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About the class

Hallo It's a thousand posts from YouTubers.

In this class, Baeksu will teach you an e-book side job worth 92 million won in 5 months.

I'll tell you how to raise the ransom by using the weapon of starting a business without capital knowledge in a situation where there was no income at all.


A-Z for creating e-book pages

Structural logic required when writing e-books

How to process the materials required for e-book work

How to monetize completed e-books by posting them on the platform

Know-how that led to explosive growth to 24,000 YouTubers in 6 months

How to discover and grow your own career in knowledge entrepreneurship

It's not just about selling e-books; you can also find out about N-th opportunities and monetization opportunities.






CEO of a company specializing in video production, e-books, and blog marketing <Youketing>

I'm Shin Seung-chul, who runs the YouTube channel <1000 messs>.

Videos, e-books, and blogs are all fields where you can survive only if you have the ability to understand and persuade others. I was a person who lived a life unrelated to writing.

Not long ago, my life was terrible. Because I didn't have the ability to write. The writing ability I'm talking about here doesn't mean writing ability or vocabulary to win over the other person. Of course it would be even better to have something like that.

The key to making money writing (excluding novels, essays, and poems) is to accurately identify what the other person is worried about and suggest solutions to them. Readers who read such articles no longer search and become fans of the author.

E-books can be said to be the ultimate source of problem-solving writing. Writing with know-how solves the other person's problems. Furthermore, it also contributes to reader growth and increased sales. So even now, many people are still searching for a treasure trove of e-books to solve their problems.

However, there's a problem here. There are many people who have the experience and ability to solve other people's problems, but they've never written an e-book. That's why there are still many people who only know the tool called e-books and can't actually complete e-books.

So I've already completed e-books and have experience in monetization and consulting, so I'm going to cover e-book creation and monetization know-how in this class. I hope that you will also take this class, complete your own e-book, and be an opportunity to further brand yourself as an expert in your field. I'll do my best to prepare. Thank you



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