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Live every day you love

Also, writing, and leaving my daily life behind.

Hello, my classmates!

Sharing my story in various places <Simple and accurate! Annoying iPad everyday drawings that are as easy to record as writing a diary>Creator of, “Artist and Shoveling Craftsman” It's bothersomeThat's it! 🙂

Through the previous class, I introduced everything from “How to use Procreate for beginners” to “how to solve complicated thoughts in a calm and simple way with pictures and writing,” “How to find materials in everyday life and draw casually,” and “How to generate revenue by using and using.”

This class is like that So that recording and expressing yourself can become a part of your daily life This is a class I've prepared to help you and share the process with you.

How much time do you spend thinking about yourself during the day?

It's not easy to examine myself and myself. Sometimes it's uncomfortable.

However, when I look at myself every day and record the trivial feelings of my daily life, such as the things I like, the funny things that happened today, or the thoughts that touched my head, even if they are not amazing, those records are piled up Which directionThey also give Grounds for self-esteem or courageIt also becomes.

The records I drew and wrote said, “I've been looking at myself like this, drawing, and writing!” Because they are evidence of that.

I really want my classmates to continue to do the work of writing and recording myself in order to get to know themselves better, so that they can live better.

So that I can draw steadily every day.

You can meet for 10 minutes or 20 days a day:)

This class is a 20-day journey where I look at my mood, my state, and my mind every day, and express them with simple pictures and writing.

I made this class really easy, hoping that drawing and writing everyday life would be your hobby and a very comfortable means of self-expression.

Because if it's easy, you'll have fun, and only then will you be able to live with the joy of continuing to express it.

So now and writing and keeping a record of my daily life, 10 minutes for meGan's hand gestureWould you like to experience the small but big changes this brings with me?

Recommended target

  • Those who want to express their feelings with words and pictures every day
  • Those who want to develop a constant drawing habit
  • Those who have a lot of thoughts but find it difficult to express them in words and pictures
  • Those who are interested in both handwriting and drawing





Hello, this is lazydrawing.

It's annoying, but somehow, I'm drawing an Instagram that represents the heart of living day by day. I wrote a book called “My Life Is Not Ruined” <My Life Is Not Ruined, and I am communicating with around 50,000 followers on Instagram <lazy.drawing>.

I write and draw pictures. They also give serials and lectures. But I'm not really good at anything. I'm not good at writing, painting, or lecturing. So I'm not a full-time artist, cartoonist, illustrator, or lecturer. I don't have enough 2% to get involved in a job, and it's ambiguous to just say that I'm a freelancer. That's why shoveling is bothersome. I've been doing a lot of work, and I think I'll continue to do that.

Author of the essay “This Life Is Not Ruined - An Annoying Retirement Diary”

2020 KakaoTalk Emoji 'Annoying Tikon' Writer

2019 Airbnb Travel Writer

2019 Forrest Guest Writer

2019 ST UNITAS Guest Writer

2018 Live Guest Phil Jin

2018 Pikicast Guest Writer

2018 Cosmopolitan Guest Writing Team

2018 Naver Star Editor

2017 Naver Post Content Mentor

Collaborating with various companies such as Naver, Samsung, Milly's library, Shinhan Group, Mungyeong City, and Yanolja



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