7 chapters · 6 hours 4 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

PPT basic theory

Learn the basic theory and points that must be checked before creating a PPT.

Producing a business plan for a cultural content company

From planning a business plan, I will create my own cover, table of contents, and strategy pages.

Company profile production for a marketing company

From planning a company profile, we create a cover page, vision, history, and organization chart.

Producing performance reports for IT companies

From planning of performance reports to market analysis and production of competitor comparison pages.

How to provide and use materials required for PPT production

It provides materials necessary for PPT production, including 5 types of templates and a collection of shortcuts.

Class introduction

This class contains methods for creating fast and complete documents using PPT. By organizing the curriculum for each type of business document that you frequently write in practice, such as company profiles, performance reports, and business plans, you can choose only the chapters you need right now. Complete everything from business document planning to PPT design in just 3 hours!

Course effect

  • You can complete three of your most-used business documents (company profile, performance report, business plan) quickly and efficiently.
  • When transferring large amounts of text to PowerPoint, it can be structured and visualized so that it is easier to understand.
  • You can learn practical know-how to plan and design according to the purpose of the document.

Recommended target

  • Office workers who have difficulty planning and designing corporate PPT
  • Practitioners who want to learn a sense from document planning to production
  • Practitioners who need national highway PPT templates and materials

4 reasons why this class is special

❶ A class that uses only what is needed, when needed

Have you taken more than 6 hours of courses to create business documents such as “Company Profile,” “Performance Report,” and “Business Plan” that you need right away? Now choose only what you need from the National Highway PPT class and take it! Even those who have never created a PPT can easily and quickly create “necessary business documents.”

클래스 실습 결과물 : 사업계획서

▲ Class training output: business plan

❷ Get the job of writing business documents all at once

In order to write a document that meets the purpose, 'planning' must be preceded. It is prepared for practitioners who start with PPT to create business documents. We'll show you how to create a well-designed business document, not just how to create a pretty design. Anyone can create a clean business document by learning the purpose of the required document in Word and how to organize the essential content.

Have you ever found it difficult to create a PPT document due to an absolute lack of information or text? Or are you worried about how to decorate sheets in the PPT because the amount of text is too large? We will solve all your problems with PPT practice! You can complete a well-finished page even with a small amount of text, and we will teach you how to structure and visualize large amounts of text. Let's learn how to create a PPT so that you can grasp unorganized information at a glance.

클래스 실습 결과물 : 회사소개서 (텍스트 분량이 부족할 때)

▲ Class training results: Company profile (when the amount of text is insufficient)

클래스 실습 결과물 : 성과보고서 (텍스트 분량이 많을 때) ▲ Class training results: Performance report (when there is a lot of text)

❸ PPT production becomes easier

Collection of design templates and shortcuts

This class provides 3 types of PPT design templates prepared by me and a collection of shortcuts for free. If you are struggling with PPT design, you can use tablets to quickly create documents. Also, don't miss this collection of shortcuts that are useful in practice. Using shortcuts will speed up your work by more than 2 times!

수강생에게 제공하는 단축키 모음집 자료 예시

▲ Examples of shortcut collection materials provided to students

❹ Outsourced production, 100% lecture satisfaction

Proven Creator's Practical Know-How

I met students of various levels through outsourcing PPT production experience and attendance. We will make it possible for even those who have trouble creating PPT documents to produce high-quality documents.

National Road Creator History Summary

  • “PPT planning and production” attended many large companies/public institutions/universities including Lotte Chemical, Hongik University, Changshin University, Seoul Youth Center, Gyeonggi Nambu Dream Maru, and National Sports Promotion Corporation
  • 100% satisfaction with outsourced PPT production! (Produced by Cmong outsourced)
  • PPT production, many private tutoring sessions

수강생과 외주 클라이언트의 검증된 후기

▲ Verified reviews from students and outsourced clients



Gook's PPT

Gook's PPT


This is a PPT artisan national road!

Are there people who still struggle with PPT design and production?

100% satisfaction with outsourced PPT production, 100% satisfaction with lectures!

You don't even have to take the entire class from beginning to end. Just the chapters you need! Meet the practical curriculum that allows you to create the PPT you need to make tomorrow in one go.


  • (Current) Startup MD, PPT Instructor, PPT Designer
  • (Current) Kudori PPT factory blog management (total number of views 1.75 million, neighbors about 4800, total number of visitors 1.11 million)
  • Conducting a number of online/offline lectures on PPT basics & design for effective information transmission
  • Universities/companies such as Lotte Chemical, Hongik University, Changshin University, Seoul Youth Center, Gyeonggi Nambu Dream Maru, and National Sports Promotion Corporation <PPT production practice lecture> Many attendance
  • 100% satisfaction in the design and production of Cmon PPT
  • YouTube channel <PPTV on the national highway > operation

국도리의 PPTV

국도리의 PPTV

국도리의 PPT 제작소

국도리의 PPT 제작소

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