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Skills You’ll Learn

Mastering PPT Skills - Using Shapes and Lines

This is a time to create various object shapes using shapes.

Learn PPT skills - make infographics

Let's make a variety of infographics, which are the core of information transmission.

Planning a PPT - Creating a storyboard

Time to write guidelines to set the direction of PPT production

Creating content with PPT - corporate promotion PPT

I will create a corporate promotion template based on the theory and practice I have learned so far.

Create content with PPT - Create detailed pages

I'm going to create a smart store detail page through the theory and practice I've learned so far

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About the class

This is an introductory PPT class recommended for those who need to design a PPT for a job or want to try an N job such as a smart store, but are not comfortable with Photoshop or illustration. You can do high quality design with just one PPT. Also, there are many people running smart stores as a side job these days, and I affirm that there is no tool as easy and good as PPT for decorating detailed pages.

I also know how to handle photoshop and illustrations, but I also often create in PPT. Even those who have never used PPT or are beginners can use it anytime, anywhere if they know the basic tricks. Banners, business cards, banners, and even thumbnails from online platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blog)! The range that can be used as a PPT is endless.

Course effect

  • Even beginners are OK! You can learn the basic functions of PowerPoint.
  • You can create various works such as printed materials (business cards, posters, banners, banners, etc.) and online content (detailed pages, Instagram content, blog thumbnails, YouTube thumbnails, etc.) through the PPT that everyone has.

Recommended target

  • People who handle PPT a lot at work or school
  • Those who find it difficult to create detailed pages while running a smart store
  • A person who dreams of becoming an N-jobber through PPT production
  • Those who create and upload various contents to be used on online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs

Pre-course notes

This class includes exercises in creating charts using Excel.

2 reasons why this class is special

① Easy difficulty level that even beginners and beginners can understand

It uses only PowerPoint without complicated and difficult tools, and is designed at a difficulty level that even beginners can easily understand. It is a simple lecture without complicated functions, and is suitable for those who want cost-effective design and PPT production.

② Not just simple techniques,

From how to select colors and fonts to PPT planning!

I will tell you about AtoZ as an attribute.

The transmission power and influence of the content varies depending on how it is packaged.

No matter how good information it contains, it's useless if it isn't delivered to viewers. Nowadays, when various contents are consumed within a short period of time, it is important to be able to see information at a glance and attract attention.

In this class, I'll teach you how to effectively communicate what you want to include. Starting with Instagram and blog thumbnails that can be used in real life, to detailed pages and card news. With just one PowerPoint, I'll help you use it in the right place for the various places you need.





I'm N Jobber, a creator who loves making things, an office worker in her 8th year, and a detail page designer in her 2nd year.

While working, I accidentally started designing using the PPT on my company PC, and I fell in love with PPT, which is easy to use and has endless uses, and created a class with the idea that I should share this good thing.

I've often seen people around me who are suffering from not being able to handle PPT well in college and company life, and outsourcers, but the classes are designed so that the classes can be conducted very easily for beginners, so please try making your own PPT of your own! I made it myself, so even if there's something you don't like, you can easily edit it and your satisfaction will increase. If you learn PPT, I'm sure you won't regret it!



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