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▶ ︎ There's a reason this class achieved 98% satisfaction!고객들의 만족 리뷰 및 실제 감사 메세지

▶ ︎ Satisfied customer reviews and actual thank you messages

✔️ Achieved 100 million revenue from the first year of starting the business

✔️ The secret formula of top experts waiting in line for major domestic enterprises and government agencies

As an ordinary white-collar worker, the process leading up to a free life economically and in terms of time,

The class is organized by aggregating all the contents of the PPT outsourcing training course, which has been verified by many successful cases over the years.

Even business know-how and detailed practical skills that no one had shared.

All will be revealed from now on!


David is living the life of a digital nomad by raising wedding funds and private house seed money with a single PPT!

✋ Have you ever thought about this?

  • No special talents or skills Can I become a digital nomad?
  • While working from home at any time Is there any way to make money?
  • Current job My life 10 or 20 years from nowCan you guarantee it?
  • without investment or capital Are there any promising no-capital start-up items I can start?
  • Even if it's small Definite profitIs there a side job I can start with?

At the same time these days commonerIs there really no way to generate this stable profit?


📍 I need to invest my capital Risk-free

📍 Explosive growth due to changes in the market Absorb all demandand

📍 Hints on promising businessesGet it faster than anyone else A way to make moneyWhat if you have one?

Everyone has tried it at least once

A niche market that I never thought would be possible to monetize with this.

You can do it right away through PPT outsourcing!

A life where you earn more than your salary while traveling or while raising children,

It's not someone else's story anymore.

The only trouble is delaying the beginning!

수강생 후기

▶ ︎ Student reviews

수강생과 멘티들이 직접 제작한 작업물

▶ ︎ Workpieces created by students and mentees

📌 Why do we highly recommend PPT outsourcing among many business items

많고 많은 사업 아이템 중에서도 PPT 아웃소싱을 강력 추천하는 이유

1. Profitability, stability, and a business item that can catch both rabbits

  • What would you choose if you had a business with monthly sales of 10 million won but a fixed expenditure of 8 million won versus a business with a monthly income of 6 million won and a fixed expenditure of around 10,000 to 20,000 won?(Of course it's probably the latter.)
  • PPT outsourcing has a very high net yield because there are no fixed expenses other than the monthly program usage fee, and it is one of the few items that can “not lose business” even in a market that is difficult to predict today.

2. Unexpected niche markets where demand is exploding

  • Also when writing reports, proposals, business plans, or job applications. PPT is always used in important moments in our lives. Furthermore, as non-face-to-face and online culture accelerates further, awareness and demand for the importance of digital documents is exploding. However, in comparison, there are still a limited number of people who can produce PPT professionally.
  • Now is the best time to start outsourcing PPT!

3. A shortcut that greatly amplifies potential and possibility in all areas of life

  • The PPT sent by the customer contains valuable knowledge and insights that cannot be learned even if money is paid. Being able to learn it even while receiving money is a huge opportunity, and when such information is gathered, I have my own insight to see the flow of the market.
  • If you repeat the PPT outsourcing work according to the formula I have told you, you will have the ability to find and materialize value from abstract and ambiguous content, and if you add insight to these skills, you will experience amazing changes that increase your persuasiveness when communicating in all areas of life.

* If you are curious about more details, 'Welcome 4 is a free course. “Why does it have to be PPT?” Please refer to the “Answer to” video 🙂

📌 What will I learn in class? (Is it possible even if I don't know how to design..?)

✍️ STEP1:5 levels of storyline to unravel content in a logical and persuasive manner

  1. Problem: Do you currently have this problem?
  2. Solution: What if there was an alternative like this?
  3. Main Theme: So I suggest this!
  4. Features (&Plan): Specifically, what kind of features and content
  5. Effects: Eventually, we'll be able to create this kind of value

We'll show you the formula and tips for turning a hard manuscript that comes out of the first chapter into a drunken story, along with a variety of examples:)

🎨 STEP2: A design formula that anyone can follow, and a simple skill that adds expertise

  1. Tone & Manner: How to choose the right colors, fonts, and templates
  2. Layout: creating a stable and stylish structure
  3. Weakness control: Losing strength is also a strategy!
  4. Dressing Up: Creating a Stylish Touch of Photoshopping

Colors and fonts are no longer something to worry about 🤭

A sensible design can be completed simply by following the formula we have told you.

The frequently used font set files included in the lesson materials will save you time so that you can immediately apply what you've learned:)

📢 STEP3: Once you're ready, let's start selling!

