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About the class

By taking this class, anyone can easily start a writing side job at the Talent Market. I'll pass on all the know-how I've learned from doing over 10,000 consultancies at writing companies and talent markets. Even if you're a beginner with a hard time writing, if you have the will to do a side job, you can start making it happen right now.

If you want to give yourself a second salary as a gift, you can learn how to discover talents to sell and commercialize them by listening to the course! Experience the miracle of changing your daily life through a writing side job that will be your lifelong job.

Course effect

  • Even beginners in writing who are too burdensome to write down one page can start a writing side job.
  • You can find sales channels for writing side jobs and register your own products together.
  • You can learn how to commercialize writing talent for sale.
  • In line with the era of self-branding, you can learn how to develop your own brand through a writing side job.

Recommended target

  • An office worker who has written a diary or written a report at least once
  • An office worker who wants to earn a second salary by investing an hour in a side job after work
  • Those who want to get away from repetitive everyday life and do side work and self-development at the same time
  • Those who want to generate additional income without capital

Three reasons why this class is special

❶ Winners of the Kemon Award 3 times in a row

Teach me the key secrets of a writing side job

Many people hope for a side job that will be their second salary, but they are often unable to implement it due to lack of information and lack of information. This class provides a practical guide to starting a side job through the Talent Market. From finding talent to commercialize, choosing a talent market to sell, and posting sales posts, you can get the priceless fruits of actual sales success.

Also, what determines the success or failure of a writing side job is how to communicate with clients and how to manage customers. I am convinced that you can be reborn as a valuable business communication expert through a class that captures all of my know-how.

❷ Capturing A to Z of a side job in writing

A practical guide

The most difficult part of working as a writer was the fact that there was no place to get information. However, even if I had obtained useful information by selling products, it was even more difficult to refer to it because it wasn't collected. Therefore, I created this class to serve as a guide for those who wish to take a side job in writing. I've included the content so that you can always find a question about a side job in writing, and the easiest way to find answers when thinking about a way forward or looking for ways to change your current situation even after starting a side job.

Using this class as a guide, you can further strengthen your motivation for a side job if you start a side job and take it out every time your will for a side job weakens or you want to settle for reality.

❸ Learn from real-life examples

How to secure a regular job and secure a stable job

The goal of this class is for students to directly succeed in selling 1 item. Since 1 sale can increase exponentially by 10, 100, the important thing is that it is important to register talent products and sell them directly.

I'll help you understand this by taking an example of my own experience in a writing side job. Rather than taking a theoretical approach, you can learn how to respond to clients and how to turn one-time requests into regulars through examples. Become a writing side job expert by securing regular employees and following along with how to get a stable job as a writer!



Writer Phil

Writer Phil

Hello, I'm a writer!크몽 어워즈 3년 연속 수상 (2018, 2019, 2020)

I am Various types of ash, including CemonHe has been active in the Neon Market and has received 3 consecutive Cemon Awards from Cmon, and is also registered for Prime Service, a top 2% expert selected by Cmont.

Currently, I am reborn as an expert who earns 100 million in annual revenue through writing, employment, and academic consulting, but I also started out as a beginner who had trouble earning 100,000 won per month. I had to go through a lot of trial and error to generate revenue from the writing I started looking for a job I could start without capital, and I had to struggle to overcome every time I came across a slump or crisis. So it was always disappointing that there was no place to get advice or information.

I started this class because I want students to have the opportunity to effectively overcome trial and error and find financial leeway through writing side jobs without getting bogged down alone. I'm going to share all the know-how and experiences I've experienced so far through this class, so I hope many people will generate a lot of profit from writing side jobs.

Class Q&A with a writer

Q. Please tell us a few words about the creator!

A. I am an expert who earns 100 million dollars a year through writing and employment consulting in the talent market. I also earned less than 100,000 won per month when I started, but after a lot of trial and error, I came up with my own know-how.

Q. Is there anyone in particular who would like to recommend this class?

A. Office workers who feel that it's a bit of a pity to pass time after work, those who want to change their daily lives and themselves in an hour a day, those who want to find financial leeway through a side job, and all office workers who feel that their salary alone is not enough.

Q. After taking this class, how can I use it?

A. You can take the first step in a daunting side job! By generating real profit, you can gain confidence and create your own products and brands in the talent market.

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