Skills You’ll Learn

Functions and concepts of Midjourneys

We will explain functions and concepts along with fun exercises to suit the beginner's eye level.

Keywords that create high quality images

You'll learn how to communicate with Midjourney to get the image you want.

Example exercises by genre

I'm going to create images of various concepts and genres with examples.

Turn your imagination into a great image!

미드저니로 생성한 이미지들Wouldn't you like to embody your own fantastic imagination with real images? It's okay if it's a poo hand. All I need is to know how to express my imagination in writing. Experience how the text you type is reborn as an ultra-high quality image!

What is a mid-trip?

Theatre D`opera SpatialMidjourney (Midjourney), along with Stable diffusion and Dall-E, is currently one of the most technologically advanced artificial intelligence image generators. They say they are particularly good at pictorial and abstract expressions! The painting that won a painting competition in the US in August '22 was also a painting created by Midjourney.

First, try it

미드저니 홈페이지 시작 화면If you invest just 10 minutes, you can experience everything from membership registration to image creation for free.

Let's practice and learn how to use Midjourney that no one else has taught me yet!

Hallo I'm Gom Gom, the AI creator. I majored in mathematics at university. However, by chance, I ended up running an advertising planning and video production company unrelated to my major. Now I'm living the life of an advertising planner in my 6th year. Do you think they are planning/analyzing the consumer's sensibility with the soul of technology?

We have gone through many twists and turns, but now we are developing AI-based content such as AI pictures, AI composing, and ChatGPT while also running a few small businesses. (Of course, being a planner is my main job.)

AI is even easier. Because AI was created to do that.

It's really easy, right?

It might feel difficult. However, after a little bit of experience, you'll see that it's not difficult; it's just something you're not used to yet.

From the moment I became fascinated by the pictures created by AI until now, I have created and tested close to 6,000 images. I created this class by selecting only the basic points that are at the core of Mid Journey, where I have directly translated and learned lectures from famous international artists and YouTubers and the official Midjourney guide.

An alien friend who is good at drawing

You can think of MidJourney as an alien friend who draws pictures as requested.

They seem smart, but after all, since they're not earthlings, communication often goes awry.

To create the desired image, the most important thing is communication! I'm going to learn how to communicate with Midjourneys through practice.

The fun of making imagination come true

If you take the class to the end and learn, you'll find yourself developing your imagination with Midjourney at some point. Aren't you excited?

Eventually, the AI era began.

Many years ago, when AlphaGo beat Lee Se-dol in the 9th place, the whole world was astonished. However, at the same time, everyone probably thought that it was still too early for AI to actually enter our daily lives. In 2023, AI was already very close to our daily lives. AI paintings, AI compositions, AI novels, AI chatbot ChatGPT, and more. The current CEO of Microsoft has officially announced that the race has begun. The AI era has already begun, and it will get faster in the future.

Don't worry, AI is also a tool for humans after all.

It is said that AI will replace many jobs. But at the same time, I think there will be many new opportunities.

AI simply has no value on its own. It only becomes meaningful when someone uses it and the results come out. AI can replace human technology, but I don't think there will come an era where human abilities don't matter because it's humans who handle AI in the end.

I'm sure that if I make good use of it, it will further increase my value.

A pioneer, not a user

It's a choice whether to use AI or not. However, the world is always changing, and opportunities lie beyond it. AI will be your great supporter and assistant. I want my classmates to share the many possibilities and inspirations I felt through my classes.

Come experience a new era with me!

<All images used to introduce the class were created directly through Midjourney>

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Welcome to AI Art, Midjourney.


Getting ready for the midtrip


The setting is half! Basic settings you must know


There are different ways to communicate with Midjourney! How to use prompts


An option that changes the way you think about midjourneys. parameters


A supporter of my work. command


BOUNS TIP! Create detailed and differentiated images


At the end of the class




Hallo This is the creator's contemplation.

I personally run a few small businesses and have been living the life of an advertisement planner/commercial video planner in my 6th year. Maybe it's because they work at the forefront of their own trends? When I heard the news that an artificial intelligence won an art competition, I thought, “Ah! You should definitely try it.” That's what I thought.

However, contrary to my initial idea of just experiencing it casually, I was instantly fascinated by the overwhelming quality and inspiration when I tried Midjourney. Do you think the art soul that turned away while blaming her pooping hand was burning?

As AI advances, it is said that many jobs will disappear. But I think countless opportunities will open up at the same time. AI may replace humans, but in the end, AI is used because humans are the ones who use it.

It's a choice whether to use AI or not. However, the world is always changing, and opportunities lie beyond it. AI will be your great supporter and assistant. I want my classmates to share the many possibilities and inspirations I felt through my classes.

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