoshop.

Let's try to correct the model cut yourself.

5. Create a detail page

The main picture of the shopping mall is moving these days... Let's learn everything from creating a moving main photo to creating a detailed page that calls for payment. I'll also share my own Photoshop tips for efficient work.

6. Create shopping mall logos and icons

Let's create your own logo and icon for your shopping mall brand.

Let's work together on how to create and apply prominent icons.

7. Getting started with shopping mall sales

Let's upload the product yourself and complete the pre-sale settings.

Also, let's find out if there are any sales channels other than our own mall.

8. Learn about essential e-commerce courses

How much tax will the business owner have to pay? Other than taxes, what should I be careful about after opening? I'll learn everything from small know-how and tips for smart e-commerce to how to efficiently market without spending money.

We encourage you to start a business!

Then I'll wait for you in class 101^^~






I'm “Melia Bean,” who started a clothing shopping mall business when I was in my second year of high school.

I'm also running the Meriabin Channel, a pro N job that shares the know-how gained from running a shopping mall for about 10 years and everything created by frequent failures. I opened an online class to share all my know-how and tips from running a women's clothing shopping mall in Korea to generate 1 billion in annual sales. We look forward to seeing you in the hope that it will be of great help to you. I'll see you in class 101 ^^!







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