  1. Equipped with an expert mindset: from consumer to supplier, employee to expert!
  2. Market Research: Choosing the Right Distributor, Competitor Analysis
  3. Sign up for my service: How do I appeal when I have no experience?
  4. Getting Started with Your First Sale: From Appropriate Pricing to How to Impress Customers, and Strategies to Grow Your Brand After Your First Sale
  5. (Additional) Business registration, is it necessary?

Monetization know-how that I couldn't hear in other PPT lessons!

From A to Z, I will teach you how to link the PPT skills learned in the previous chapters to profit.

📌 Were you curious? Frequently Asked Questions BEST5

🙋 Is it possible for people who have never done design before?

  • The actual secret PPT formula has been refined to be as easy and detailed as possible so that even those who are new to the design and PPT can follow it. From college students who have never done design to housewives in their late 50s, I'm happy to hear that they mastered PPT after completing the course and succeeded in monetizing it:)

🙋‍♀️ I'm doing my main job or raising a child, but can I start a job?

  • One of the biggest advantages of PPT outsourcing is that you can choose the time and place of work yourself if you only keep the schedule agreed with the customer. If you are willing to split your free time, of course, you can combine it with your main job or parenting!

* During the free lecture 'Welcome 3. But don't quit your job! ' Please refer to

🙋 I know how to handle PPT, but can you also tell me how to sell it?

  • We will guide you from how to start selling for the first time so that you can start selling right away as a freelancer, to marketing methods and roadmaps to maximize profits and commercialize them later. The class is divided into 3 main parts.
  • [Part 1] Welcome ~ Chapter 1: Basic work environment and mind setting
  • [Part 2] Chapter 2 to Chapter 5: Skillful content for planning and designing documents
  • [Part 3] Chapter 6 to Chapter 7: From how to open services in the talent market to how to expand the business later

🙋‍♀️ Is the content and skills learned in the course suitable for practical use in the company?

  • This class is structured at the level of being able to create a complete PPT that can be entrusted to the company while paying for it. Therefore, it is optimized for use in all types of work, such as reports, proposals, introduction letters, and promotional materials used in the workplace!

🙋 Is it possible for people who have never directly dealt with documents such as company profiles or proposals?

  • Of course, it's actually easier to work if you have experience making it yourself. However, creating your own content for a company profile or business plan and creating a convincing PPT based on that content is actually a different field of work.
  • If you master the planning and design methods taught in the course, you can turn any document into a convincing and attractive PPT 🙂 (Of course, constant practice is essential!) If the task of creating a storyline is too burdensome and difficult, it is enough to start outsourcing PPT by only carrying out simple design work, which is a form requested by about 70-80% of customers.

* For the types of outsourcing work, see 'Welcome 6. Please refer to “Introduction to the 3 methods and expansion models of PPT outsourcing sales”.

If I could

You can do it too!

I'm not an exceptionally smart person or someone with an extraordinary sense of design. Rather, he preferred the keyword “sincerity” over “creativity,” because he wanted to somehow avoid making a PPT if he had a project, so he would rather unconditionally take on the role of data research or presentation.

If I could do that, you can too!

However, be sure to remember it!

Just listening to lectures doesn't mean you will find a new life.

Be sure to check if there is a sense of urgency to change your current life, and whether you are prepared to split your time during your busy work and make repeated exercises and efforts.

Well, for those who are ready,

Apply for a classPress to enter.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!



David's PPT

David's PPT

From being a design bastard to making 100 million in PPT in 1 year

How satisfied are you with your current way of life and time and material free time? Just 3 years ago, I was an ordinary white-collar office worker who wasn't particularly good at it or in a field I liked.

I created a course with know-how from a beginner who started as an Alvaro worth 30,000 won without a single connection to forming ongoing partnerships with large companies, government agencies, and numerous startups.

After gaining time and financial independence, I spend my time teaching PPT entrepreneurship and mentoring people who are in a desperate situation due to the coronavirus, those who are struggling with job/turnover, and those who want to use their time and energy in a more valuable and meaningful way.

[Lecturer introduction]

  • Head of an agency specializing in planning and design
  • Close partnerships with large companies (Samsung, CJ, Hanwha, etc.), air agencies (Deputy Prime Minister, Patent Office, Gyeonggi-do, etc.), and startups
  • Continuing activities as a PPT production/consulting agency for government start-up support projects and IBK construction programs

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