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About the class

Did you know that one AI can replace 10,000 people?
Expected until 2025 Market size alone: 260 trillion won,
Let's preempt the rapidly growing AI market!!!

Through this class, you can learn A-Z usage of Chat GPT and Mid Journey, which are representatives of generative AI, and insights and precautions from a business perspective.

It consists of a full range of classes that can be leveled up, from beginners who are new to generative AI to elementary and intermediate levels! Here's the easiest way to get started.

Course effect

  • By learning how to use Chat GPT, you can understand the language generation model.
  • You can understand the image generation model by learning how to use Midjourney.
  • Get actionable insights that individuals and businesses can use.
  • You can know in advance what to watch out for, such as copyright issues or confidential material leaks.

Recommended target

  • Those who are unfamiliar with generative AI (Chat GPT, Midjourney)
  • Those who want to learn prompt port engineering techniques
  • Those who want to get the desired results using AI tools
  • Those interested in effective use cases of generative AI

What makes this class special

❶ Know-how to use AI for students, creators, parents, and office workers

What if we could use AI to help you write an application and select questions to anticipate an interview?

Do you want to create new content but can't think of any more ideas?

Take the trouble out of your creativity with the Chat GPT AI tool. We'll suggest the smartest information you need!

❷ Concerns about copyright issues using AI tools

Generative AI is opening up a new world of creativity for us. This innovative technology has made it easy to create various forms of art, such as text or images, according to our requests. AI was able to create a result (left) that was very similar to the original (right) in the attached image above.

If so, who owns the copyright of so many creative works created by AI? To address these questions, we'll learn more about copyright issues in this class.





I'm JoJo, the operator of the YouTube channel “jojoworld (jojoworld)”:)



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