10 chapters · 13 hours 37 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Macawa colored pencils
3 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Face illustrations that stand out for their individuality

  • Human body illustration with various poses

  • Sensational daily look fashion illustration

Skills You’ll Learn

Practice drawing clean lines and three-dimensional shapes

Learn how to express the three-dimensional effect of shapes using the strengths and strengths of various lines.

Draw a more attractive, easier face

Learn how to express your own edgy face rather than a precise face.

Understand the structure of hands and feet and draw

I'll show you how to draw easily by knowing the structure of the hands and feet that I found difficult.

How to draw a female human body in various poses

Learn how to draw the proportions of a ninth-class female human body and how to create various poses.

Drawing up a trendy daily look

Once you've drawn a human body, try putting your own daily look on it.

Attractive models and trendy women's fashion, now let's draw and record for yourself!

If you understand the proportions of the human body and draw, you can draw more beautiful fashion illustrations.

Make use of wrinkles on clothes and various poses to create realistic illustrations

I will draw my own fashion illustration diary filled with a sensual daily look.





Hallo I'm Kim Ga-ri, who draws fashion illustrations.

I love fashion, but I started to record fashion through pictures.

I draw fashion illustrations that are interested and loved by many people.

In the online class, I wanted to communicate with many people based on my pictures, so I prepared for the class like this. I want to be a creator who can help many people.

I am Since I first came across fashion magazines in a bookstore when I was in elementary school, I had a dream of becoming a fashion designer. A scene in a fashion photoshoot had a lot of appeal at that young age.

So I made up my mind to work in fashion until I went to college, and I finished my art entrance exam well. However, due to opposition and encouragement from my parents, I went to the Department of Industrial Design, and eventually I was not able to go to the Department of Fashion Design.

As a result, I was foolish about fashion, and as an art major, I didn't want to lose my hand at painting, so I continued to draw fashion illustrations. I don't have direct contact with fashion design, but I'm drawing pictures and communicating through social media because I'm interested in clothes from countless designers and fashion that is trending fast.

I'm one of those people who couldn't go to the fashion design department like me, For those who keep that dream and love fashion/those who love painting itself/ those who want to draw fashion illustrations as a hobby/or those who are not majoring only in fashion design I'd like to share my fashion illustration know-how that I've been drawing.



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