Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

How to buy in Dongdaemun, the foundation of a shopping mall

I'll show you the actual Dongdaemun purchase method for the clothing style you want, and the actual business partner!

The face of a shopping mall, selection of hosting companies and websites

Website design methods, pros and cons of hosting companies, and the importance of easy payment

Shopping mall sensibility, taking pictures and videos of shopping malls

Know-how to take atmospheric and emotional photos, and how to retouch and edit them

Shopping mall sales, social media operations, and advertising

Responsive SNS operation method and advertising know-how for sales

Promotion of shopping malls, live broadcasts and influencer sponsorship

How to conduct live broadcasts and sponsor influencers to boost sales

Branding for shopping malls, how to make their own products, and branding

Why self-production is popular, how to make it, and how to brand the product

โ—๏ธ Be sure to check it out!

๐Ÿ–๐Ÿป Why should I take this course out of so many shopping mall lectures?

The shopping mall has stopped, or the item buying is left to the MD,

I don't know how to take photos or how to retouch them,

For those who have no basic advertising knowledge or execution experience and entrust it to an agency

Do you want to listen to a no-frills course?

โ˜‘๏ธ My lessons are different!

  1. The creator's shopping mall Currently in operationIs it becoming? Yes!
  2. The creator Direct purchase item buying and photo workDo you do it? Yes!
  3. The creator Direct SNS management and ad executionCan I do it? Yes!

The above items, which are the most basic in shopping mall management
A lecture by a creator that satisfies everyoneIs
It's just my lesson!

โ—๏ธ Running a clothing shopping mall is an โ€œexperience.โ€

In order to survive in the fashion online commerce market

Try it out and do it yourself You have to know how to do it.

I went from being a fashion influencer to having experience as a fashion marketer,

Currently working as a fashion entrepreneur and creator.

Because I have a lot of experience in various fashion fields,

In my lecture, all the know-how about shopping mall managementYou can listen to

Shopping mall's Initial settingsSince then, there is an atmosphere Sentimental photographyHow to take a picture of,

and SNS operation know-howWa, something that beginners can easily miss online marketinguntil.

If you are dreaming of a shopping mall business,

Must-know shopping mall management know-howAll about it! I'll let you know.

<Creator Ga Young Biography>

  • From Musinsa fashion marketer (Brand photoshoot planning and directing, special exhibition marketing strategy and planning, social media and influencer marketing, offline events, etc.)
  • Operation of SNS channels and advertisement execution for various fashion brands (Blog/Instagram management including Musin*, Wooshin*, Desang*, Leco*, Newbal**, etc.)
  • More than 20 foreign activities related to fashion and marketing (North Face, Club Monaco, Vintage Hollywood, Eight Seconds, SteveJ&Yonipi, Jin Air, Hana Bank, etc.)
  • Total number of personal blog visitors 3,938,700, Instagram followers 12K, YouTube subscribers 17,000 operating

Hello! From Musinsa fashion marketer,

I'm Ga Young, the representative of LVJE with annual sales of 300 million:)

I am Marketer from Musinsa, the number one online fashion mall in the industryinterest,

presently Fashion youtube(17,000 subscribers) and This is Ga Young, which operates a women's clothing shopping mall.

At a women's clothing shopping mall that is already Red Ocean Profit of 20 million won from the first monthWhile putting out,

Achieved 300 million annual sales in a short period of time.

Stop saying the same thing when you search!
We will only provide information that is really useful for running a shopping mall

Learned in the fashion industry โ‘  Branding & Practical Marketing Skillset

blogsยทInstagramยทI learned by running YouTube myself โ‘ก How to create content,

and โ‘ข Various know-how gained through online shopping mall managementListen

It is designed so that even beginners can easily follow along.

20 million won for the first month of opening,

Achieved 300 million won in annual sales in just 1 year!

์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ 1๋…„๋งŒ์—, ์—ฐ ๋งค์ถœ 3์› ๋‹ฌ์„ฑ ๋‚ด์—ญ

โ–ถ ๏ธŽ The shopping mall achieved 3 won in annual sales after 1 year

Things in the fashion industry started with passion The synergy effect is that they all come together in a business called a โ€œshopping mallโ€I was able to make it.

However, I didn't do well from the beginning either.

Actually, I started with the idea, โ€œI'll be fine if I do it,โ€
The reality was more sober than I thought.

Thankfully, many of my friends bought it during the first week of opening,

After that The day when not a single order comes inThere was also.

The website is clean, the pictures are nice, and the quality of the clothes is good, so why not order?

I'm starting to think about it.

and Fast solutions based on the experience we have built upI was able to find it.

As a result, we had amazing sales of 20 million won in the first month of opening.

Achieved 300 million annual sales in just 1 yearI was able to do it.

In a short period of time, without failure!

We'll show you how to increase sales.

Why is everyone just talking about the same thing?

Who can tell me the details?

If you search for โ€œHow to buy in Dongdaemun,โ€ it's as if there is a script, Answer with similar contentI will do it.

But... Isn't that what I'm curious about?

In this class Difficulties encountered during the establishment and operation of shopping mallsTo be able to solve Step by stepI will let you know.

๐Ÿ“ Key things you'll learn in class

โ‘  Shopping Mall Basics: Concept Setting and How to Buy Dongdaemun

โ‘ก The face of a shopping mall: choosing a hosting company and creating your own mall

โ‘ข Shopping Mall Sensibility: Taking Photos and Videos of Shopping Malls

โ‘ฃ Shopping mall sales: running and advertising on social media

โ‘ค Promotion of shopping malls: live broadcasts and how to attract influencers

โ‘ฅ Shopping Mall Branding: How to Create and Brand Yourself

I'm also new to running a shopping mall, so I failed to buy it for the first time, so there were some items left in stock for a few months.

