Skills You’ll Learn

Building PPT step by step, starting with the basics

Build-up for PPT masters,
Let's learn a lot of skills from the basics!

Skill that increases work speed by 10 times

The shortcuts were hard to memorize, right? I'll make it easy for you to understand!

Even how to write content according to the purpose!

After all, PPT is a document! Here are all the tips for writing content!

Are all of these shapes? You can do it!

I'll tell you everything you can create with elements inside a PPT and how to do it!

*** The classes of the expert matching platform 'Soomgo' will be revealed exclusively on CLASS101+. ***

About the class

The “office” is an essential area where you must be able to handle the basic parts regardless of what field you work in. PPT is one of them, and it's also a design tool with endless ways to use it.

I planned the class after thinking a lot about what type of PPT each of you would like to create and what the purpose would be. I am convinced that if you follow the curriculum step by step, you will be able to create everything that can be created with PPT (planning book, introduction letter, portfolio, card news, detailed pages).

I'm trying to work together not just as a lecturer and student, but as friends who master PPT together. If you're ready to master PPT, let's get started!

Course effect

  • You can be reborn as a person who is good at PPT!
  • Everything you can make with PPT! It's easy to create a proposal, cover letter, portfolio, etc.!
  • Work faster by learning a variety of practical skills! I'll leave work earlier •ω•

Recommended target

  • I can be proud to say that I'm a slacker, but one PPT is getting in the way of my reputation
  • Those who don't know PPT 1 but want to “look” like someone who is good at PPT
  • Those working or planning to work in a job that requires good handling of PPT

Pre-course notes

  • This class is a course for working with PowerPoint, and lectures are conducted using the Windows/Office 365 version of PowerPoint.

Three reasons why this class is special

01. Step by step from the basics, even if you don't know anything

The curriculum was designed to enable stubbornness.

커리큘럼_A_01 유별난PPT.gif

Six years ago, the unusual thing was that I couldn't even insert PPT shapes, literally. We first examined the purpose of PPT, and organized a class at the front that briefly examines various functions.

What if I understood and got my hands on the features of PPT? You'll have to learn the detailed skills! I'm confident that if you follow the curriculum closely and review it, you'll be able to hear 1000% of people who are good at PPT ✦ ✦

02. A non-major became a PPT designer

Can you believe it if it's even generating revenue?

유별난PPT_클래스소개_C 유별난ppt.PNG

Why is PPT design difficult? Message delivery is also important, but Because I need to design document-type materials that need to show a lot of contentThat's it. That's why it's important to learn a sense of design and at the same time look at the content side.

The unique CLASS will generously share not only the unusual design skills of non-majors, but also the know-how to fill in difficult content!

03. Free distribution of course materials that can be followed step by step

Is it over just listening to the lecture? Never!

Mu. Jo. You have to review the contents of the lecture and learn the practical process.

Since this is an All - In - One class, practical course materials are attached to the courses that require practice.

(※The final upload will be completed on 23.01.25 while some course materials are being updated.)

Are you ready to master PPT?


They say the important thing is an unbreakable heart. I don't know all the purposes for which you decided to take the course, but I think taking a step towards development is a wonderful thing in itself.

In order not to waste time, we will be making PPT friends not only through lectures but also through various communication channels, so be sure to join us!

Well, let's meet in this lesson! 👋

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PPT friends, unusual All - In - One class


Building basic skills < “Don't you know this?” “I didn't tell you how do you know” >


Even if I only know this, it's half way (1) < text version >


Even if I only know this, half of it goes (2) < Shapes Edition >


The rationale for persuasion, does it get complicated if you just include a picture?


The layout of content and layout, PPT is also a document!


Convincing PPT, numerical expression method


Time to get to know design < Sal Punda, a non-major who became a PPT designer >


At the end of the lecture




😱 “PPT what is that..” An unusual person who understands the difficult part so well!

As the saying goes, “spores” were unusual: “P spores.”

The first PPT I made for an assignment when I was a college student was really hopeless.

However, the place I wanted to work was a place with a lot of proposal work, and I had to make a good PPT.

I've been creating my own know-how by studying various books and lectures for PPT basics!

Currently, she works as a PPT online lecturer, blog and Instagram operator, and freelancer for PPT production, and earns N times her salary.

Unusual, who hates difficult things, will have fun sharing tips (*'∀`)



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