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About the class

Popular among the hottest keywords in 2023
What is the alternative ChatGPT
Is the whole world in turmoil?

ChatGPT is a prototype interactive artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, and ChatGPT is a compound word of Generative Pre-Defined Transformer (GPT) and Chat. It is a type of artificial intelligence chat service released to the public in December 2022, and it is a new technology that can improve one's knowledge through human input and interaction. Chat attracted 1 million members right after launch and set a record of 100 million users in the shortest period of time. What is it that has caught the public's curiosity?

📌 I used a chatbot to create an introductory sentence when introducing myself as an OT in graduate school!

📌 I used a chatbot to write a report that must be submitted by tomorrow!

📌 I used a chatbot to complete market research that used to take days and days in just a few minutes!

📌 The time required to write a blog, create YouTube videos and thumbnails has been incredibly shortened!

📌 It took about 4 hours to post 100 products, but now it only takes 10 minutes!

📌 I usually request pictures from 00 and use them, but I draw my own with an AI program!

The limit outside of the AI (artificial intelligence) field can also be easily used, can be used in various fields, and saves time.

Depending on how I use ChatGPT, it becomes a powerful weapon that will further enrich my knowledge.

So I paid attention to artificial intelligence early on.
The key is monetization!

Hallo It's an AI imagination leader whose goal is to become an influencer with ChatGPT and AI. I have optimized my work using artificial intelligence AI, succeeded in monetization by using it in various fields of sideline entrepreneurship, and I am creating economic freedom. The endless ways to use ChatGPT are important, but I think the key point is monetization. AI-related side ventures that started in January 2023 began to pay off with a profit of 13.5 million won in February. Also, in March, revenue more than doubled, showing impressive results!

Results for March 2023

🎯 In just one month, 13,000 people on YouTube, 3000 people in a cafe,

KakaTalk reaches 3000 visitors per day and blog visits per day

✅ YouTube revenue $360 - 500,000 won

✅ 18 volumes of the first e-book publication - 1.8 million won

✅ Offline seminar and publication of materials: 62 people - 4.3 million won

✅ YouTube Challenge training for 27 students (2nd and 3rd sessions) - 600,000 won

✅ Daejang Monetization Associate Program 16 people - 8.5 million won

✅ 2 direct ads, 1 indirect advertisement - 12.5 million won

✅ 2 branding consultancies - 10 million won (5 million won per session)

Excluding revenue from the main business, AI-related revenue alone came in at least 35 million won. What makes my class different from other courses is that I only teach you how to verify revenue. There are so many arrogant ways, but due to circumstances, I wasn't able to capture them all. Please understand that only 4 fields will be open for introduction this time 🙏

🎁 AI Imagination Master Class Part 1 [Concept Edition]

✅ ChatGPT application areas

✅ How to use GPT-4 from registration

🎁 AI Imagination Master Class Part 2 [Monetization in Action]

✅ Monetize your ChatGPT blog

✅ Monetization of drawing creation AI

✅ Monetize AI videos that are produced quickly

✅ Monetize professional branding with AI

The know-how of the AI Imagination Manager, who certified profits the fastest than anyone else, is different. It's a very simple introduction to monetization using AI and ChatGPT, so check it out for yourself!

There's absolutely no reason not to get started~ Even if you only do 1 of the 4 methods I'll tell you, a side job is enough, and you can achieve financial freedom! Get started right now!

🎯 Examples of AI monetization results for image generation

Course effect

  • You will learn how to sign up for an OpenAI GPT-4 membership and use it.
  • You'll learn how to use ChatGPT and its pros and cons.
  • You'll learn about various monetization methods using ChatGPT and you'll be able to get started.

Recommended target

  • People who don't know much about ChatGPT but are interested
  • Those who want to know how to sign up for ChatGPT and how to use it
  • Those who are curious about how to monetize with ChatGPT and AI
  • People who ask you to learn ChatGPT at work but don't know where to learn
  • Those who want to apply AI to their own business

🎯 AI Imagination Manager offline lecture response

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ There are endless ways to monetize using AI and ChatGPT! Of these, we'll reveal 4 secrets first!

❷ A variety of live reviews of lectures! Many people are already enthusiastic about the content of AI Imagination Master!

💸 The age of artificial intelligence! Get ready with the AI Imagination Manager 💸





Hallo It's an AI imagination leader.

While working as an architect and interior designer, I came across AI painting, and I was convinced that future design systems would be replaced by AI, so I started studying this field. Since then, I have studied everything from ChatGPT to stable diffusion, created studies, conducted conference management and open seminars, and created basic training books on AI and ChatGPT to share insights and develop online and offline.

🏅 Business channel

  • YouTube - Fast delivery of new information
  • Naver Café - Accumulation of materials, notification of events within the period
  • KakaoTalk Channel - seminars, free events, reading meetings, announcements
  • Open KakaTalk - Development through free communication
  • Blog - a great channel when viewed like a book

🏅 Partners

  • NFT Team - Wind, ND
  • AI Development Team - DEFINITE
  • General Development Team - GoPro
  • Korea University AI Society - KUAP
  • Marketing Team - Hong Asset
  • Design team, AI faculty

💸 I would like to guide the path of economic freedom to all those who wish to keep up with the changing times and lead the field of artificial intelligence. 💸



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