I changed it twice because it didn't fit with a company specializing in purchasing, and the courier contract was not easy,

The inventory management list has also been revised several times and created a new one.

Shopping mall actual customer information, company information specialized in purchasing, inventory list format provision, etc.

The details I was curious about during the operation and the real practical tips!

We will reveal operational know-how that no one has told us.

Daily sales from โ€œ0 wonโ€ to โ€œ5 million wonโ€,

The fun of updating top sales!

์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ ๋งค์ถœ 500๋งŒ์› ๋‹ฌ์„ฑ

โ–ถ ๏ธŽ Shopping mall sales reached 5 million won

์‡ผํ•‘ ๋ผ์ด๋ธŒ ๋ฐฉ์†กํ™”๋ฉดโ–ถ ๏ธŽ Shopping live broadcast screen

์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ ์ธ์Šคํƒ€๊ทธ๋žจ ์šด์˜ โ–ถ ๏ธŽ Shopping mall Instagram management

The most important thing in online commerce is revenue.

Branding is the most important thing in my businessIt was.

The mood of the photo, the design of the site, the mood of the Instagram feed, etc. Operate like a 'fashion brand'I wanted to do it.

So at first, I decorated it like a rental studio

I shot it with a professional camera and equipment.

However, only the photos were cool, and the sales response was not good.

So I changed it to โ€œlike this,โ€

Overall operations have also become easier, and sales have also increased.


  • Site update โžก ๏ธŽ Instagram upload โžก ๏ธŽ revenueโŸซBuilding a system that connects to

Thanks to the algorithm, the tone and manner of the photo are captured Instagram followers naturally skyrocketedI did,

Breaking through 10K in a short period of time Currently, it has 26K followersI'm doing it.

The overall brand concept is firmAs it became easier to derive a concept for the next collection,

Pop-up stores, etc. Various promotions are also underwayI was able to do it.

Don't stop at simply selling โ€œitems.โ€

Through classes The process of melting concepts and branding products through storytelling,

and A system that generates sales naturallyI would like to introduce you to

Today's smart consumers,

The importance of self-made items in shopping malls

If there is a buying product in the same category and a self-made product

Self-made goods sell better.

Why would that be the case?

The reason โ€œLimitedโ€ sold only in our shopping mallThis is because there is.

herewith Even the โ€œidentityโ€ unique to our shopping mall If it's melted Consumers' loyalty increases, leading to purchases.

If so, how do you make self-made products,

How do you conceptualise and brand this item?

I think branding comes from experience.

actually The process of conceptualizing and branding based on my experienceI'll let you know.

Shopping mall operations that are never simple,

Become a multiplayer player!

Running a shopping mall is never easy.

It's already Red Ocean Only โ€œone well-taken photoโ€ and โ€œmarketing that pours moneyโ€It has become a market where it is impossible to survive.

Balance of all categoriesmust fit well,

Multiplayer to control various tasksIt should be.

Years of experience Fashion marketer careeret content creatorBased on the experience of working as,

Point out only the essentials essential for running a shopping mall I'll let you know.

Just do it,

I can do it!


Does it paint the big picture for running a shopping mall?

What's the most important thing now?

It's up and running!

You have to move.

And you can do it too.


I, as an ordinary person, did it.

You can do enough.

So, let's start the class now?

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Hallo I'm Ga Young, a fashion YouTuber from the industry's number one fashion mall marketer.


The basics of shopping malls, how to buy at Dongdaemun Wholesale Market


The face of a shopping mall, choosing a hosting company, and creating a site


The sensibility of shopping malls, taking photos and videos of shopping malls


Shopping mall sales, SNS operation, and advertising know-how


How to promote shopping malls, conduct live broadcasts, and engage with influencers


Branding for shopping malls, how to make your own and how to brand


Ask me anything! Practical Q&A


Congratulations on your stubbornness


Fachion Marketer Gayeong

Fachion Marketer Gayeong

Hello! This is Ga Young.

I am a Musinsa marketer at the number one online fashion mall in the industry, and I currently run fashion YouTube (16,000 subscribers) and Levget (300 million annual sales), a women's clothing shopping mall.

After a childhood full of passion for fashion, commercials in collegeยทI began to be interested in fashion branding while majoring in public relations. When I was a college student I was able to experience practical work indirectly through contests and supporters' activities at various brands in the fashion industry.

After graduating from college, I learned practical work as a marketer for 4 years at a fashion online company that is the number one online commerce company, and is a bloggerยทInstagrammersยทWhile working as a YouTuber, I also continued to gain experience as a content creator.

Finally, taking advantage of my experience as a fashion marketer and the talent of a content creator, I opened and operated a women's clothing shopping mall called โ€œLe Bougeโ€ in 2019.

โ€œLe Bresseโ€ has strengthened its position in the Red Ocean shopping mall market in a short period of time, with sales exceeding 20 million won in the first month of opening and 300 million in annual sales after 1 year of operation.

Experience from various external activities during college to becoming the CEO of a brand.

I will reveal my shopping mall management know-how, which achieved 300 million in annual sales through unrivaled emotional marketing and branding rather than being stripped off.

We'll show you all the details, from the basics to the parts you can easily miss if you're a beginner. So let's get started with me? :)




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