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Class introduction

The Seoul National University Consumer Trend Analysis Center compresses the top ten major trends of 2023 into a 2-hour class. With just this class, you can look back on the past year and develop a strategy to welcome 2023 faster than anyone else.

The forecast for 2023 is more negative than ever, but if you know the trends ahead of time and face the crisis, your year will be very dramatically different. So that everyone can jump up like a rabbit in the new year. To prepare for a higher leap <TREND KOREA 2023>, meet us now at Class 101.

Recommended target

  • All members of society who want to read the world's trends and prepare for them
  • Office workers and managers who want to identify changes in consumers
  • Investors who need to quickly read changes in the economy and markets from an investment perspective
  • Job/turnover students who need to identify changes in society and companies in order to show their competencies as prepared talents

Course effect

  • Discover the 10 trending keywords that will drive 2023.
  • You can read the trend of consumer change and reflect it in your work and life to welcome a leap forward in 2023.

What makes this class special

A must-read for looking back on the past year and preparing for the future to come,

<Trend Korea> Direct lecture by Professor Kim Nan-do

It is a compressed version of the <2023 10 keywords> of Professor Kim Nan-do, the head of the Seoul National University Consumer Trend Analysis Center, which publishes economic forecasts and trend keywords every year, in 2 hours.

If you want to preempt the 2023 trend before anyone else and leap further and higher! We will examine the attitude towards 2023 through the background and implications of the emergence of 10 trending keywords.



Rando Kim

Rando Kim

Hello, <TREND KOREA 2023> I'm Kim Nan-do, the author.

The year 2023 is predicted to be more negative than ever before. Nevertheless, at Seoul National University Consumer Trend Analysis Center, the 2023 trend keyword was “RABBIT JUMP; the year of the black rabbit preparing to take a leap forward.”

Don't start the new year with a simple parallel theory to the financial crisis of 15 years ago. It is necessary to have the insight to differentiate between what is the same and what will be different. We have prepared Trend Korea 2023 with the hope that everyone will jump up like a rabbit in the new year, and meet them now at Class 101.



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