Starting a PDF e-book side job where you work 10 minutes a day and earn 200 a month steadily This is a tasting class.

What is the overall curriculum Individual sales pagesYou can take the course when you buy it at:)

Daredevil - Joya to Fight in a Gutnook

Life of getting rent with PDF e-books,

Is it impossible for a normal person?

Absolutely not!

I was also an ordinary office worker. I did it even though I wasn't prepared for anything after leaving the company, so I'm sure you can do it too.

Work for 10 minutes a day

I earn an average of 200 a month each month.

2020년 02월부터 2021년 2월까지의 정산액

I used to be an office worker who worked overtime and earned 200 a month.

But now I earn over 200 a month by just sending out ordered e-books for 10 minutes a day!

Among the many side jobs,

Why I chose the e-book side job

Among my many side jobs, the criteria for choosing a PDF e-book side job are as follows:

📍 Is it possible for an ordinary person

An e-book side job is a form of creating and selling knowledge and information as PDF materials! Anyone can get started even if they only make about 20 pages

📍 Is it not necessary to have special knowledge or talents

It doesn't matter if you don't have talent! It can also be a trivial talent! In fact, they sell PDF files on various topics, from how to have a good relationship, how to lose weight, information on side jobs, to eye care methods.

📍 The initial investment cost is 0 won

Starting an e-book side job doesn't cost money

📍 Is it possible to earn automatic income

Once you create an e-book, there isn't much to do later! After I finished the e-book, I spent about 10 minutes a day just sending the ordered files.

3 e-books are still being sold

100% success rate

I succeeded in all 3 e-books in total, not even one.

Of course, it didn't work out right from the beginning. At first, sales weren't good, so I tried all the different methods. Eventually, I came up with my own equation for success, and I was able to sell both volumes 2 and 3 well!

I didn't just sell a lot of e-books in the past. My e-books are still selling right now.

It can still be applied today and can be applied to anyone, eBook success equationI'll let you know!

Planning, design, marketing

End with one lesson

  • How the hell should I write?
  • I don't know how to design, what should I do?
  • Marketing, what to do?

These are my first concerns. I wanted to find and listen to all the relevant lectures, so I was burdened by the high cost of over 1 million won. Eventually, I tried it on my own and found out how to do it by bumping into each other.

I don't want anyone else to do this kind of trouble All content in one lesson I put it in!

After chapters 1 and 2, which teach you how to understand PDF side jobs and find topics that sell e-books

How to write an e-book, set detailed pages, prices, and market Individual sales pagesIf you buy a class at, you can listen to all of them.

You don't have to know anything. You should only come with a mindset that you really want to try it.

Earn 200 a month by working 10 minutes a day with e-books
Just follow the 3 steps

STEP 1. Select topics to sell

Not every topic sells well. I need to find topics that sell well. I'll show you how to find topics that sell well.

You don't have the talent to do the subject?

There is also a way to create an e-book based on external materials!

I'll even recommend topics that even people without talent can do.

STEP 2. Complete e-book in 2 weeks

(Individual sales pages(You can take the course at)

  • What tools do I use and how do I create an e-book?
  • I can't figure out how to write
  • What if I don't have the ability to write

Are you worried about writing? I'll show you how anyone can complete an e-book in 2 weeks. You only need to spend part of the day. All you need to do is take a bus with your completed plans!

STEP 3. Up to 100 per month only?

The secret to maximizing profits even up to 700 per month

(Individual sales pages(You can take the course at)

The realistic profit of e-books can be seen as around 100 to 2 million won per month. However, if you connect with other businesses, you can also get a lot more profit. Starting with e-books, I'll tell you all the know-how I've earned up to 700 a month!

⚠️ Precautions ⚠️

  • In the course, I will teach you “how to make money” in an e-book, but there is no result without a course. Practice is important, so only those who really want to try it should sign up for the course.
  • The full details of STEP 2 and 3 can be taken after purchase on the individual sales pages.

I don't just explain concepts and theories

I'll give you all the practical tips.

(Individual sales pages(You can take the course at)

Even after listening to the lecture, I thought, “So, what should I do now?” It doesn't sound like catching clouds as much as I think. I'll show you everything in person, from registering an e-book product to selling it.

Bring along all the practical tips you'll never know if you haven't tried them.

Testimonials from real students

These are students who have already achieved results!

I recommend it to people like this!

The biggest advantage of an e-book sideline is that after sales start, you can earn money like rent even if you spend less time.

I hope you use your spare time for your happiness.

Can I do it?

  • Because I don't have talent
  • Because I don't have knowledge or information
  • Because I've never written

The above reasons are not a problem.

I started off with a blank slate, and I'm sure you can do it too.

I hope that even ordinary people can apply this class to your lives as a way to make money like rent with e-books:)

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Nice to meet you!


Understanding PDF side jobs


How to find topics that sell e-books


Congratulations on your stubbornness




Hello, I'm Joya to fight every corner.

I was originally a small business employee who received 200 a month. At that time, I often worked until the last train and then left work.

I was eager to live a daily life where I didn't even get the minimum wage. I want to work less and earn more. I learned about “PDF e-book side jobs” while looking at various side jobs. The investment cost was zero, and the fact that you only had to send the PDF file after creating it was considered a big advantage.

I spent 2 hours a day for 2 weeks to complete 1 e-book, and now I earn more than 200 monthly rent income with almost no work from this e-book.

I even started a side job linked to e-books, and now I can earn three times the company's salary and become completely independent from the company. You can do it too. I want to prove that anyone can do it.

We'll see you in class! Thank you

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