Follow your own “likes” without lying

In 101 Japan Creators' Showcase, we will explore the secrets of creativity from leading experts in various fields who practice “living with what you like.” This time it's illustrator Atsuko Kikuchi.

While raising children, Kikuchi Atsuko keeps a picture diary every day from 4 in the morning, and has grown as an illustrator. We will get closer to the secrets of creativity, always keeping an eye out and drawing fun and cute illustrations in our everyday lives spent with the family.

Kikuchi Atsuko says that she simply draws things she likes in order to shape the “cuteness” in her head. This may be the secret to empathizing illustrations.

In addition to the interview, Atsuko Kikuchi taught me how to layer to accentuate the texture of hair and clothing using denim fashion coloring kits selected by herself.

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  • Those who are interested in fashion
  • Those who are interested in illustration and fashion illustration
  • Those who want to find a hobby while raising children

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There are no kits for this class.

What is the coloring kit selected by Atsuko KikuchihereYou can buy it from

3 reasons why this class is so special

① Do you know the secret to drawing illustrations that generate empathy

Drawing what you like without telling a lie arouses sympathy.

You can learn the importance of honestly drawing what you like.

Do you understand the way illustrator Kikuchi Atsuko thinks

You can learn the secret to freely enjoying fashion and illustration from Kikuchi Atsuko's way of thinking that there is no “bad thing about fashion.”

Do you know the tricks of coloring in the Kikuchi Atsuko style

You can learn techniques to express the texture of materials appearing in fashion illustrations by painting, such as denim, fluffy blouses, and shiny bags.

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Kikuchi Atsuko

Kikuchi Atsuko

A popular illustrator with over 260,000 Instagram followers

Born in 1980 in Osaka. I started posting fashion illustrations and childcare diaries on Instagram from around 2014.

Her stylish illustrations, fashion sense, and cute and funny childcare diaries are supported by many women, and her Instagram followers are over 260,000.

It was also serialized on the fashion magazine “With” online site and the child-rearing site “Coquelico.” “FASHION SKETCH BOOK” (Takarajimasha), which was published in 2015, became a big hit, and a total of 5 books were published thereafter.

There are also many collaborative product and package jobs with UNIQLO, Felissimo, etc. Mother of 2 boys.

Instagram account name is oookickooo


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