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Skills You’ll Learn

How to get rich through Feng Shui

Learn the principles of feng shui, which is more scientific than science, to get rich

Detailed Feng Shui interior tips for each billion space

Verifying all information on the market and delivering selected content

How to manage the space I stay in

Learn the principles to make your own life smooth by communicating with space

An eye that can tell the wrong Feng Shui knowledge apart

Acquire the mindset to distinguish misinformation that could ruin your life

How to live a better life than before

Learn how to actually improve my life through the philosophy of nature

About the class

Hello, I'm Machidong, CEO of Machidong Company. I am working as a Feng Shui curator through YouTube and my book<Feng Shui of Boo >. As a fourth generation successor to Feng Shui, and as a Feng Shui expert, I will tell you about feng shui interiors easily and comfortably.

This class, along with the principles of deep feng shui, This is a lecture that incorporates examples from people who have actually received paid consulting services. Analyze and select all Feng Shui interiors on the marketI did it.

It is designed so that even beginners who have just opened their eyes to feng shui can understand the meaning contained in simple principles and apply them directly to real life. As a result, I naturally have a proper perception of feng shui, and I can enrich my space and my life. Additionally, there is an eye for distinguishing experts from incorrect knowledge of feng shui geography.

When I look back on my mindless journey, I'm sure you've had an experience where an instant encounter with someone or a phrase written in a book changed the direction of my life. This course will do that for the students. Meet a real Feng Shui interior course that will make you rich, that I have lived without knowing until now!

Course effect

  • You can learn about Feng Shui interiors that match the nature and reality of Korea from an expert in the Feng Shui consulting business
  • It is possible to establish a new theory of Feng Shui interior decoration in Korea
  • Beginners can now easily understand the basic meaning of feng shui geography
  • I learned how to apply feng shui to life
  • I learned how to live a realistic and mentally rich life through Feng Shui

Recommended target

  • People who actually want to get rich by gathering good luck
  • People who want to know the secrets of Feng Shui interiors that bring good fortune
  • People who want to study academically accurate content about Feng Shui interiors
  • People of all ages who want to decorate the space where they live peacefully

Two reasons this class is special

❶ Verified through more than 2,300 consultations,

“A real Feng Shui story”

Usually, if you choose this course or are interested in it, you'll want to learn how to follow it right now, and things about Feng Shui interiors that are not vague but can be understood realistically.

I am A realistic Feng Shui interior story with evidence proven through on-site experience, experience, and examples of over 300 on-site Feng Shui consultations and 2000 telephone consultationsI'm going to try it.

Feng Shui interiors are not limited to the home. Since I have given lectures to people in various spaces and at night, such as department stores, cultural centers, libraries, and universities, I can provide lectures that can satisfy various needs.

❷ Feng Shui interiors that only match Korea's natural terrain

If you have studied Feng Shui in a slightly different place, or if you are accustomed to existing theories, this course may not be right for you. This is because the feng shui geography you know is a discipline based on Chinese theory.

However, the base of my course was based on feng shui theory suited to the natural topography of our country, and the content verified through field consulting.

If you are biased about feng shui interiors, check out feng shui stories that can be proven realistically. It will be a lecture that can break common prejudices that you were familiar with.



Mjjd Fengshui

Mjjd Fengshui

🏆 Merchidong, CEO of Machidong Company, Inc.

🏆Work as a Feng Shui curator through YouTube and my book<Feng Shui of Boo >

🏆 As a successor to the fourth generation of Feng Shui, and as a Feng Shui expert of the MZ generation, I will tell you about feng shui interiors easily and comfortably.

Hello? It's a bit strange to hear that a young person teaches feng shui, right?

I'm Mu Chi-dong, a Feng Shui curator who will change all of your existing ideas, enrich your lives, and make you truly rich. First of all, if anyone thinks feng shui geography is a superstition, I will learn through my lectures that it is a misconception.

Before I introduce myself, do you know about Warren Buffett's lunch?

Warren Buffett is a global investor. In other words, he is one of the richest people on the planet. Warren Buffett auctioned off his lunch and won 5.7 billion in 2019. What are your thoughts here? Most people probably think that if they have 5.7 billion, they should just use it and not buy real estate. Well, that's quite right. But what we need to know here is time. What we can gain from having lunch with Warren Buffett is that we can reduce the trial and error of the work we will experience in the immediate future, and reduce the time to fail.

The Feng Shui geography I learned through this course is worth several times more than a lunch with Warren Buffett. That's why I wrote the number 1 billion in the title of the course. Feng Shui geography is not a superstition. Since the beginning of humanity, it is a philosophy of life embodied in the human body by learning directly with the body to obtain a comfortable space suited to the natural environment.

I will easily introduce the Feng Shui geography that contains such values to you using the concept of modern Feng Shui interiors. Also, if you properly understand the meaning of my lectures and apply them to your life, you will truly achieve a turning point in your life worth more than 1 billion. I felt it while consulting on the homes, shopping districts, factories, and cemeteries of people who come and go from life to death. It means that if we only get to know the space we live in properly, and if we learn about it when we are even one year young, we will truly be able to spend our time to the fullest.

I won't go deep into the theory of feng shui through this course. It consists only of very simple content. However, I made it like a sweet syrup that you can easily understand, so you can enjoy listening to the lectures and apply it directly to your life.

Now, I'd like to meet all of you. Also, I would like to meet your life as a true rich person through my lectures. I'll be waiting for you.

머찌동의 머찐공간

머찌동의 머찐공간



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