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Clip studio paint
1 Class Projects

It takes about 12 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Illustrations of landscapes and people

Skills You’ll Learn

How to think about drawing landscapes and people

Points to be aware of when drawing each landscape and person, points to keep in mind when drawing them together, etc.

Practical use of software

You can learn how to work efficiently using CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX.

How to think about shadows and colors

You can see how professional illustrators think about coloring.

Let's make good use of brush materials and soft functions to draw attractive landscapes in a short time

You will learn the know-how to finish landscape illustrations in a short time from POTG, who works as an illustrator. You can see the unique way of drawing that I learned as a result of trial and error in search of efficiency. I usually draw illustrations in 6 to 11 hours using this method of drawing. If you incorporate this making, you'll be able to quickly draw beautiful, edgy landscape paintings like mine. In the class, you can watch everything from the beginning of drawing the rough to the finish, while including explanations of key points. A lot of recommended brushes have also been introduced, so I think there are many parts that can be incorporated regardless of drawing power.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You can learn the key points for drawing beautiful landscapes
  • You can learn not only how to draw accurately, but also to “draw in an attractive way”
  • By looking at unique ways to draw, you can get ideas for new ways to use the software

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Intermediate people who want to be able to draw to a certain extent and aim for further steps
  • Those who want to know how to think about drawing landscapes and people
  • Those who want to know points to keep in mind, such as point-of-view guidance and shading

When you take the course

I'm using a PC, left hand device, LCD tablet, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX. Since many functions unique to the software are used, we recommend using the same software if you want to learn from functional aspects such as layer configuration.

What makes this class so special

The first fully explained making of Pro Illustrator POTG

You can see all of the POTG illustrations, where there are many voices asking how they are drawn. A careful explanation by the person himself is also included. In addition to the basic ideas and techniques for drawing illustrations, you can also see how they grasp the functions of the software, customize it so that it is easy for you to draw, and master it. I'm sure there will be new discoveries.





A professional illustrator with fans both domestically and internationally

Hello. My name is potg (piotegu).

I did my best to explain the making so that you can see the techniques and ways of thinking I have learned at art college and the comprehensive techniques of how to use software and brushes that I have independently researched.

It's a class for intermediate students who know how to draw and use software to some extent, but since you can peek into the way illustrators think, I think beginners can also enjoy it.

I hope I can help you improve your skills even a little bit through this making-of explanation


・Illustration anthology “Festival” cover illustration

・Hololive's Momosuzu Nene “Clear Weather” cover MV illustration

・Illustrator for “Reincarnation Alchemy: A Girl's Slow Life 1” published by KADOKAWA

・Illustrations series/VISIONS series illustrations published

Responsible for many other MV illustrations, book illustrations, PR illustrations, game stills, etc.







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