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Skills You’ll Learn

How to find a niche in the Red Ocean shopping mall market

Taking a differentiation strategy from Red Ocean that has already been proven is a better strategy for success than looking for Blue Ocean among business strategies. Find your own niche!

Characteristics of Dongdaemun vs Namdaemun shopping districts and how to buy

What's the difference between Dongdaemun and Namdaemun? We will tell you the features of each shopping district and how to buy items. Even if you learn how to find good items at cheaper prices at wholesale prices, you're already half successful!

Smart Store, SNS Market, G Market, Coupang, 11th Street, Avery, etc...

Shopping platforms are becoming more diverse day by day, and top exposure logic and strategies are also being developed. Which platform is perfect for my item and concept?

Frida's meticulous know-how to make one customer a regular for 10 years

Fashion malls are particularly advantageous in our country because there are 4 seasons and we want to wear different clothes depending on the trend. Create fixed sales with the know-how to make customers become regular customers!

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About the class

Hello! I'm Frida Choi Hyo-jin, a meticulous MD who helps you start a successful fashion shopping mall. Until now, I've taught the know-how of 15 years of starting a fashion shopping mall through offline lectures for 10 years. Selling and experiencing a lot firsthand is important, but my greatest strength is that I only deliver the essential information necessary for practical use through more than 10 years of work and lectures.

Course effect

  • You can learn key practice-oriented information from experienced professionals with 15 years of experience in business and 10 years of teaching.
  • You can prepare to start a business by experiencing all the A to Z processes of starting a fashion shopping mall using Dongdaemun and Namdaemun firsthand.
  • We'll teach you everything from photography, product sourcing, how to use sales platforms, and how to continuously manage repeat customers.

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to further revitalize their operating shopping malls and increase sales
  • Those who want to run a fashion shopping mall as an office worker
  • Those who want to learn from the beginning, from market research to buying in Dongdaemun
  • Those who want to make offline shopping malls online

4 reasons why this class is special

❶ We will let you know step by step, starting with market research for fashion shopping malls.

Isn't the fashion shopping mall Red Ocean already? Of course Red Ocean is right. However, even among newly opened shopping malls, those that are doing well are still doing well. What's the secret? Here's how to start with market research in a different way.

❷ We will tell you the characteristics and purchase methods of each shopping district in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun.

The characteristics of each shopping district in Dongdaemun, the characteristics of the daytime market and night market, and market research methods for each fashion item were included. Similarly, I'll tell you the characteristics of each Namdaemun accessory shopping district, minimum purchase quantity standards, and things to keep in mind when buying ^^

❸ We'll tell you everything from optimized sales platforms to sales methods that suit you.

There are so many shopping platforms. Among them, I'll show you how to find an optimized sales platform that's right for you. Consider the pros and cons of various platforms, such as Smart Store, SNS Market, Brandy, and Avery, and enter the store strategically!

❹ We will tell you all about single customer management and mall operation management.

How do you handle exchanges and returns? How do you make regular customers? Once a customer becomes a lifelong regular customer, I'll pass on all the know-how of mall operation management ^^



Hyo-jin Choi

Hyo-jin Choi

Hello! It's Choi Hyo-jin, who is meticulous:)

Many people are starting businesses with hope after seeing the success stories of smart stores. However, most people experience failure rather than success. This is because clothing malls are red ocean markets. In order to achieve good results in a business that has already been proven but has many competitors, it is necessary to start by mastering everything from item discovery to marketing logic and customer management.

It's not too late to start studying. We'll help your valuable challenges and experiences lead to good results and high sales so that they don't just remain experiences. Join Meowan Frida, who has been working as a shopping mall operator in her 15th year and a lecturer in her 10th year!!



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부자들의 비밀 공부방

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